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  1. @mbm87776980

    sounds of mo

    on “sounds of mo” this is the last piece in my final project series. it is a soundscape, an audio piece made to be heard in a particular location. in my case, this is meant to be heard while reading the poem and watching  the gifs component of this series. i thought to conclude my series … Continue reading sounds of mo
  2. @mbm87776980


    this place seems of a time bygone any yet the steps on this side walk the trees all around the wind that blows are privy to a fact people turn away from, history does not change but repeats mo sat mo inhaled-exhaled mo thought questions arose: what has brought her here? is this the calm … Continue reading mo-ments
  3. @mbm87776980

    meskeen mo’s day at the protest

    in the mashup assignment “superhuman in everyday life,” i decided to take creative liberty and make my superhero someone who i define under the umbrella of superhuman but is not a dc/marvel character. in the image above i have mashed up the Edmund Pettus Bridge Civil Rights protest in Selma Alabama and an image of the wonderful … Continue reading meskeen mo’s day at the protest
  4. @mbm87776980

    top 10 mo facts

    above is my video response to the video assignment “tell your character’s story.” i went about this story boarding by thinking about the transient nature of my character mo, and how she is everywhere (as a time-traveling badass) but also a centralized character (as i tell her story from a very specific characterization and perspective). … Continue reading top 10 mo facts
  5. @mbm87776980

    propaganda, not for OR by the people

    above is my video creation for the video assignment “fake propaganda video.” i had several intentions when making this video, i wanted to create irony, suspense, and realism. while the concept of burning/banning or in any other way limiting access to books is not a new concept (i even refer to the book- turned movie, … Continue reading propaganda, not for OR by the people
  6. @mbm87776980

    pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone

    pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone as part of the video assignment “create an intro to a movie,” i decided to make a 90’s themed movie intro that uses video clips from the music vide Friendzone by the artist UMI. i am not at all familiar with the artist or the song but i … Continue reading pibo’s day at the park: aka the friend zone
  7. @mbm87776980

    week 8: wrap up

    i began this week with a cheeky daily create response about spying neighbors… here is the tweet bellow. creeping on the neighbors #tdc2470 #ds106 — mbm (@mbm87776980) October 17, 2018 i ended this week’s daily creates with great commentary on how humans are not the cutest animals. being a service animal, of course #tdc2473 … Continue reading week 8: wrap up
  8. @mbm87776980

    make sure to drink your telephone mbm

    for this assignment i took the recognizable sound of someone drinking water and edited it to sound static. i used my iPhone voice memos to record me drinking water, from the umw-logoed bottle that i used as my image. i then used garage band and the telephone-vocal filer to alter the sound of the drinking. … Continue reading make sure to drink your telephone mbm

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