1. @dannpannn

    Character Introduction: Faniel Kan


    Hello, my name is Faniel Kan. I identify as an expert in various forms of content creation. Primarily, video and photo editing. I am 25 years old from Long Island, New York. I grew up in a very prosperous family of lawyers. Sadly though the path of law was not …

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    Films, Reflections, and GIFs


    I have actually seen La Jetee before!
    The first time I watched it was because I used to really be into stop motion movies. I tried to find the only I made in 6th grade but I couldnt Anyways I have always felt that it was a super cool and …

  3. @dannpannn

    Assignment: Storytelling with photos


    I have always felt like a black and white photo said abandonment. Since I was not allowed to use fancy digital editing software I chose a B&W photo as the during the apocalypse picture and a color picture to show the survival.

    the second assignment I chose was choosing my …

  4. @dannpannn

    Assignment: Thinking about photos


    I relearned some things I already knew as a photographer. I learned about the rule of thirds on the tips page which is something I will definitely be applying to my own photography. I went back and looked at some of my older photos that I have taken and the …

  5. @dannpannn

    Letter to myself pre-apocalypse


    Dear Daniel,

    Start preparing. Drop whatever you are doing right now and hoard food. The undead spare no one. The outbreak occurs in California so if you can, get a plane ticket to a different continent. While this will not stop the inevitable, it will delay it. My number one …

  6. @dannpannn

    JFK in the Apocalypse


    My favorite historical figure is JFK. I relate to him because we are both from Massachusetts. He is also my favorite historical figure because as a president i feel like he brought a certain swagger to the workplace. He also saved his crew in the Navy.

    Now something weird…


  7. @dannpannn

    Alternate Ending to The Screwfly solution


    Its cold. I am wet sitting in a swamp. I am the last woman in existence. Where most woman would give up and accept their fate, i refuse. I pick myself out of the swamp once again and scavenge the nearby lands for anything of use that I may have …

  8. @dannpannn

    The Versatile tool of Apocalypse survival


    A dumbbell would be a perfect tool for surviving the apocalypse because it can keep you in shape and fend off evil. It can also be used short and long range! 


  9. @dannpannn

    “The Screwfly Solution”


    Soooooooo the language in this short story was a tad difficult for me to read fluidly. I ended up reading it, looking up a summary, and then reading it again.

    What the…

    This has to be the most messed up short story on the list.

    Men murdering women, hints at …

  10. @dannpannn

    “The Boy and His Dog”


    This short story could literally not be an apocalypse by changing a couple words/ themes around.

    When reading it, I felt a variety of emotions. For example, when Quilla seduces Vic away from Blood, I imagined every sad dog meme in my head.

    (Also, Quilla made me super angry and …

  11. @dannpannn

    Question of the week/ WEEK 3 Diary


    In the event of an apocalypse, I would share supplies. This is probably a strange reply considering last week I said I would rather be alone during an apocalypse. However, if i am stuck with people, I wouldnt want their deaths in my hands so I would share supplies.


  12. @dannpannn

    I Try Not to be Conceited


    In the event of a zombie apocalypse I would rather have everyone I love turned into zombie.

    For starters, this would inevitably mean I get to keep living which is always a good thing. Also I would choose this path because I am pretty good at keeping myself occupied. Whether …

  13. @dannpannn

    PERU and CHILE 2k17


    WritingAssignments, WritingAssignments2160This past summer, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime.

    My name is Dan and I consider myself pretty well traveled. I have visited numerous countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. With that being said, I had never been to a place quite like Chile before. Most …

  14. @dannpannn

    The End is Here


    So in a apocalyptic setting, I learned that I am very ill prepared.

    When I was making my video about what I had in my backpack, I realized that based on food resources alone I would only live about a week before starving to death. Additionally, I have no forms …

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