1. @Pringleduckface

    My Most Favorite Picture Ever!


    I have spend my entire life at the end of this street. This little street with a canopy of trees is always what I recognize as home. While I was walking my dog around sunset I looked up and noticed that the sun had fallen perfectly between the little circle …

  2. @ChristineMears_

    Telling a Story with Photographs


    “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I have heard this quote my whole life, and I never really understood it until I was in high school, and got more into social media and actually capturing photos. Every photo I have has an amazing story or memory that comes to …

  3. @Pringleduckface

    Selfie Sunday is about to get more LIT


    In order to elevate my #SelfieSunday game, I read 20 tips to up your iPhone photography game. Rachel Wilkerson Miller from BuzzFeed created this wonderful list of tips when you’re taking pictures with your phone, which I do all the time. Here is a summary of what I learned from …

  4. @ChristineMears_

    Photoblitz Challenge


    Being a person who loves Instagram, and is constantly taking photos for my fashion blog and other medias that I am an ambassador for, the tips on photography were a great help. As mentioned in the tips, one should think about the photo they want to take, instead of just …

  5. @Hollis Pultz

    Fluff Trumps All

    Dina’s Wonderland

    I love my cat Dina. She has been part of my wife and I’s family for approximately two years and gives us great joy with her companionship. When I tell people that I upgraded my iCloud storage to accommodate an excessive number of Dina pictures, they often don’t …

  6. @LeslieMiyazono

    So tired


    This post is to fulfill the Daily Create that was posted on May 24.  We were asked to edit an image in snapchat and to place bitmoji characters to create a scene.  Here I decided to illustrate my extremely tired husband who often comes home late in the evening due …

  7. @LeslieMiyazono

    Daily Walk


    This post is to fulfill the Daily Create that was posted on May 23.  The prompt is to design your own coloring page.  As you can see, I hand-drew a picture of Lenny taking a blissful walk on a sunny day.  Although I’m afraid I drew him a bit on …

  8. @Darth_Pipe

    Lost in the sauce – Weekly Summary


    There are always speed bumps on the paths of starting something new. And as an old dog learning new tricks, I found this week particularly bumpy. Hopefully, as we get rolling things will even out a little and I’ll get my sea legs.


    I started the week by printing …

  9. @JordanC61692137



    For this assignment we had to complete a Photoblitz. What is a Photoblitz you ask? A Photoblitz is where you set a designated time amount, for example 15 minutes, and your create random ‘topics’ to take photos of. We had a plethora of photo ideas to take when we did …

  10. @Darth_Pipe

    Cat Maintenance – Photoblitz


    With warmer weather comes cat maintenance.

    For my Photoblitz I decided to do a simple story that still had a beginning, middle and end. My helpful assistant, Brenda, and I debated between brushing the cat or cleaning my workshop table and settled on the cat.

    But first, a note on …

  11. @Darth_Pipe

    Get REMUMBLE! @ds106dc


    Forgot why you came in the room? Get REMUMBLE! This app automatically senses when you enter a room and stand there trying to remember why. Then, like you, it mumbles a list of commonly forgotten items like your keys, a drink, a pen, and more! The list intuitively remembers items …

  12. @Darth_Pipe

    I was there.


    You ever see those old — like Renaissance old — paintings set side by side with famous people of today and the person in the painting looks exactly like the celebrity? Yeah, that’s because it is the celebrity. Okay here’s my admission. There’s a small group of immortals roaming the …

  13. @kasc96

    It ends in a flash


    In a world where everything has gone dark, the animals start to attack. Even the cute little rabbits and squirrels are bound to rip your face off. What caused the world to end up this way?

    All you can remember is a flash of light. When you look at your …

  14. @https://twitter.com/RealJflood



    This week we had to complete three daily creates

    @ds106dc An app called Censor+ for a small fee of 2.99 phones will download the app for you as an app you can not delete. The app will monitor texts, tweets, etc for any offensive language. It will then censor anything …

  15. @kasc96



    I have always been fascinated by abandoned buildings and have wanted to explore them. Looking through the Rosewood Institution on Abandoned America I was really excited. All of the photos were beautiful but they also were extremely creepy. I love the juxtaposition between beauty and unnerving. I think that if …

  16. @katieWe19874566

    Photoblitz Frenzy!!


    Try to think of interesting ways to capture the items or convey the ideas in a photo in the fifteen-minute timeframe. Write a blog post about your experience. Describe the place you chose to do this, and why you chose it. What was the experience like? What photos worked for …

  17. @Darth_Pipe

    Anne Rice is LIVID!


    Anne Rice and Mr. Patrick Whiskers are in a heated legal battle over the rights. There’s a lot of $$ at stake, but such is life in Hollywood!



    How’d I do it?

    I started by finding the highest-resolution image of the original movie poster, copied it and pasted …

  18. RaymondC95

    Final blog post



    Today is legit my last day of class and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ll  be graduating in June  and I’m glad I got a chance to take this class and meet professor Seslow. Learning how to make memes and gifs may prove to be helpful …

  19. @DanielZeineddi3

    Creative destruction to the MAX!


    (This is my end of the week summary)

    This week started off not really understanding photography, and now at the close of the second week, I can clearly see that you can teach a fairly old dog some new tricks. to start the week off, I went ahead and watched …

  20. @Pringleduckface

    All My Hopes And Dreams


    Bucket List

    Bolded ones I have completed 

    Non Bolded are ones I am working on

    Pull a fire alarm Go indoor skydiving Go outdoor skydiving See Dear Evan Hansen See Come From Away Visit the  Rainbow Mountains in Cusco, Peru Go up to the Statue of Liberty’s crown See Hamilton…

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