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  1. @Sam_ara106

    Final Words

    I already shared a few of the Daily Creates I completed, so look at this post if you’re interested! The other three (to finish up seven total) are down below. Overall, I found the Daily Creates easier than usual, and that made them all the more fun to complete! I saw it as something exciting to distract […]
  2. @keyris22

    12 Weekly

    Week 12 has been chill a week, at first I thought I would die when i saw the number of stars we needed to complete, but it has not been that bad. I did not do too much on week 12 because I have been busy, but i am in it to win it, or in my case in it t...
  3. @keyris22

    Back at it Again

    Week 11, Here we are back at it again with the videos, feeling like a youtuber. And once again the week has been hectic,but I had more time to get things done then last week. So one of the first things I did was go to the movie viewing on Tuesday. Ther...
  4. @keyris22


    The 10th week was crazy, all that video making made me think I was a youtuber and that I should be getting paid because the process of creating a video toke a lot. I do not have much of a problem thinking of an idea because, the class pretty much cover...
  5. @Sam_ara106

    California 12

    This week was one of my favorite yet! I was beginning to think we wouldn’t do anything substantial with the novels we read, and I have been desperate to share for weeks. I began by creating an alternate ending to California. You can read what I wrote in my blog post, but I essentially did not think the […]
  6. @Sam_ara106

    V11eo Week

    This week’s assignments seemed to take me longer to complete, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because I had so many things to do for my other classes. As usual, I began this week with some Daily Creates! This is just a small part of a very long thread telling a story! I was so confused about […]
  7. @Sam_ara106

    Wrap9ing Up

    I greatly appreciated the lower quantity of assignments this semester, especially since I have so many essays, readings, and tests coming up in my other classes! I completed three Daily Creates, and this week they were much more spread out than they usually are. In fact, I feel like I have done so little work […]
  8. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    And we are uhhh live!

    Oh boy, it’s time for the weekly Daniel talk! For the past two weeks, we mainly focused on the radio show and getting that done however we also did some daily creates! The first one I did was the one about what I would not want to be in an apocalypse so I picked a […]
  9. @keyris22

    The End Results

    I did not think that the Radio Show project was going to be fun, but I am happy to be wrong. I got along well with everyone in my team, we had lots of laughs and we just had over all good time.  There was quit a few set backs like not knowing how to us...
  10. @keyris22

    Written on Paper

    Hello fellow classmates, how was your spring break? Did any of you people go out of the country or out of state? Well whatever you guys did I hope you had fun, I know I did. All I did during this spring break was sleep, eat and watch Netflix. I must sa...
  11. @keyris22


    Midterm week has finally ended and I am happy to say that it will not be missed. I have had so many late late nights of pure studying that I almost feel that I have got dumber rather then smarter as the week ended. The test were torture, the teachers w...
  12. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    Check out my Checking in

    Oh boy it is time to discuss the progress of our group so far! The first thing we did was planning out how the radio show would go. The second thing we came up with is our name, Alt-F4 which is the keystroke to close a window. We decided to make our show like a […]
  13. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    Design is everywhere!

    The focus on this week was the design of things! I will be talking about the assignments I did this week and my approach at each one first I will be talking about the daily create number 2234. This was creating the felt letter board with my last words on it and putting it in […]
  14. @Sam_ara106

    Des6n Week

    This week seemed to have fewer assignments, but the ones I thought would be the simplest ended up taking me the longest! More on that later. I completed three Daily Creates (I did watch the video, but there were two already created that I really wanted to do, so I did not create my own). This one […]
  15. @keyris22

    Like a Professional

    The week has passed through rather quick. I feel that I have blinked and its already Monday. I had fairly good week, nothing too trouble happened, so guess that played some contribution into why I am feeling this way. And also the assignment nothing wa...

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