1. @FCMaisano

    Beware the Bunyip!


    So, for this assignment, I had to create a wanted poster. In the assignment description, it says that “It can be a danger that isn’t ever present, like the lochness monster”, which is absolutely perfect for this theme. I decided to go with the bunyip, as I mentioned it in …

  2. @FCMaisano

    The Cat of Many Nicknames


    So, for this assignment, I had to make a collage of my pet. I have 2 cats and a dog. This is a collage for my cat Oreo

    So, the top picture of her is on my pillow. Both cats love my pillow. As a cat owner, you just come…
  3. @Alexis54552906

    Dear Past Alexis


    Hey there!!

    Wow you are 14 and a freshman in high school! Congrats! I know middle school was tough. You need to stop thinking it was hard because of you. Let me tell you, it is hard for everyone!!!

    You had an interesting friend group during 7th and 8th grade. …

  4. berc

    Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Story


    The motion graphics of this is something that I do not think I am fully capable of publishing myself. I would need to be able to get assistance in at least the basics of the how to, in order to produce something like this. I pulled this piece of swipe …

  5. berc

    Are Memes Art?


    I was prompted the question on my opinion whether or not I would consider a meme to be art.

    My answer… YES. I believe that a meme can be considered art because art is is something ( visual, lyrical, anything) that gives someone the ability to relate, laugh, inflict emotion …

  6. @maci_winebarger

    My Take on Photography


    For starters, I wish I had a better camera. My iPhone 7 does nothing compared to other phones and cameras out there. But, it does what I need it to.

    Do I take a lot of picture? Well, my camera roll count is currently at 5,050…so I’ll let you answer …

  7. @EmilyHutchins8

    The Scratch


    Hello, my name is Kate and this is my story.

    It was a normal day until out of nowhere a cat runs out of the alley. The cat jumps on my shoulder and scratches me. I continue on throughout the day and the next morning I wake up with a …

  8. berc

    GIF / First Impression


    I came into this course with the intentions of building my technical skills. I hoped to do so, to then apply it in my own visions of design. As a person who identifies as an artist just exploring different levels of design, I’m excited to experience and explore the different …

  9. selenachen

    My DS106 assignments


    One of the assignments I chose was the video assignment called “Highlight Video Game” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/highlights-videogame/ . I am pretty familiar with putting clips together from gameplay using Vegas Studios software. I would like to learn photo-shopping for better thumbnails and add special effects. This assignment can teach you how to …

  10. @maci_winebarger

    pet collage


    SO you all have been introduced to Oscar already, but he’s my favorite so here he is again. The bottom right picture is my cat, Willie. He is very fat and lazy, but very sweet as long as he isn’t hungry. I used an app called “Layout” that is built …

  11. @maci_winebarger

    Nora’s past


    As you all know from my introduction post about Nora, she is a teenager in high school. What you all don’t know is how she became the Nora she is today…

    Nora was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2002 to parents Kim and Keith Bendenova. She was the littlest …

  12. @maci_winebarger

    Hopes, Dreams, & Future


    Dear Me,

    It’s easy to think about what’s to come in the next week, month, maybe even year. But 10 years…that requires a little bit of thinking…the date is September 11th, 2018 (keep this in mind).

    In 10 years, I’ll be 31. I hope to be married for at least …

  13. @FCMaisano

    From the Sun-Everything


    “It’s the circle of life!”

    Using the website http://weavesilk.com/, I created this abstract art. Since I cannot do anything without thoroughly thinking it through, this picture does have meaning. It starts with the yellow-the sun-which gives energy through photosynthesis to plants and provides warmth to the world. It is …

  14. @MaddieM02790291

    Less is More


    I do not have any real experience with photography beyond taking pictures of my friends. I have very little experience editing images… I have worked with images through sites such as Shutterfly before, and I have applied Instagram filters to pictures, but that’s about it. I take some pictures, but …

  15. @FCMaisano

    A cryptozoologist’s sticky notes


    P.S. If you can’t see the text clearly, zoom in. I used Paint.net, and this is the largest I was able to make this picture

    So, for this assignment, I thought it would be a good one to incorporate my character into. She live a full and interesting life.

    The …

  16. @EmilyHutchins8

    Memories from Great Britain


    My favorite trip I have ever taken was to England. The trip was a present for my high school graduation. I went with several of my family members. We started the trip by going to the countryside and visited Bath and a few other towns. We then went to London …

  17. @EmilyHutchins8

    A Collage for My Cat


    This collage and assignment (3.5 stars) are dedicated to my cat P.J. I downloaded the app called “Fotor” to create the collage. I went through all my pictures and picked a variety of them I thought were funny or cute. I uploaded them to the website and picked a layout …

  18. @KaraDS106

    Breaking Down “Tangled”

    Selection- Tangled is extremely picky. Every frame has a purpose. When combined with the audio, the images are always working towards further telling the story. It’s hard to show an example for this- go watch the movie and see how each image plays a part!

    Contrast Example Contrast- Contrast is …

  19. @suzzcat

    20 Minutes! Time’s Up!


    This Photoblitz I completed all the pictures in under 20 minutes! I started at 19:14 and ended at 19:27. The close up photo I took of a quartz crystal my friend found a few days ago and gave me. The straight line was the edge of the refrigerator from the …

  20. Downes

    Almost Fall


    September 17, 2018. I was pretty sleepy today and didn’t get a whole lot done (sort of makes up for working all day yesterday, I guess). I puttered in APIs and stuff, ran into roadblocks, but at least did a good newsletter. This is the scene in our back yard…
  21. @suzzcat

    Still Stories


    For this post, I am finding pictures from movies and videos related to the theme of myth, legend, and folklore. I don’t believe I will be very great at finding these specific examples that match the “narration” of the image, but I will try.

    Moment: I chose a scene from …

  22. @KaraDS106

    Previous Photography Experience


    I don’t have much previous photography experience unless you count constant pictures of my son with my iPhone. I’ve never even held a “real” camera. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you which picture was the “better” one out of a group. I’m excited to learn more about photography …

  23. @maci_winebarger

    Nora Bendenova


    My character’s name is Nora Bendenova. Nora is a blonde hair, blue eyed bundle of spunk. She’s your typical high school girl…cheerleader, straight A’s, president of a bajillion clubs…you get the idea. Her parents, Kim and Keith, are divorced, but they make an effort to be nice to each other …

  24. stephaniearchibald

    3d effects and memes


    3D effect letters memes are what makes your work stand out, but my man says to put some respect on his name talk about fierce!! these are just the reasons as to why i’m fascinated. Not to mention, memes are one of those things where one can just express just …

  25. @KaraDS106

    Weekly Summary: Week 3


    I loved this week. I’m much more of a writer than someone who can edit pictures or write software (not even sure that’s the write lingo), so I was grateful for a manageable week.

    Our story analysis was tricky for me. I couldn’t really connect with any of the examples …

  26. @KaraDS106

    Dear Mom,


    Dear Mom,

    I don’t even know where to start. They say you never truly appreciate your mom until you become a mom yourself… man is that true. This mom gig is hard. I feel like I never know what I’m doing or what’s coming.

    When I was younger I thought …

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