1. cogdog

    DS106 Affinity Space

    Video created by CU Denver student Laura Seward #ds106 community: please help! I am creating a video on how awesome you (we) are and I need your input! Reply or message with responses:1. Tell me a story about DS106. 2. What does DS106 mean to...
  2. cogdog

    The Making of CogDog Shatner


    It’s been a while since I blogged a breakdown on the making of a DS106 Daily Create. I was lagging a bit on energy this afternoon, and that’s when I see if I can publish a Daily Create response in less than an hour.

    TDC2027 was a fun one:

    #tdc2027 …

  3. cogdog

    The #DS106 Goodspell: 106 (+1) Bullet Points

    http://ds106.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/ds106-goodspell-107.mp3 The last episode in a 3 year run of podcasts by John Johnston and Mariana Funes: This is the DS106 Good Spell futzing splendidly since 2013 on DS106 radio for life ? One of 106 bullets from blog post 106 published by the DS106 shrink at 1.06am...
  4. cogdog

    Spiraling Down Minuscule DS106 History Details


    I have increasing respect for historians who try to decipher events from hundreds of years ago. They have shreds to work with. What I am writing about is from only five years ago. I was part of it. I have my story of what happened. But still, it’s not always …

  5. cogdog

    Dear #ds106


    Advice for ds106 from University of Mary Washington students, a video project by Nora Forknall…

  6. cogdog

    The Small Random Things That Openness Affords


    This kind of small act of near random #ds106 connection will not increase enrollments, will not “fix” education, will not improve institutional metrics… yet I just cannot let it slip by without a small “wow”.

    And the ironic thing is that the tweet in which I saw it came into …

  7. cogdog

    How The Web Was / Is Won


    A few weeks ago I got an email from Justin Reich asking if I wanted to run a workshop on connected courses with him at DML 2016. Heck yeah! I’m a big follower of his work, and it was Justin who got me on board doing an aggregation hub a …

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