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  1. @gmoore333

    Alternate Ending of Step Brothers: Spy Edition

    If you’ve ever seen the movie Step Brothers, you know that at the end of the movie Dale and Brennan come together (after parting ways for a while) at the Catalina Wine Mixer and play one last song together and save the whole mixer (their jobs depended on it). For my alternate ending I would …

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  2. @dslupekds106

    Finis (Alternate Ending) by Frank L. Pollack and David A. Slupek

    *As the two main characters in Finis are in their shelter hiding from the intensity of the new sun (star) that just reached the Earth* The two were stranded in the bunker with an odd sense of comfort and insecurity at the same time. They were conversing and turning over possibilities on how to survive … Continue reading Finis (Alternate Ending) by Frank L. Pollack and David A. Slupek
  3. @GMorris1988

    Alternative Ending: A Boy and His Dog

    I truly enjoyed reading A Boy and His Dog. This short story created very strong imagery in my head. I have missed this part that fictional stories can create in the imagination. Here below I will list the original ending of the story, followed by the alternative ending that I create. Please Let me know what you … Continue reading Alternative Ending: A Boy and His Dog
  4. @AlyssaMurrell1

    Finis…An Alternate Ending

    I am going to be writing an alternate ending for the short story Finis.  Original ending:  “Kiss me!” she whispered suddenly, throwing her arms around his neck. He could feel her trembling. “Say you love me; hold me in your arms. There is only an hour.” “Don’t be afraid. Try to face it bravely,” stammered Eastwood. …

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  5. @umwequestrianista

    Alternative Ending To “There Will Come Soft Rains”

    The ending of this short story was so sad to me… I really wanted the house to survive so this is how I would rewrite it: Five o’clock.  The baths filled with warm water, for the children needed to take baths.  “Bathtime! Bathtime!”  The house sung awaiting the squeals of the young children it once …

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  6. @jetjenk43

    Alternate ending “Tupac Shakur and the End of the World”

    Complete the Write an Alternative Ending assignment by writing a new ending for one of the short stories you read this week. And now I’m here with you, Pac. I wrote about it but didn’t remember the name.  The Tupac Shakur Foundation headquarters in Stone Mountain, replete with an arts center and a peace garden.  It’s pretty …

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