1. @DPettit_edu

    Drawing Toast… INTE 6710


    These TED talks on using drawing were very interesting. Like stated at the beginning of both talks, I consider myself a person who would say “I can’t draw”. I found the techniques of just using simple shapes, combined, to create actual pictures a lot of fun. I think the way …

  2. @dusenberyart_k8

    Going Old School- Flipping out!


    Perhaps one of my favorite Ds106 assignment bank options yet… I love when my digital self and my reality self get to come together to create something, each gets to play an important role in the production, with an end product that both are happy with. At the beginning of …

  3. @CadillacezMedia

    Cowboy Hat Drawing Tutorial


    For the assignment “30 Second Documentary”, you had to create a 30 second video involving any topic that you desired. I needed to make the assignment related to my created character of Buck because I needed 4 stars involving my character. It was actually harder than I thought of thinking …

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