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    Final Reflection


    Well the Digital Virus has killed us all.

    This is the afterlife where I will be talking about my experiences with the class

    When I first started ds106 I thought that my understanding of photo/ video would be enough to carry me through the class. However, I was forced to …

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    NEW from ?


    We received a letter from an unspecified location. It sounds like the person was in distress.

    With their last hours they helped the world and sent us a symptom list so we could better understand the virus.

    God Bless their soul and may they rest in peace

    this symptom list …

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    truly an unfortunate circumstance.

    This virus is believed to have originated from deep inside the depths of the Hurley Convergence Center at UMW.

    The secret to its starting is in the books that line the stairwell however…

    …it is already too late

    with finals week in full swing, students and …

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    Eric Shaw reported strange lights in the sky with his evidence.

    These lights have amplified and are shown in the video to be casting a green hue all over the city of Oakland.

    inside reporters believe it is a government tactic to maximize the effects of the virus so that …

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    Evidence dug up from class suggests that a symptom of this virus is the desire to eat things that aren’t supposed to be eaten.

    Researchers in Minnesota found a dead body that had rapidly biodegraded to nothing but the bones and remains.

    Inside the body they found that the person …

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    FINAL PROJECT: Digital Virus


    I would like to first say I thoroughly enjoyed ds106

    At first the work seemed super tedious and pointless however overtime I grew to enjoy sitting down and putting in the time needed to create things. Especially with a apocalyptic theme, you could really submerge yourself into your work and …

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    My first piece of visual aid to this virus outbreak is a postcard from NYC where they are really feeling the effects of the Digital Virus.

    People are panicking, Streets are burning down

    At this point they realize the cause of the epidemic, but with a population that large…

    …NYC …

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    For my final project I came up with a theme for my..theme

    The Apocalypse has arrived and the virus that is infecting everyone is….


    Staring at your computer for more than 3 hours a day will infect you and cause hallucinations, nasuea, and inevitable death.

    This is …

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    While working on the assignment, I found out how I was going to organize it. Each city that was subitting visuals would be used to connect a different part of the story.

    For example one city would be the origins of the virus, another would be the disease symptoms, another …

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    Week 13 and 14 Daily Creates


    7 of em



    Harrison the Horse



    word: foot
    the word foot is short

    but they are attached to legs

    which are pretty long



    feeling whitney- post malone



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    What’s the Meme


    This meme is centered around the premise of the novel. the main plot.

    the government develops “Captain Trip”

    a super deadly population control intended virus

    they well, “trip” up

    they release the virus to the public and well kill everyone.

    why couldn’t they have designed a virus SLIGHTLY less violent …

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    Week 12


    When i learned in week 11 that daily creates were only supposed to be 5-10min to complete my mind was blown. they usually take me like 20 lol


    not a problem in week 12 since we dont have any!

    This week for the assignments I chose:

    3 stars: Destination …

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    Destination Postcard


    No place like Boulder, Colorado

    Stomping grounds of the .6% of the population that arent dead!

    This assignment was inspired by the land that Mother Abigail directs the band of survivors to.


    Seriously Stephen King… why did they have to start by establishing democracy. Couldn’t you have come up …

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    Captain Trips


    In this educational video I chose to educate viewers on the virus “Captain Trips” that was released in Stephen King’s “The Stand”


    This virus is deadly and killed off 99.4% of the population, essentially if you contracted it, you died

    When i was making the video i was eating …

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    Share Your Evidence


    So i was walking in the HCC and something caught my eye.

    My favorite animated series was in book form

    Attack on Titan

    an epic series based on humanity living at the mercy of giant cannibals called Titans. an epic series of a young boy who somehow has the ability …

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    New Assignments


    I created two media assignments.

    The first one is a video assignment. The goal of this assignment is to inspire others to be creative with their video by making them create a transition or learn how to create a popular transition. Even if they copy the tutorial exactly, it would …

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    WEEK 11


    Video Week!

    I think the end product of Eric and I’s video was a super good concept.

    right when I was going to do my final rendering I found some technical difficulties so because my external hard-drive that I keep EVERYTHING ON decided to kick the bucket

    however, I went …

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    Watch a Movie/Make a Movie


    I watched Night of the Living Dead

    My initial reaction when I opened the film was that it was xtra creepy because it was in black and white. Also bless tht it was free.

    the movie is based on a zombie/ flesh-eating theme where the humans are trapped inside the …

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    Week 10


    finally video week wooooo

    thankfully the video project is a 2 week thing because I ran into a unexpected hiccup in the road making my trailer. Turns out I always have more to learn about software.

    Anyways Im super confident in the product we are going to produce because it …

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    Video Group Planning Reflection #2


    soooooooo the computers in the HCC are reallllly fast


    they run Adobe Premiere cs6

    usually I use a adobe premiere file with “CC” at the end of it. this is because they come with different plugins that are super easy to use. For example I couldnt color grade this …

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