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    Daily Creates (Week Eight):


    Daily Creates

    This week we only had to complete two daily create prompts. The reason we only had to do two prompts this week is because our professor wanted us to put most of our focus on completing our radio shows! So below are the daily create prompts I decided …

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    Radio Show Progress (Week Eight):


    Radio Show Progress

    Its week two folks! That means our final production is coming to a close. This week called for a lot of individual work among my group-mates. Below are images or our progress and process and my description of the overall experience:

    So this is basically us planning …

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    Weekly Summary (Week Seven):



    This week involved A LOT of fun and A LOT of creativity. I really like my character, so it is always a blast centering my assignments around him! This week didn’t really pose any challenges due to the fact that I knew what I was doing when it came …

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    Assignment Bank 3 (Week Seven):


    Emotions Through Sound

    For my final audio contribution to our radio show progress (at least the final one for this week). I decided to create another eerie audio track I can utilize in Jester’s portion of the show. This assignment instructed me to try to convey a certain emotion, such …

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    Assignment Bank 2 (Week Seven):


    Create a Ds106 Radio Bumper

    In addition to my radio commercial, my group thought it would be wise to incorporate the use of a radio bumper. Thus, I decided to complete this assignment and create a closing statement bumper for our radio show! Below is our closing statement and how …

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    Assignment Bank 1 (Week Seven):


    DS106 Radio Commercial 

    For the next two weeks, I am going to be working on producing a radio show with three of my peers. This week entails a lot of tasks to get us standing on our feet so we can take off running next week. Therefore, I decided to …

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    Radio Show Design (Week Seven):


    Radio Show Design Project – Bumper Sticker

    This week I was asked to create a radio show design project in the form of either a promo poster, logo, or bumpersticker. I elected the bumper sticker because I could add a humor aspect to it. Something I wouldn’t really be able …

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    Radio Show Progress (Week Seven):


    Radio Show Progress

    Our radio show has been coming along great this week! I was nervous about coordinating with three others online at first, but everyone did their part and it went over very smoothly and quickly. Below are screenshots of our google docs with all our work and brainstorming …

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    Weekly Summary (Week Six):


    This week was so awesome. Hands down my favorite week so far in this course (and no, it has nothing to do with it being my group’s week haha). The workload was much lighter (which was SUCH a relief due to having exams, experimental work due to review boards, etc.) …

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