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  1. @FlOv_evelyn

    Grand Finale

    Avery is on her way home from another 12 hour shift at work. She’s tired of hearing the same music she has on shuffle, while she does love it, everything just feels monotonous. Instead of taking her regular route to work, she goes the long way, willingly sitting in traffic just to be out of […]
  2. @FlOv_evelyn

    Lucky Number 4

    PHEW, week 4! Weekly rating: 8/10 for sure! Maybe even a 9.This week I got to dive into Video work. I love taking videos when I go out and do anything so I was very excited to be able to get a jump onto this week assignments. Because I was so interested in this week […]
  3. @FlOv_evelyn

    Reading Movies: No Subtitles

    For learning more about video, I read “How to Read a Movie” and watched The Shining // Zooms, Tarantino // From Below and Examples of Editing Techniques. Ebert suggest to dissect movies frame by frame. In a group of people there is so many different ethnicities, backgrounds, languages, experiences and more that can contribute to […]
  4. @FlOv_evelyn

    Not So Daily Creates

    #tdc3799 #ds106 I love this. I want to make a cheesy poster out of it to hang in my space— Evelyn (@FlOv_evelyn) June 7, 2022 I was hoping for a cute pic, but yawns always conquer #ds106 #tdc3800
  5. @FlOv_evelyn

    A&V Makes Magic

    Movie Scene: Fight Club – Do not fuck with us I chose a scene from Fight Club given I have never seen the movie and have heard its quite the iconic one. I broke down my reviews in the three ways I was instructed. Look: The character with his face all in the screen obviously […]
  6. @FlOv_evelyn

    Thoughts of Lo Radio

    TED Radio Hour & ScottLo “What you put into the course is what you get out of it.” I have heard this phrase a couple times from different people regarding this course and I definitely think it is true. With ScottLo on the LoDown and his review of previous DS106 students work, it became more […]
  7. @FlOv_evelyn

    Chapter 2: Will We Make It?

    Overall Week rating: 7/10 because assignments were completed, there were strides made, but still room for improvement. I started out the work week, Monday, with setting up all my post sites. This allowed for me to be able to make sure all had the appropriate tags, categories, etc. and I would definitely recommend because it […]
  8. @FlOv_evelyn

    Design Blitz Fail

    In my time as a low level interior designer, I have come across MANY design fails. With small spaces such as apartments or bedrooms, it is really important to take these into consideration to make the overall look better. I also attend a graduation this weekend that had design elements in it as well. The […]
  9. @FlOv_evelyn


    Massimo Vignelli created Helvetica, originally Neue Haas Grotesk. Yes, the font! I know everything is made by someone, but why did I assume that fonts were just made by computers? When technically all the information that came and are inserted into computers are from people’s minds. I read the text in our week assignment regarding […]

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