1. Sematos

    Evil Boy


    This is Otto! He is an oni, which is a supernatural demon in Japanese folklore. Otto behaves like a vulgar, selfish child. He is irrational, crude, and shows absolutely no remorse for his words/actions. He is my own original character which I hope to create into my own comic someday… …

  2. ashleydavis

    Vaporwave fun =)


    Today this was my outcome of my vaporwave I am pretty happy with what I created. I like the texture an pictures I chose. I really enjoyed doing this project. Like it gives you like a galaxy back in the day feeling. Hope you guys like it as well. =)…

  3. maggieorchid

    Logo Creation



    This will be a venting session

    Within my CT 106 class, we were assigned to create a logo that represents my app that we are creating for our final assignment. This has been the most complicated thing I have been assigned to create this entire semester. I created two …

  4. AngelicaGaleano

    Vapor wave


    At first I found this very confusing, for ever step I had to ask for help. I started to get the hang of it when we started layering out the pictures to create the vapor wave. My finished content was weird but the process was fun.…

  5. maggieorchid

    Im gonna make my own APP!!!


    List of Application ideas

    Natural Hair Oil advisor Natural Hair Care General Advice/Tips Natural Hair Care Reddit Site Natural Hair Care Styles

    The Goal of My Application:

    Provide an application that can suggest the best oils for your hair based on your hair type or hair issues

    A User would …

  6. oliviatherose

    My vapor wave project


    This vapor wave project was really fun to do. Being that it was my first time, the project looks a little cluttered to me but still has a lot of vibes. I added different elements that I thought were cool and fit into my mental mage of what vapor wave …

  7. Downes

    The Tailor Shop


    November 19, 2018. This is a small corner shop in Gloucester mall where I took my jacket in to have its zipper fixed. It was a work day (aren’t they all?) spent installing and experimenting with the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). https://flic.kr/p/Ph48zi
  8. @MaddieM02790291

    Best of Mashups and Remixes


    There was a lot of good work this week! People have obviously learned a lot about all of the different forms of media we have been exposed to this semester! It was a tough choice to choose our five favorites!

    The first one is Thats so Proud. It was a …

  9. jbelodeau



    For this project our class was tasked to create a code that would write 50,000 words. I recently watched the film The Shining and I drew inspiration for my project from one of the scenes. During the film Jack Nicholson is working on a novel while he is living in …

  10. RashidaGoodridge

    Join the Trend…..VAPOR WAVES!


    In class today, we developed a new way to create more interesting posts by incorporating vapor waves. Vapor waves are the new idea of memes in recreating 80s and 90s styles, using Photoshop as the graphic design tool. However, creating vapor waves wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, in fact, …

  11. asdry20

    First Time Creating A Vaporwave!!!!

    Here is my Vaporwave creation!!!! 

    Even though it was so much fun creating this vaporwave, I have to say that it’s also a lot of work lol. I was a bit frustrated because I couldn’t  seem to be satisfied with my  images, I also felt like I could have done …

  12. kevinr

    My VaporWave Attempt :(


    This was my first attempt at creating VaporWave.

    To start off, I did not have Photoshop to create this. I used an app called Sketchbook on the Mac. Now this app was very tedious in ways that I almost gave up creating my work. I kept on opening new canvases …

  13. @FaulconerKyle

    Week 12 Summary


    This week was a little hectic as my internet provider Comcast was frequently on and off again throughout the week. However once the internet was restored I was able to roll through the work mostly because I had it mapped out and finished while the internet was down allowing me …

  14. @FaulconerKyle

    Car Lust [remixed]: Where’s Waldo? It.


    For this remix I ended up using one of my previous assignments as the selected portion of the remix. The previous blog post detailing what the original assignment was can be found here. The original assignment had me describing my created characters car, which is a 1971 Chevelle SS. …

  15. @FaulconerKyle

    Go, Vote! [remixed]: ‘Stache It!


    For this remixed assignment I had to combine an image that represented voting, basically encouraging people to go out and vote, with the “Stache It” assignment. So make things clear I had to make an image encouraging people to vote while adding a mustache somewhere. For this assignment I ended …

  16. @FaulconerKyle

    Fast and Furious Meets Back to the Future


    For this assignment I had to once again combine films together, however while I previously combined scenes together in my previous post this time I will be focusing on combining characters from different movies. This assignment was a little tricky because I wanted to place characters together that you as …

  17. @FaulconerKyle

    Jaws Caused the Titanic to Sink???


    For this assignment I had to mix together two key scenes from two movies, basically combining them together to make an out of place scene occur but at the same time making it seem subtle. For this I ended combining everyone favorite tragic love story, the Titanic, with everyone’s favorite …

  18. @FaulconerKyle

    My Favorite Sports Teams


    For this assignment I got to further indulge in my passion for sports related content. For this task I was instructed to combine the logos/mascots of my favorite sports teams in one unified image. The image is suppose to look natural and cohesive, meaning it shouldn’t look like I just …

  19. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Week 12 Summary


    Daily Creates for this week, must complete  at least two for the week. This week I did two of the Daily Creates. I did the Cartoon Caption and Celebrate 2500. The Cartoon Caption reminded me of a Christmas movie. Celebrate 2500 reminded me of a game I played with young …

  20. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Week 12 Tutorial


    Tutorial for The @IamTalkyTina Headswap.

    For this assignment I used a phone app called Faceover Lite. I saved the two photos I wanted to use. Then, I imported both photos into the app. Used the selection tool over the face and copied it. You can adjust the selection tool over …

  21. @mbm87776980

    week 12 wrap up


    this week’s set of assignments were interesting because they required the reuse of art that has already been create — which is not something new we are doing this week — but the fact that it was our theme and aim to remix/mashup made the whole experience “legitimate,” and say …

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