1. @Hugh_B_

    Final Idea


    My final idea for the group project will be to create some spreadable media in the form of some unique photos based around Leicester that would likely catch the attention of other social media users and be used to tell a story in the captions by “advertising” the locations, being …

  2. @Hugh_B_

    Idea Testing


    I started to test one of the original group project ideas that I came up with to see what it would look like when actually created.

    I took the idea I had of combining several posted photos from social media of the same location posted by other people/users into a …

  3. @Hugh_B_

    Gold Squad


    For this assignment the task was to create a “find the difference” picture with at least 6 differences.

    My inspiration for this was my photography work in which I edit objects and things out of photos all the time to get a polished “perfect photo” look. For example this piece …

  4. @Hugh_B_

    Enter Destination…


    For this assignment the task was to create a story using Google Maps about a trip that you have taken. This would be done using the directions tool on Google Maps by entering the start location and then 1 or more destination locations.

    My inspiration for this was from one …

  5. emilysmayy

    Photoblog: Initial Observations


    Affinity spaces are locations where groups of people are drawn together because of a shared, strong interest or engagement in a common activity.

    –James Paul Gee



    I randomly stumbled upon Photoblog a few months ago and thought it looked interesting. But didn’t come back to it until a …

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