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  1. @natashabmedia

    Photo mash 2 actors= create a bizarre scenario…

    Greetings! Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better? Now this blog consists of mashing 2 actors into a setting, it’s specifically called ‘Photo Mash‘. This really appealed to me, I am a massive fan of all sorts of TV and Film. If you read my blog posts regularly, this is something you… Continue reading Photo mash 2 actors= create a bizarre scenario…
  2. @RiannaL05

    Thank You B.Davis

    This blog post WILL involve spoilers. You have been warned. (yeeeaaah the video is quite long but it makes sense so please watch.) Quote from the show: ‘She was fiercely independant. Brooke Davis. Brilliant, and beautiful, and brave. In 2 years she had grown more than anyone I had ever known. Brooke Davis is going to... Continue Reading →

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