1. @corneliakh

    The balcony


    I wish I had a balcony, covered with wild ivy and enchanting mystery. I would pretend I was in a magical rainforest, far away from cars, machines and the fast-paced reality. Colourful parrots would join in on my morning routine, and blue butterflies would sit on my teacups. Warm humid …

  2. @dsamanda2

    Creepy Story


    For the extra design work I decided to do another storytime audio story. I used sound effects and music to bring the story to life. In this assignment I wanted it to sound like a story being told by me. I chose to do a sort of creepy story so …

  3. @dsamanda2

    Can’t Speak


    This week was all about audio!

    I started this week off by tackling the Sound Effect Story assignment. This assignment was very overwhelming at first because I was so unfamiliar with how to use Audacity. This was the the assignment that took me the longest to accomplish, but it’s …

  4. @https://twitter.com/issgriff

    Audio is Everlasting



    I felt like week hree was a very important learning week for me regarding the information I have acquired from audio. Often times, when living in a digital world we often forget aspects often looked over when looking at a video, or trailer. While at first we often are …

  5. @https://twitter.com/issgriff

    You’re So Vain: Mashup


    We all know the original Carly Simmons Song “You’re So Vain” and if you don’t then I would recommend looking it up. Although No one can do it like the original, I felt it would be an amazing song to compare with a cover.

    We all can think of a …

  6. @dsamanda2

    What if Booth was Stopped?


    Last week we discussed what historical event we would change if we could. I wrote a whole post about this topic and decided that I would have never had the events of 9/11 happen. In that post, I also mentioned that the first historical event that came to mind was …

  7. @cpsc106gregphillips

    Week 3 Summary


    I know I reiterate the process is more about art than it is the technical aspects that get you to the end. In other words, you should never get to “stuck in” with the technical aspects. As a simplistic example, you should avoid spending too much time on something like …

  8. Downes



    July 15, 2018. Watched the World Cup game then went out for what should have been a short ride but ended up being the longest ride of the year. It was warm, conditions were perfect, and I also biked at the best pace of the year, our to St-Bernardin and…
  9. @RTNicole1

    ds106 Daily Creates Week#3


    #tdc2379 #diglitclass @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/iTvYhniPIL

    — RTNicole (@RTNicole1) July 15, 2018

    #tdc2378 #diglitclass @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/hacyZdsJcH

    — RTNicole (@RTNicole1) July 15, 2018

    My journey today…. it’s been harrowing #tdc2377 #diglitclass @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/ZMbCDD1mA0

    — RTNicole (@RTNicole1) July 15, 2018

    What I heard on a walk today.https://t.co/Lbrq0CcUQz @ds106dc #tdc2376 #diglitclass

    — RTNicole (@RTNicole1) …

  10. @https://twitter.com/issgriff

    Sounds without voices

    A Look At a Story with Just Sounds

    When thinking about creating a storyline using only sounds, it took some time and thought to chose my storyline. In the Soundcloud mixture, the story is about a young female professional that woke up a little bit too late and is rushing …

  11. @dsamanda2

    Hipster Whiskey


    Today’s daily create was to create an add/business card for a randomized “hipster buisiness.” I got my randomized name and logo which to me looked like some kind of alcohol name. I decided to turn it into a distillery company, because hipsters like breweries and wineries and distilleries… things like …

  12. @kspeonygarden

    Sound Off – part 3


    Hello, everyone! I made a recording of myself performing a tongue twister as fast as I could, and set it to some music:

    The tongue twister in question goes, “Send toast to ten tense, stout saints’ ten tall tents.” The background music is a track I found on the Free

  13. amiddlet50

    The tweet is the new photograph


    I am reading Susan Sontag’s seminal book On Photography from 1977. It’s interesting reading the book in an age where the act of photographing the world has exploded beyond what Sontag could have imagined – even though her critique of everyday photography takes the mass proliferation of the acquired image …

  14. @cpsc106gregphillips

    Daily Create #tdc2379


    Go to Hipster Business and create a fake logo and brand name. Then use this as inspiration to create a graphic that showcases what your fake hipster business does. Don’t want to use Hipster Business? That’s fine – do it any way you like – this is DS106.

    I didn’t …

  15. @kspeonygarden

    Sound Off – part 2


    Hello, everyone! I am a woman of simple tastes: there are certain specific sounds that warm me up inside, more than most other sounds, and I have made a compilation of sorts of those exact sounds:

    The sounds, in order, are a kitten meowing, a train whistle going off, a …

  16. @kspeonygarden

    Sound Off – part 1


    Hello, everyone! I would like to share with you all my sound effects story, about a person who stops an alien invasion and saves the world from certain destruction:

    The narrative opens with someone walking down a busy street, on their way to work, when a flying saucer arrives and …

  17. Downes

    Tree Frog


    July 14, 2018. Another hot and humid day, not exactly ideal weather for a frog, but this tree frog seemed comfortable nestled in the buckthorn. I went out for a bike ride today, just a quick 50 km. https://flic.kr/p/Ku7WhF
  18. @dsamanda2

    Headed to Work on a Rainy Day


    The Sound Effects audio assignment was pretty difficult! This is the first assignment that I tackled this week so I had a hard time when using Audacity. It was my first time manipulating audio but I think I did a good job!

    I started this assignment by thinking about what …

  19. @dsamanda2



    Today’s daily create was to make a fake conversation between characters!

    I made one between Princess Peach and Mario! The running joke for the Mario games is that Princess Peach is always getting kidnapped. The text conversation that I made between them shows Mario getting a bit annoyed with Peach …

  20. @ds106_aaliyah

    Weekly Check-in III




    The tasks for the remainder of the third week looked like a lot on paper but it wasn’t once I started. I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme of the tools needed for class not being compatible with my computer so once again I found a way around it. I …

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