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    What in the World Do You Know About Amazing Wetlands

    Inside:   What do you know about these precious lands?  Wetlands are amazing ecosystems, one of the most productive on the planet. Take this short quiz and find out what you know about amazing wetlands. Swamps!  What does this word bring to mind?  Muck and mosquitoes and a big stink!  I’ve…
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    10 Absolutely Amazing Reasons Wetlands are Important

    Inside:  Wetlands are amazing ecosystems and there are a number of reasons wetlands are important. They are meant to be preserved not destroyed.

    I’m walking in my 30 acre woods.  In this tree filled and mostly silent space, I am filled with a sense of wonder.  My next step jolts …

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    Birds and Bird Feeders: What in the World do You Know?

    Inside:  Bird feeders can be relaxing entertainment with a cup of coffee comfy in your favorite window seat. Take this quiz and test your knowledge.

    One of my favorite winter activities is to grab a warm mug of coffee and sit in my favorite comfortable chair by the window to watch …

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    20 Absolutely Adorable Facts to Make you Love Penguins More

    Inside:  Penguins are adorable. These birds in tuxedos are elegant flightless creatures. Do penguins have teeth? Ears? Waddle through these fun facts to find out. *Contains Amazon Affiliate links.

    Penguins are sweet!  One of my favorite memories of going to the zoo is of the penguins.  Looking like little men …

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    10 Super Valuable Resources for Your Awesome Kid Inventor


    Inside:  Kids are naturally curious and inventive. Games and play spark the imagination of your kid inventor and you can steer the way with these awesome resources.

    *Contains Amazon Affiliate Links

    Kids love to tinker.  My boys loved to build with Lego and create cool track designs with their Thomas …

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    Actually, What is the Reason We Fear Friday the 13th?

    Image:  top image- Larry Wentzel, CC BY 2.0, via flickr (https://flic.kr/p/9H7hQb); bottom image- ignote [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons (http://bit.ly/2js1EII) Inside:  Friday the 13th strikes fear into many. Many won’t fly that day or get married that day. But what is the reason we fear Friday the…
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    Here are 10 Valuable Benefits of a Fabulous Night Sleep

    Inside:  We often think of sleep as just rest but there are benefits of a fabulous night sleep.  Slumber is actually a mentally active period where a lot of processing, restoration and strengthening occurs. *This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. What is the Purpose of Sleep?

    @import url('http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cherry+Swash&text=1234567890ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz%20%27%22');

    “People say, …

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    Why the Migration of Canada Geese Will Blow Your Mind?


    Photo:  Teresa Coppens © 2016

    Inside:  The migration of Canada Geese is a noisy but organized and collaborative effort. It is a thrill to see these birds take flight together in that familiar V.

    I just happened to stumble upon an amazing spectacle last week while taking my dogs for their afternoon …

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