1. @RiannaL05

    Having to give yourself flowers.


    Drawing small isn’t that hard when you know how to draw something. Flowers are the only thing I can draw to a good enough standard.

    So once in a while I decide to draw them, pin them on my wall and think am I really only going to receive flowers …

  2. @RiannaL05

    Defiantly Didn’t pass Geography……


    I decide to test my geography knowledge and play this map game thingy. As you can see from my resulst I only got one complete right and a few not far off and one that was waaaaaaay off.

    Considering I failed my Geography GCSE I think I did quite well, …

  3. @RiannaL05

    More friends please


    So I created a pop art of my friend, who didn’t even know I was taking this photo…….Not creepy LOL but in that moment I just thought ‘wow my friend looks very pretty right now’ so I took the opportunity to take a nice picture.

    I find that I always …

  4. @RiannaL05

    Too innocent to be a villain


    Not really the best at making up names so I’ll let the public decide.

    I decided to use a snapchat filter for this daily create because I felt it was creative. this filter gives me the illusion of having darker eyes and I like the glowing teeth thing around my …

  5. @RiannaL05

    If Noah’s ark included technology


    When working In the DMU library a computer is essential. Having your friend beside you so you can help each other is also beneficial. Here are two computers side by side showing two pupils about to start their work. Not even gonna lie, I used this as my inspiration for …

  6. @RiannaL05

    Don’t You Forget About Food


    Isn’t it just the best feeling to stay at home and order a take away.
    even if i have like my last £15 and its a Friday night I’m definitely gonna order that take away. Whether is Chinese, Pizza, Indian I’m all for that take away. For one day i …

  7. @RiannaL05

    Define Social media…….


    What is social media?

    To me social media is an online place to share your pictures, videos, thoughts and feelings act with the world. Social media allows you to connect with people….But it can be bad. if you are constantly using Something like Facebook to interact with people then you …

  8. @RiannaL05

    Imagine if they weren’t F.R.I.E.N.D.S?


    “We were on a break” – that famous line between Ross and Rachel. But imagine if they never even got together and who whole of the Friends gang were never actually friends. Just image if this show was the imagination of a lonely soul that had to pretend they had …

  9. @RiannaL05

    What even is sleep?


    So recently I haven’t been able to sleep. Its driving me crazy because my body decides it wants sleep when I’m due to get up and get ready for the day. Ive been to bed early and I just don’t sleep. I find myself getting up to eat out of …

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