1. amiddlet50

    Friendship and the classroom


    I attended a seminar today given by my colleague Emma Heron. I was fortunate enough to mentor Emma through a year-long research project looking at the role of friendship in the student experience. It was good to catch up today after several months and connect some of my own work …

  2. amiddlet50

    #audiofeedback – join me in building a toolkit


    I would like to invite you to share your experience of using audio feedback and to become part of a network of voices. For those of you who use audio feedback, video feedback or screencast feedback this should be easy to do and, I hope, rewarding for you.

    What’s involved:…

  3. amiddlet50

    What does studio mean to you? #learningspaces


    I would value your thoughts if you have ever studied or practised in a studio. Studios are used in many disciplines and I am trying to understand if there is an essential meaning and identity associated with the studio as a learning space or place of practice.

    Responses will inform …

  4. amiddlet50

    Stretch your legs #lssig #twalk #TwalkBoundaries


    Join us for a Twalk tomorrow, Friday 28th July between 14:15 and 15:30 BST

    If you joined us at the end of May on the #MELSIG #SIGCLANS Twalk you will undoubtedly want to join us again – wherever you are. You will already understand how we can take a walk …

  5. amiddlet50

    Ghost walks, palimpsest, psychogeography


    (cc) Julian Kucklict on Flick

    As a printmaker I was/am (?) obsessed with the subject of urban ‘witnesses’, Tinsley viaduct and the cooling towers outside Sheffield being a particular favourite subject for me. I painted, drew, photographed gasometers, weaving sheds, wind turbines and other edifices, old and new, that seem …

  6. amiddlet50

    Studio for All – ecologically inclusive


    I have met with a colleague today who comes from a studio-based discipline and is thinking through how she will engage her international students. Immediately I find two fascinating dimensions here – the studio as an inherently inclusive space i.e. one that is designed for student-led co-operation. Second, if we …

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