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    Week 12 Summary


    Almost there!!!

    I think this week in DS106 was my favorite thus far in the semester! I had the absolute most fun with all these remixes and mashups, and they weren’t hard to complete! To add, there were loads of creative options to choose from! Now that I think about …

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    Superhuman in Everyday Life


    “Is he asleep?” “Nah nah…”

    “Pretty sure he’s dead.”

    One of my favorite superheroes is Thor, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Thor was the first Marvel movie I ever saw. I specifically loved Chris Hemsworth’s role as fat Thor in Avengers: Endgame! I could not stop laughing! So I decided …

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    Animoji Karaoke


    A lion singing Every Breath You Take?!

    For my animoji karaoke, I decided to lip sing one of my favorite songs from the 80’s, Every Breath You Take by The Police. Yes, I know there is a lion singing the song! I wanted to use a lion animoji instead of …

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    Mashing Friends And Emojis


    My roommate looks exactly like that one babyface emoji!!!

    My roommate Stella, helped me with this Mashup assignment by mimicking the babyface emoji on Apple phones! We even used the snap chat baby filter to enhance the baby looking aspect of the photo! I can’t stop laughing at how identical …

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    Create A T-Shirt [Remixed]: Dr. Suess It



    For this assignment, I had to design a t-shirt with an added remix of Dr. Suess! So, I decided to create a shirt based on my absolute favorite book by Dr. Suess; Green Eggs & Ham! One of the classics!

    ? Here is the front!…

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    How to Create an Arts and Crafts Tutorial


    Stuck on the Arts and Crafts Tutorial video assignment? No worries! Here is a how-to post to help get ya started!

    The first thing you’re gonna want to start thinking about is your craft itself. What craft do you want to create a tutorial about? I chose to create an …

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    Meaningful object


    For this create, I had to select a meaningful object in my house and elaborate on why it means so much to me!

    @ds106dc #tdc2857 My Rubik’s Cube has A LOT of meaning to me! When I’m stressed or anxious, I just solve it and it helps calm me down!…

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    Week 11 Summary



    This week was super easy! It was super glad there wasn’t a lot of assignments because I had so much to do in my other assignments. Super grateful, that DS106 wasn’t one of the many classes that gave me loads of stress this week!

    I used …

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    Project Ideas 2.0


    This is the second brainstorm web I created for the future assignments of DS106! I looked at other people’s topic ideas and these are the topics that interested me!…

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    Favorite Moments in College


    These are my favorite moments of my first semester here, at UMW as a Freshman!

    Fall 2018


    These are some of my best memories of my first semester of college condensed into a 4-minute video! Yes yes! 4 minutes …

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    Hurricane Tortilla


    Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla!

    Yes, this is what you think this is! This is an EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING video of me recreating the famous Hurricane Tortilla vine! I CRINGE each time I watch it!

    Honestly, I think it’s pretty similar to the original vine! And I had a fun …

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    5 Second Film


    Watch this video! Its only 5 seconds of your life wasted!


    Well, now that I have sparked your interest, please watch this video of my dog, Puchi and the extent of her tricks! She knows how to sit, lay down, spin, bark on command, …

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    Week 10 Summary


    5 weeks left!

    VIDEO EDITING TAKES FOREVERRRRRRRRRR!!! HAHAHA! That is one thing that I definitely learned this week, as I spent 4 hours straight working on the video essay assignment. I chose to complete 10 stars worth of video assignments, simply because I wanted some more individual practice with video …

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    Video Essay


    If you love episode 5 from the Star Wars franchise, (The Empire Strikes Back)…

    For my video essay, I chose to cover a scene from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (*COUGH* the best Star Wars movie OF ALL TIME). I specifically focused on the Wampa Attack scene, …

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    Cooking Show


    Do you like Mac & Cheese?!

    Welcome to the first-ever edition of Monica’s Cooking Show! In this video, we will be learning how to make mac & cheese (Annie’s Brand of Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese)! If you want to learn the basics of how to make mac & cheese, this …

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    Product Review


    Looking for a Rubik’s Cube? Click here to watch a short review on the Shengshou Gem 3×3!

    I reviewed the Shengshou Gem 3×3, one of my favorite Rubik’s cubes I own! I purchased this cube in July 2019 and it is the speediest cube I have ever seen!

    Product Review

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    Arts & Crafts Tutorial


    Do you want to learn how to make a butterfly out of paper? Well, click here to watch my video to learn how!

    For my arts and crafts assignment, I decided to create a video tutorial on how to make a paper butterfly! I encourage you to grab a square …

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    Week 9 Summary


    5 weeks to goooo!!!!

    This week was a breeeeezeeeee!!! I was very pleased with the workload this week! There weren’t too many assignments assigned, so I wasn’t as stressed to complete everything before Friday! In fact, I’m turning in all the assignments a whole day early!

    I really enjoyed listening …

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    Daily Create Story


    This is a story I created using some of my daily creates from last week as well as, from this week!

    My wonderful afternoon was ruined, by my mom barging into my room without knocking. “Mom! How many times have I asked you to please knock when you enter my …

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    Assignment Redo


    This is a redo of the Larger Than Life assignment as well as, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words assignment! Enjoy!

    Larger Than Life 2.0

    My roommate’s dog is HUGE! He roams the 5th-floor hallway of Eagle Landing, scaring all who pass by!

    HAHAHA! JK! This lil beagle is …

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    Radio Show Reflection


    Here is my reflection on the DS106 Ladies’ Back to the 80’s Radio Show, as well as the 80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About!

    On Monday, October 21st I tuned in to the DS106 Radio and listened to Back to the 80’s Radio Show. By Carly Grecco, Danielle Beard, Grace …

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