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    Is this really the End?


    Welp, I think it is finally time we questioned the End and what exactly is going on. First We will go over the evidence I have connected can we talk about the evidence I’ve been dying to talk about the evidence! First of all, let’s go in the order Millard …

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    …the Bad


    Last but not least here is the final video! This is the one where I got my lowlights aka the parts where I did so bad that I just had to put it in a video! This uses again the same type of aesthetic because ironically and unironically i love …

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    The good…


    Heres another one of my blog posts about my video assignments! This one will be about the highlights that I compiled from my game play which is another video that has the 2000’s aesthetic. This one combines about 12 hours of footage into one video. Making this I realized that …

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    Catching up!


    Hello everyone!
    I haven’t been keeping up with the work for the latest weeks so I decided to finally link up some of the videos I made for about two weeks ago,but just recently I completed! First I will share the first video I made, which was a part of …

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    It’s the remix to ignition


    Hello everyone once again! This is my update on what I have done this week! The daily creates I did was giving my favorite animal a new descriptive name! My idea for this was to find out a random animal (sadly not my favorite) and try to give it a …

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    And we are uhhh live!


    Oh boy, it’s time for the weekly Daniel talk!

    For the past two weeks, we mainly focused on the radio show and getting that done however we also did some daily creates!

    The first one I did was the one about what I would not want to be in an …

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    Check out my Checking in


    Oh boy it is time to discuss the progress of our group so far! The first thing we did was planning out how the radio show would go. The second thing we came up with is our name, Alt-F4 which is the keystroke to close a window.

    We decided to …

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    How to design 101


    The two videos influenced my designs that I created for the week by having fun with the designs and trying out new things. The two videos to me had very interesting takes, one had focused on typography while the other focused on the actual design appeal it gave. I mainly …

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    Alex in his natural habitat


    I decided to create Alex in his natural/happiest place. Wouldn’t you like him to help you out at a local blockbuster? He shouldn’t be this buff but I got him as skinny as possible without it looking weird.

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    When will my reflection show, who I am, inside?


    Hello, everyone, this is another one of my self-reflection posts for this week! This week was focused on audio creation and editing which was very fun however it could be difficult. The other thing that I did was create a resume for my character. I mainly focused on the aspect …

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    The beginning of Alexanders end


    Alex loved working at blockbuster it was his favorite job and one of the only things he cared about. However, this voicemail was the beginning of the end of Alexanders happiness at blockbusters. He also does not like to be called by his first name so he has a name …

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    Reading and Resource Reflection


    From the resources provided I learned that making a audio story is more than just speaking into a microphone and hoping your point gets to the reader. The audio storytelling could include some noises and pauses to amplify your point or to just add some interesting ideas within the radio …

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    Why Alexander is the way he is


    Alexander H. Ross otherwise known as Alex did not have a very interesting childhood, he was the only child of a divorced mother and father, he lives with his mother. He is the age of 20 and has had 2 jobs one at a GameStop and one at a Blockbuster …

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    I decided to create a character with the archetype of the Neutral Character which is a character that is Unmotivated and indifferent to the situation, accepting of the negative situation with no desire to get out of it, fine with everyone eventually dying.


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    Picture this kind of world


    Well hello everyone, welcome to another one of my posts about what I did this week! This week was mainly focused on visual storytelling and how it can be a good tool to use. The main projects I did were the ones about making a photo such as the pixel …

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    The Road to Victory


    Hello everyone welcome to another one of my blog posts! This time it is about the movie The Room and the short video called La Jetee. The first thing I am going to discuss is The Room which is a post-apocalyptic movie about a son and his father traveling trying …

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    Picture a world like this


    The tips I have learned about photography were stuff I have already kept in mind considering I usually already do considering I have been interested in photography for a while. The main thing I have trouble keeping in mind is the foreground and background being very important to a photo. …

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    From Zombies to Videogames


    It is time for me to reflect on what I have done this week yay! This week was mainly focused on my writing which is the part I am worst at sadly, anyways the first thing I did was the daily create on Tuesday which was the one where it …

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    Alternate Endings


    The short stories I read are “The Screwfly Solution” and “There will come soft rains” which are both good short stories that have darker endings to it so I decided to try and create a slightly happy ending for “The Screwfly Solution”. Be warned this contains spoilers and a slightly …

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    Game Review


    The competitive multiplayer game industry used to have a two games that controlled the industry for PC gaming, those two games are Team Fortress 2 and CounterStrike. Then another game emerged which is called Overwatch. Overwatch came out one year ago and has been a popular game the entire time. …

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    Apocalyptic Terms of Service


    I. In the event of a zombie apocalypse a fifty percent ration tax would be given to all scientific institutions that are researching the cure or prevention to the disease/fungi/neurotoxin that of which is causing people to “turn” into a zombie.

    II. If a person is immune to “turning” they …

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    End Week


    Here it is again another weekly post! This time I will be discussing the things I did in week 2 which was a very interesting week having us go in depth more with the post-apocalyptic themes and storytelling. This week we watched a lot of the videos on the topic …

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    What could go wrong?


    The versions of an apocalypse shown by “End Day” were very interesting and cheesy, however, it was entertaining. apocalypse I that I thought was the most frightening was the last one because that one was the one that was caused by research that was said to have the smallest chance …

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    The Daily Daniel


    Hello everyone! Welcome to one of my first blog posts, I am Daniel Mercado! Today I will be talking about what I have been working on this first week of classes!

    First I made my Twitter account for this class so it can be mainly focused on the DS106 class …

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