1. amiddlet50

    Titling creative work – innovation and agency


    As someone with a strong producer self-identity, I think crafting titles can be a useful way of capturing the essence of what you are trying to do and give you focus. This applies to books, articles, essays, student work, videos, songs, blog posts, photographs, paintings, performances… anything that involves a …

  2. amiddlet50

    Learning through Co-production #MELSIG_SHU


    Learning through co-production makes sense to me. It suggests a form of purposeful, active learning with peers. This is the approach we are taking at the next Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MELSIG) event in Sheffield on 21st June. It’s not new for MELSIG – we’ve run workshops, co-produced research …

  3. amiddlet50

    Global #Twalkday


    Global #Twalkday

    Wednesday 3rd October 2018

    Theme: Doing, being, becoming, belonging and connecting

    Time: 3pm GMT (but options for other time zones to be decided)

    What is Twalkday?

    The Twalk will be co-ordinated globally and is planned to coincide with the start of a new academic year. It provides teachers …

  4. amiddlet50

    Place is our starting point


    “In Aristotle …we have a very powerful philosophy of place as the starting point for all other forms of existence.” (Cresswell, 2009, p. 2)

    This year will see the publication of my book Reimagining Spaces for Learning in Higher Education. Central to its thesis is the proposition that place and …

  5. amiddlet50

    All clear? It’s more than #feedback


    I am in the middle of a large programme of work at my university addressing assessment and feedback. I have always understood that addressing the enhancement of academic practice in this area is more complex than some of the hygiene-focused discourse suggests and the conversations we are having with academic …

  6. amiddlet50

    Friendship and the classroom


    I attended a seminar today given by my colleague Emma Heron. I was fortunate enough to mentor Emma through a year-long research project looking at the role of friendship in the student experience. It was good to catch up today after several months and connect some of my own work …

  7. amiddlet50

    #audiofeedback – join me in building a toolkit


    I would like to invite you to share your experience of using audio feedback and to become part of a network of voices. For those of you who use audio feedback, video feedback or screencast feedback this should be easy to do and, I hope, rewarding for you.

    What’s involved:…

  8. amiddlet50

    What does studio mean to you? #learningspaces


    I would value your thoughts if you have ever studied or practised in a studio. Studios are used in many disciplines and I am trying to understand if there is an essential meaning and identity associated with the studio as a learning space or place of practice.

    Responses will inform …

  9. amiddlet50

    Stretch your legs #lssig #twalk #TwalkBoundaries


    Join us for a Twalk tomorrow, Friday 28th July between 14:15 and 15:30 BST

    If you joined us at the end of May on the #MELSIG #SIGCLANS Twalk you will undoubtedly want to join us again – wherever you are. You will already understand how we can take a walk …

  10. amiddlet50

    Ghost walks, palimpsest, psychogeography


    (cc) Julian Kucklict on Flick

    As a printmaker I was/am (?) obsessed with the subject of urban ‘witnesses’, Tinsley viaduct and the cooling towers outside Sheffield being a particular favourite subject for me. I painted, drew, photographed gasometers, weaving sheds, wind turbines and other edifices, old and new, that seem …

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