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  1. @richelleholnick

    Daily Creates-Week 12

    This week we had to do two daily creates. The first daily create was to think of a modern day Sadie Hawkins dance. I think I thought of a pretty accurate thing to relate it to! Seems like I may have had someone in disbelief, or maybe just interested themselves. There are some dating apps where the women have to message the men first, it can't happen the other way around, so that feels like a modern day Sadie Hawkins #tdc2498 #ds106 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) November 14, 2018 The other daily create I did was to draw something figurative as literal. This was hard for me because I do not draw well and because I am away from home today and have my computer but no paper or anything, so I drew it on a coffee filter. #tdc2501 #ds106 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) November 17, 2018  
  2. @richelleholnick

    Daily Creates Week 11

    These are my daily creates for week 11! The days I happen to do them were less creative than past weeks, and more words, but that’s okay, cause I love talking about myself! 🙂   I need to get my jeans hemmed. It's super easy because I am not even the one doing the actual work, I just haven't gotten around to taking them to the tailor's…for 3 months #tdc2492 #ds106 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) November 7, 2018   Do theme songs count? This one was my jam, and gave me very unrealistic craft expectations #tdc2494 #ds106 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) November 9, 2018 In case you are wondering, I still haven’t gotten my jeans hemmed!
  3. @richelleholnick

    Daily Create Week 10

    My uncle is convinced that (the ghosts of) his uncle knock pictures on walls in his house askew and that his mother fixes them. However, I'm a skeptic #tdc2485 #ds106 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) November 1, 2018 I do not believe in ghosts, but many do, including my uncle! He’s convinced that my grandmom and her brother are always fighting over the pictures on his walls. (IF they were-why? Don’t they have anything better to do???) My favorite is Stitch (the one in a t shirt I stole from another teddy bear), my mom put the cheers on him as a joke for this picture (he's kept at home for safe keeping) #tdc2486 #ds106 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) November 2, 2018 I don’t have a favorite old t-shirt because I don’t really wear t-shirts or keep them around long enough for them to become old. I do however have a favorite stuffed animal. I collected stitches when I was little, and the big one in the middle was my very first one. So, he is near and dear to my heart. It might be a little unusual to have an alien/experiment as a favorite teddy bear, but it kinda fits this class’s theme!

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