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    What Does DNA Stand For?: An Awesome Baby Biochemist Review

    Inside: What does DNA stand for?  I would never have thought I could find the answer in a picture book.  “The Baby Biochemist-DNA” does an incredible job of nailing the important aspects of DNA structure.  Primary kids even will understand what DNA does in their cells.  They’ll get a jump-start…
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    Why Your Coffee Needs the Awesome Magicook Milk Frother

    Inside:  The Magicook Milk Frother is the perfect tool for creating a perfect coffee experience. Read a review of this tool and learn about the science of milk foaming.  There are affiliate links in this post but at no cost to you.  I may make a bit of coffee money if…
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    How in the World do Beautiful Monarch Butterflies Migrate?

    Inside: The fact that the delicate but beautiful monarch butterflies migrate is a marvel of nature. From North America to Mexico, their migration is a marvel considering their small and delicate nature. Their populations are declining but there are ways you can help.  *There are affiliate links within this post.  If…
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    How to Determine Tree Age and Really Why it Matters

    Inside:  Determining tree age can be done in a few ways.  One is simple enough to do as a science activity with kids.  Tree aging can provide a wealth of information.  Examining tree rings can not only age a tree but also provide a lot of interesting historical and climate…
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    14 Summer Science Experiments:Easy and Absolutely Awesome Fun

    Inside: Summer science experiments get children stoked for cool summer learning fun. Beach activities, tornadoes and storms in a jar and experiments with cool treats make summer vacation a blast. Summer Science is all about Asking Questions

    Summer science experiments are a fantastic way to get in tune with the …

  6. teresa

    How to Make Chemistry Amazing by Making Ice Cream

    Inside:  Making ice cream is a cool, interactive way to teach chemistry. It makes a perfect science activity for either home school or classroom instruction. Better yet, you end up with yummy, healthier ice cream along with learning some applied chemistry.

    Making ice cream is a divine way to teach …

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    Actually, What in the World is the Meaning of Pi?

    Inside:  What is the meaning of Pi? Anywhere you see circles, the constant Pi comes into play. Sound waves, river bends, and pie plates are impacted by the constant 3.14……Read more about this irrational number and learn how to prove Pi is real.

    What is the meaning of Pi?  You would …

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    What Bird Watching Equipment do you Need for Birding Adventures?

    Inside:  Bird watching equipment is a must for even the backyard observer.  A field guide, binoculars and camera with stand can suffice for the back yard, bird feeder enthusiast.  If you are an extreme birdwatcher, then your bird watching equipment needs will be a bit more complex.  Note:  Amazon affiliate…
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    Why Darwin’s Valuable Ideas Make you Believe in Evolution

    Inside: Do you believe in evolution?  For many of us, it is hard to argue with the mounds of scientific evidence pointing to genetic changes in organisms producing new species over time.  Darwin was a naturalist with a passion for exploring.  He had a detailed, logical mind which meant he…
  10. teresa

    41 Absolutely Amazing Things To Do With Heritage Seeds

    Inside: What are some things to do with heritage seeds? Improve the biodiversity in your yard by taking those seeds you bought or traded for at a seed swap and nurturing them in your garden. What can you do with heritage seeds – seed bombs, drying and saving, creating a…
  11. teresa

    What is a Seed Swap? An Awesome Way to Promote Biodiversity

    Inside:  What is a  seed swap?  It is a fabulous way to encourage biodiversity and build community relationships in your pocket of the world.  Hosting a seed swap is like hosting any other party or event.  Organization is key.   Note:  This post contains affiliate links.

    What is a  seed swap? …

  12. teresa

    2018 Science Holidays and Events

    Inside: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ready-made list of monthly science holidays and events to plan your science curriculum.  You’d be surprised how many science holidays and events have been organized.  Some are pure fun while others embrace some pretty important concepts.  Why not join Science Alcove and…
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    13 Super Festive Christmas Science Decorations

    Inside:  Christmas science decorations — say whaaaat? Who says there is no science in Christmas? Which ideas will you try out with your students or kids?

    Christmas science decorations — say whaaaat?  Who says there is no science in Christmas?  Only the grinch, that’s who!  What better way to get …

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    21 Easy but Absolutely Awesome Christmas Science Experiments

    Inside: Get pumped up for the Christmas season investigating chemistry and physics with a festive twist. These Christmas science experiments are sure to please.

    Christmas science experiments are a fantastic way to get pumped up for this season investigating chemistry and physics with a festive twist.  Science is all about asking …

  15. teresa

    139 Easy but Absolutely Awesome Halloween Science Experiments

    Inside: Halloween science experiments are a fabulous way to stimulate curiosity in kids. Spooky chemistry and physics makes concepts fun and easy to learn.  Halloween Science Experiments are a Great Tool for Exploring Chemistry and Physics

    Halloween science experiments are a fantastic way to get kids hyped up about this …

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    23 Amazing Atlantic Puffin Facts You Need to Know

    Inside:  Puffins are amazing creatures. You’ll want to know all the puffin facts you can find. Then visit Newfoundland and be part of the Puffin Patrol to learn more. Why Puffins Are Amazing Creatures

    There are hundreds of puffin facts.  Puffins are super interesting birds.  My trip to Newfoundland was …

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    11 Amazing and Interactive Beach Science Activities

    Inside:  Beach science is a great way to pair a lovely day at the beach with some cool science connections. Try these activities during your next beach adventure. Science is all about Asking Questions

    I grew up in southwester Ontario along the shores of Lake Huron.  I spent endless summer …

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    11 Easy but Absolutely Awesome Fall Science Experiments

    Inside:  Fall science experiments get children stoked for the new school year. Variable weather and cool animal adaptations make for interesting science activities. Science is all about Asking Questions

    Fall science experiments are a fantastic way to get in tune with the unique biology and physics of this season.  Science …

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    Habitat Fragmentation: The Truth about Why it is Really Bad


    My fourth year of university was spent working on my thesis.  I was investigating the impact of habitat fragmentation along the Niagara Escarpment near Brock University in St. Catherine’s Ontario.

    My girlfriend and I spent many days measuring distances between roads and forest.  It was grueling work.  It demanded a …

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    How to Create an Absolutely Amazing Butterfly Garden

    Inside:  Butterflies are a joy to have around your garden. So, how can you do yourself and these beautiful pollinators some good? Create an amazing butterfly garden.  *Contains affiliate links.

    What could be more peaceful than sitting by your garden, mug of coffee or better yet a glass of wine …

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    What in the World Do You Know About Amazing Butterflies?

    What do you know about amazing butterflies?  I bet you know more than you think.  Take this short quiz and you may surprise yourself about how much you know about these beautiful insects.

    “Isn’t it suppose to be good luck if a butterfly lands on your shoulder?? I think so!! …

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    5 Awesome Butterfly Facts from a Beautiful Butterfly House

    Butterfly facts:  Butterflies are important pollinators and they are endangered.  It is thrilling to see these insect aviators close-up in an observatory.  The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory provides a magnificent place to view these beautiful creatures and to get immersed in butterfly facts. Butterflies Were Once Abundant

    Growing up in Sarnia, …

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    Are There Startling Reasons You May be Way Too Clean?

    Insert:  Are we keeping our homes way too clean? It appears that may be the case with the rise in super bugs and allergies. It may be time to return to soap and water.



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