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  1. @madeleine_ds106

    Harness Relationships

    For this assignment, I had to use the Kumu organizational tool to make a relationship web. I decided to make a web based on my family tree. I made myself the main connector and then branched the web to have my mother’s family on one side and my father’s family on the other. As you can see, my mother’s side of the family is much larger than my fathers. She has more siblings and some are already married with children of their own. It was relatively easy to make the web through Kumu. I simply made an account, selected which web structure I wanted to use, and began inserting connectors. I did have some initial trouble trying to make the first element since I was in this weird tutorial version and didn’t know how to end it. However, once I started, it became easy. I then saved the web, took a screenshot of it, and uploaded it onto this blog post. I first tried to embed the web with a link through Kumu, but for some reason, it wouldn’t work. However, the image embedded here does the job! Another fun assignment with DS106!

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