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    Week 3 Summary


    I cannot believe it’s already week 3 of ds106! This school year has already gone by so fast! CRAZYTOWN!

    Let’s see, this week of assignments was not too bad! Although, I had mixed feelings about just doing writing assignments from the Assignment Bank. I wished I could have chosen different …

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    To My Mom


    Hi mommy, sorry to expose you like this! I just had to share your beautifulness with my blog!

    I am writing this letter to you for a multitude of reasons. Some happy, encouraging reasons and some deep sad ones too. But regardless, I hope you enjoy this message!

    Mommy, I …

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    Story Analysis


    It is very interesting to think about how digital storytelling has evolved over the years. From what it was back in the day, to what it has become now.

    I watched the YouTube video: 80s Pop Culture. Honestly, it was a pain that the video was almost 20 minutes long, …

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    Dear Future Husband


    Dear Future Husband,

    This letter is to you, the person who I believe that I will spend the rest of my life with. I am so thrilled to be able to spend the rest of my very existence on this Earth with you. Only you.

    As my soon to be …

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    Sharing Credit


    I decided to create a story with my roommate Tala. Tala would email me one line of the story and I would respond with another line. We did not discuss the plot of the story before writing. Therefore, the story we came up with is very random. You have been …

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    A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words


    This wonderful picture of me was taken in September of last year. I am now having second thoughts about exposing an embarrassing picture of myself to you but it’s all good! The story behind this picture is hopefully hilarious and a bit nostalgic to you.

    First off have you seen …

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    Weekly 2 Summary


    Generally speaking, I think this week went pretty well! I think I’m getting the hang of this class little by little. I enjoyed that we got to pick assignments of our interest from the assignment bank, and I had a blast with the audio assignment! And overall this seems to …

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    Signing Words


    For this assignment, I had to record a video of someone signing a word using American Sign Language (ASL).

    I completed this assignment because I love ASL (even though I only took the first level of ASL in high school). My dream is to become an American Sign Language interpreter …

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    May I Take Your Order?


    First off, I am very embarrassed that you get to hear my HORRENDOUS English accent. But in all honesty, I had a full-on blast with this audio assignment!

    The object of this assignment was to record yourself ordering a meal, not on the menu of McDonald’s with an accent of …

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    Week 1 Summary


    I have very mixed feelings about how this week went. Before taking this class I had never downloaded social media of any kind (besides Snapchat). And now I have downloaded some of the most popular social media apps ever created. Therefore, I have bittersweet emotions about all the social media …

  11. @MonicaG71488057

    “What do the 80’s mean to us today?”


    When I hear the phrase “The 80s,” the most current thing that pops into my head is the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. This amazing series is set in the time frame of the 80s and presents tons of 80’s pop culture and trends. After watching the show I felt …

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    Hello and welcome to my first blog!

    Super excited to share my crazy interesting ideas from Brian! If you don’t know who Brian is well… That’s the name of my brain! I tend to refer to lots of things by names. For instance, my printer’s name is Liam Neeson. Ya …

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