1. @eafinto

    But Do We Have A Story For You!


    The End of the End is upon us! Crazy right?

    For my final project, I have decided to work with my friend, Taylor Malone (one of the girls from my radio show), on a final story! I can’t wait to start the process of writing our story! We already have …

  2. @dannpannn

    Video Group Planning Reflection #1


    I am working with Eric Shaw to bring you guys a informative yet incredibly cinematic vlog production.

    We title it “Content Creator Central”

    In this specific edition we will be overviewing the creative process behind planning/ shooting/ and editing a video.

    This video fits perfectly with both of our character …

  3. @jetjenk43

    Count to Ten and do it All Over Again!!!!!!


    This week was probably one of the hardest weeks yet for me.  I won’t say it’s hard due to the work load, but last Thursday a good family friend had passed away.  Due to this family friend being so close to our family it was only right for me to …

  4. @jetjenk43

    My College Photo Collage


    So I decided to do this two star assignment to share my journey through college.  Over the past 2 years at UMW we have had our son, served in the Army, have gotten out of the Army and have become civilians.  And now that I am finally out of the …

  5. @dannpannn

    Revision Reflection


    I have chosen to revise…



    the first time i did this assignment i wanted to stab my eyes out because

    #1 i had to use some weird app to download a mp4 file from youtube

    #2 my gif wouldnt play and i didnt knw why at …

  6. @Sam_ara106

    Revisiting the Apocalypse


    There have been several assignments that I have commented on saying I would like to work on it again or change something, and I’m glad we were given that opportunity this week! During week four, I worked on the Juxtapose assignment (VisualAssignment2172), which shows either a person or thing that …

  7. @dannpannn

    Weekly update #2 for Radio Show


    The show is all finally coming together!

    the squad has united over wings and we are recording all the stuff on my camera

    this is the beast (my baby) that is making this radio

    I also attached a pic of our wings because they look beautiful

    We came up with …

  8. @Anne Armour

    My Film Reflection with GIF


    La Jetée was a very interesting short film in how it was created and how the storyline was shown. The saying of “a picture holds a thousand words” can really be seen in this film. As it is made up of photographs instead of instead of actual film, it was …

  9. @Anne Armour

    I’ve Been Thinking… Thinking About Photos


    Reading through the Tips for Better Photography page was actually really helpful. I’ve always been more of an “accidently good” photographer, so learning techniques and tips for actually becoming a good photographer is something that has interested me for a while. I only ever use my phone though, simply because …

  10. @schooltaylorr

    The End is a Long Road


    After about 2 hours of downloading random things and watching tutorials, I present to you all MY VERY FIRST GIF!

    *The crowd roars and claps*

    So, here is my very first gif, ladies and gentlemen. I am very proud! It is a clip from The Road where we see the …

  11. @umwequestrianista

    Storytelling with Photos


    Photography and Narratives:
    Pictures are a great way to help tell a story through imagery and scenery that portray emotions or events.  I am excited to get into the photography portion of our course and start adding characters and conflicts to the journey through my pictures.

    Visual Assignments:

    I chose …

  12. @Anne Armour

    My “Places of Peace”


    I made my collage of my “places of peace” with some photos I took of places near my old homes and my current one.  The top one is from the woods near my current home, the middle is from the street of the house I lived in before my current …

  13. @Anne Armour

    Before and After the Apocalypse


    So I had a lot fun with this assignment and trying to figure out how I wanted to do it. I decided to take some pictures for this assignment after I took the pictures for the Photoblitz challenge. Out in the woods, I was walking along some natural trails and …

  14. @umwequestrianista

    Thinking About Photos


    Tips For Better Photography Page:

    There were several tips that really helped me change the way I think about taking photos.  One in particular was “change my perspective by changing yours”.  I took this awesome photo while I was at work from an angle I wouldn’t normally consider, but I …

  15. @Mburke4UMW

    Photo I LOVEEEEE (Star Asgmnt)


    I chose this photo because I love Hanky so much. He is my favorite pet because he is not boring like a cat but not as crazy as a dog. This picture is my favorite because he is just so relaxed and I am so happy hanging out with him!…

  16. @eafinto

    Before and After the Apocalypse


    So… I made it!

    I’m so glad to be alive. I can’t unsee the things I’ve seen. I’ll never forget the people I’ve met. It’s not over yet, though!

    I haven’t run out of supplies yet, so here’s hoping I make it all the way through. Wherever and whenever the …

  17. @eafinto

    Living Life Through A Lens


    Pictures. We take them almost everyday.

    This week I was tasked on completing and reading some research and information related to photography, and how to get that “picture” perfect photo. I personally have the shakiest hands ever, and when I try to take a picture I have to use both …

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