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    City Street


    Take a listen! Can you place this sound?

    It is supposed to be what you can hear out of your bedroom window in a city. Car horns honking, people talking, an ambulance whirring by, and the rustle of people walking down the street.

    This assignment was a little more difficult …

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    Audio Reflection


    When “Moon Graffiti” started, I had (wrongly) assumed that it was a fictional story being told, so I was listening to the sounds as if they were sound effects and not actually happening. So, with that said, when I was listening and hearing the ‘fuzz’ of the recording, I was …

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    Daily Creates Week 5


    On Monday I stated that I didn’t want to survive the apocalypse instead of stating what I would bring to my bunker to survive it. A bit pessimistic, but it’s the truth! Have you seen the walking dead? The Hunger Games? No thank you!!

    I wouldn't bring anything, or have …

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    DS106 Photography


    I picked a video of a ship approaching, a scene from one of the Pirates in the Caribbean movies.

    There was some perspective, with the ship rising up and crashing down while the camera was very zoomed in and titled up from the bottom.



    Moment-they captured Elizabeth popping …

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    Photo Blitzer!


    Here are my photo blitzer results:

    Here are the photos I was able to take!

    Forced perspective, this is actually a mini pumpkin!

    The edge of a knife—-this was the sharpest I have!

    Repeating geometric shapes

    Intricate details of a hand

    Abandoned or discarded—she looks like she was abandoned on …

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    Daily Creates Week 3 & 4


    Week 3 I only did one daily create because I was traveling for New York. I was helping put on a summit at the United Nations for my summer internship!

    Because of this, I did extra during week 4.

    I had a gremlin in my computer

    @ds106dc my computer is …

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    What’s in My Bag?


    My bag is pretty boring!

    I have some pens and a notebook for class.

    A computer of all internet-related activities.

    Keys for my house and car.

    A necklace passed down from my grandmother. I don’t like necklaces, they can get in the way, so I like to keep it in …

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    Room Tour



    So these are photos that I just took of my room. At first I was like, oh I should clean! But then I realized that is not a very accurate perception of who I am as a person. So I decided to just let it be. The first photo …

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    The Holnick House


    The Holnick House is a rip off of the Brady Bunch!

    This is my family. There’s my mom, Cathy. I asked her for a photo and she took a selfie in the mirror-how silly! My father Steve, featured in one of his favorite shirts. My cat Mia, laying down as …

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    Places of Peace


    This is the collage I made that is showing my personal places of peace. The biggest photo I have is the barn that the horse I am leasing lives in. Going to the barn is a chance for me to unwind from my day and get away from all of …

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    Bucket List


    This is my bucket list! I want to write a book because it seems fun and rewarding. I want to live in Italy because I loved studying abroad there. I want to visit Hollywood because I would love to see the sets and stuff, especially of my favorite show Gilmore …

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    Am I a Photographer?


    I take a lot of photos. I feel like most people in my generation take a lot of photos each and every day. I sent over 100,000 Snapchats since downloading the app alone. This doesn’t count what I put on my story-and I usually post on my Snapchat and Instagram …

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    Dear Future Self


    Dear Future Self,

    In 10 years, I have a lot of ideal thoughts on how I want my life to be. I want to be married, with one or two kids by now. I want to be climbing the ladder at work,  on my way to being a CEO. But, …

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    What makes a story interesting?


    I chose to use the story “House of Leaves” because it was one of the weirdest, yet most interesting book I’ve ever read. It is about a myth that there was a house that could change shape, that was larger inside than outside, and that people died in. It really …

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    A Letter for My Mother


    Dear Mother,

    Now that I have gone away to college, I have had time to think and reflect on our relationship. I know we have had our share of problems, but I hope in the future we are able to start getting past them.

    Growing up, I don’t think you …

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    99 Extras


    For this assignment, I chose to watch Brooklyn 99. A show, that while I have no interest in, my friends are obsessed with. The episode’s plot was that a bunch of convicts from jail escaped and its the 99’s job to catch them all. I thought this would be perfect …

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    Meet James


    James McArthur would love to be nothing more than your average girl. But, you can already see that she isn’t. For goodness sakes, her parents named her James! Her mom wanted her to be ‘different’ and ‘special’ but she wants nothing of the sort. Growing up she just went by …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 2


    Hello Week 2!

    This week I personalized my site a bit. I created a header that was themed for our class! And I made tabs for ‘assignment bank’, ‘daily create’, and ‘weekly summary’ so that they are easy to reference!

    I had these three daily creates this week!

    My first …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 1


    Hello! This is my first weekly summary so I’m not sure what it should be like exactly.

    This class is a lot different than any other I’ve taken so I am both excited and nervous for it!

    I had to create a subdomain for this class and for some reason …

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    The Legendary DS106


    Honestly, I am not that excited about this semesters theme. I am more of a realistic fiction type girl than a fantasy one-I’ve never liked Harry Potter, I much prefer a rom-com or documentary. I heard one semester’s theme was spies-I’m so jealous! That sounds like something I could have …

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    Hello DS106!


    Hi guys! My name is Richelle Holnick and I am a senior marketing major with a minor in digital studies-which is why I am taking this course! I did a few different intro’s across the different platforms we have:

    Here’s some of my favorite things:

    Or you can check out …

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