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  1. @melseykooring

    Audio Reflection (Week Five):

    Audio Reflection Frankly, I never really had an opinion on audio storytelling before now, because I’ve never given it a shot before. I’m more of a visual listener/learner/you name it. I always find myself getting vastly distracted whenever I attempt to listen to something that requires my full attention. Maybe it’s the years of using […]
  2. @melseykooring

    Weekly Summary (Week Four):

    This week proved to be exceedingly stressful for me. I guess it’s that time in the school year when all of your classes are beginning to pick up and expectations are rising. Needless to say, I had a million and one things due this week and not nearly enough time – but I somehow managed […]
  3. @melseykooring

    Photoblitz (Week Four):

    For this exercise, I was instructed to take 20 minutes to try and capture as many photo ideas generated on a list as I could. I was asked to first document the current time I began the blitz. I began at 3:50 In the next 20 minutes, I captured seven photos based off the tasks […]
  4. @melseykooring

    Photography (Week Four):

    Before reading these articles, I never really stopped to appreciate all that happens in photography. I have been tasked to find still shots of superhero movies and analyze them from different photographic perspectives. Below is what I found: Contrast: This is a still shot from the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I chose this […]
  5. @melseykooring

    Photo Reflection (Week Four):

    Photo Reflection: My previous experience with photography, you ask? It is none existent. I used to run from people holding a camera and I never intended on picking one up. I used to be extremely self-conscious about literally everything. So there is no wonder that I didn’t want any documentation of my old self. My […]
  6. @melseykooring

    Weekly Summary (Week Three):

    This week severely tested my time management, writing, and creativity skills. I spent the beginning of the week procrastinating starting all of the assignments in fear that they would be hard and difficult – when in reality they were fairly easy and a lot of fun! I always get nervous when being creative through writing, […]
  7. @melseykooring

    Assignment Bank 3 (Week Three):

      Emotional Lyrics: Sentimental; of or prompted by feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia. Sentimental; I always told my dad this would be our daddy/daughter song at my wedding. — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 14, 2017 Sentimental; I remember first showing Thomas this song whilst poorly singing it to him. — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) […]
  8. @melseykooring

    Superhero Stories (Week Three):

    I really enjoyed how Jess Nevins defined a superhero in his book. He basically stated that there is no concrete definition of a superhero, but instead one should apply fuzzy logic when defining a superhero. That means people should “…consider superheroes on a continuum…” From Narcisse’s article there is no continuum provided, so I decided […]
  9. @melseykooring

    The Daily Creates (Week Two):

    Cat toy for cats #tdc2068 #ds106 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 7, 2017 Words are hard #tdc2066 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 6, 2017 The Fourth Law of Robots is: you do not talk about the fourth law. But realistically, all robots must not resemble humans. #tdc2065 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 4, 2017 […]
  10. @melseykooring

    My Multimodal Introductions!

    Flickr: Two Halves of a Whole Idiot: Thomas and I at his Cousin’s engagement party. Twitter: How I'm feeling: #ds106 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 4, 2017 I did not know how difficult technology could be, considering I am a “digital native.” Youtube: If I am ever reported missing, it’s probably due to the …

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