1. @Anne Armour

    I’m a Terrible Person



    I’m a terrible person because I totally forgot to finish the work for Week Twelve. I got the 12 stars worth of assignments done, but then completely forgot to do the rest. I’ll just quickly sum up my twelfth week in this class and then move on to the …

  2. @Anne Armour

    Book of the Unnamed Midwife Playlist Poetry


    For my final assignment this week, I decided to do the Playlist Poetry assignment. I really like these assignments where we make playlists with messages in them! I think they’re really fun and they make you think creatively.

    I’ve never been that great at poetry, but I hope I get …

  3. @Anne Armour

    What’s the Meme?


    For one of our 12 stars worth of assignments, I chose the What’s the Meme? assignment for the Book of the Unnamed Midwife.

    I thought this would be a fun and cute one to do, and I wasn’t disappointed! I really had to think about what I wanted my meme …

  4. @Anne Armour

    Week Eleven With Evelyn


    So this is the end of Week Eleven! (a little late, but still!)

    This week Geoff and I finished up our Video Assignment, The Second Chance. Working with video was definitely a bit out of my comfort zone – just like how audio was. It’s something I have had zero …

  5. @Anne Armour

    The Second Chance


    It’s finished!!! Geoff and I finally finished our group Video Assignment!

    We worked really hard on this, and I think we’re both happy with how it turned out considering neither of us have any experience in making and editing videos.

    Despite the bumps in the road, we were able to …

  6. @Anne Armour

    Process of Getting The Second Chance



    So this week Geoff and I have been working on our film, The Second Chance. Geoff had a business trip so we decided to film things separately in our own time before meeting up again to record our interviews and edit our film together.

    This past weekend I went …

  7. @Anne Armour

    Creating Daily Creates


    So this week we had to suggest either 2 Daily Creates or 2 Media Assignments. I went with 2 Daily Creates!

    It actually took me quite a while to come up with 2 that I thought were even remotely good, so I’m not sure if they’ll even get “published” on …

  8. @Anne Armour

    Children of Men Long Takes Compilation


    So I decided to watch the film Children of Men as my second film.

    I enjoyed this movie way more than Night of the Living Dead. Children of Men was very beautifully done. The message of faith and hope was really shown throughout the film. The only thing that bothered …

  9. @Anne Armour

    Can You Feel the TENsion?


    So we have finally reached the end of Week Ten! This week proved to be very interesting since we have started video this week. Video editing is yet another thing I have no experience with whatsoever. This week really tested my ability to learn things quickly, but I think I …

  10. @Anne Armour

    Reading Movies and Such


    This week I read Roger Ebert’s article How to Read a Movie and I also watched all 8 of the videos about filmmaking which gave a lot of insight to what we would be doing with our own video work. Adding in the other resources given to us, I knew …

  11. @Anne Armour

    Trailer for “The Second Chance”


    Here it is! The trailer I made for Geoff and I’s documentary we’ll be making this coming week. We worked on both of ours at the HCC today to make sure we were both on the same page and to check each other’s work.

    Geoff’s is super awesome!!

    My trailer …

  12. @Anne Armour

    Planning for “The Second Chance”


    So this week I started on Path Two of our film assignments!

    Geoff had messaged me this week to see if I would like to partner with him on this assignment, and since I enjoyed working with him on our radio show, I said yes!

    We were a little late …

  13. @Anne Armour

    Week 9 Reflection


    This week was nice little break from all the work on the radio show I was doing the last several weeks. I had been stressing about that project, so it being over and moving on is a nice change. I liked doing the project, but it was something really new …

  14. @Anne Armour

    Tuning In!


    This week I was able to listen to our fully produced radio broadcast on ds106radio. I don’t think there were too many classmates tuned into it, but I at least got to see some of Professor Burtis’ reactions to it. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I …

  15. @Anne Armour

    Name of Evelyn Sparrow REVAMP


    I decided that this assignment would be the one I would revisit this week. I really liked doing this assignment because it was a mixture of things and it made me think about my character more. Especially after the radio broadcast we made the past couple of weeks, I felt …

  16. @Anne Armour

    And That’s a Wrap!


    So we finally finished our broadcast! Yayyyyy!

    We put a lot of hard work into it, especially since none of us were really experienced in working with audio. It was a learning experience for all of us I think.

    Despite the issues we had run into with recording the previous …

  17. @Anne Armour

    Moving on from Spring Break


    This past week was Spring Break, but now it’s time to get back to work!

    This past week (yes, during Spring Break), my group and I had assigned ourselves to write out our scripts for our broadcast. We had planned on writing them all out and then meeting up to …

  18. @Anne Armour

    First Week with WUMW


    This week we had got in contact with the other members of our groups, so we were able to get things started!

    We had gotten each others cell phone numbers to start up a group chat with each other and we also got emails in order to start a Google …

  19. @Anne Armour

    The End of the Sixth


    This week I was able to space out my assignments a bit better throughout the week, so I wasn’t procrastinating all of it, but this has also been a difficult week. Going into it I thought design would be a bit easier for me to do, but I just could …

  20. @Anne Armour

    Design Reflection


    The TED Talk videos were actually pretty interesting to watch. I don’t normally watch things like this, but these were pretty fun to watch. I especially liked David Carson’s talk because he made his funny to watch. Paula Scher was funny as well, but David Carson was funnier. I thought …

  21. @Anne Armour

    Perkatory Café Logo


    For the last extra Design Assignment I chose for this week was the “Create a Logo That is Simple But Detailed” assignment. There is actually a bit of a long story behind this logo, but I also thought it was fitting with the apocalyptic theme of this class (I also …

  22. @Anne Armour

    The Name of Evelyn Sparrow


    For one of my extra Design Assignments, I decided to do the Generate Cool Letters assignment for my character. This was a fun assignment since I was able to play around with a lot of different fonts on the website provided. It actually took me awhile to figure out which …

  23. @Anne Armour

    Evelyn Sparrow is Here!


    My design for my character, Evelyn Sparrow, came from the fact that she is a college student at the moment. She dresses to fit in, but she also adds a bit of her own flare. She likes the plain and simple look of a t-shirt and jeans, but she’s also …

  24. @Anne Armour

    The Fifth Closing



    This week had been a bit of a struggle for me, but I also feel like I learned a lot this week. I had never done anything with audio before, so I hadn’t been looking forward to doing this part. However, I ended up having fun figuring out how to …

  25. @Anne Armour

    Reading and Resource Reflection


    I really enjoyed Jad Abumrad’s videos on audio storytelling. Like he said, I didn’t like audio storytelling at first. He explained that it lacked, but it was what it lacked in that made it so great. While it’s not like a movie where you can watch what is happening, audio …

  26. @Anne Armour

    Don’t You Worry Child Mashup


    For the last Audio Assignment for this week, I chose to do the Original and Cover Mashup assignment. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be really cool to hear both versions of the song over top of each other. I knew it would be weird sounding, but …

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