1. @Chris_tastrophe

    Wool: Sounds From the Silo

    Create a Place

    Listen to be transported into Hugh Howey’s world of Wool. These sounds emulate a multi-level society that survives underground in a giant vertical silo, all floors connected by one spiraling metal staircase.


    Behind the Scenes

    I knew the silo would be an interesting choice because …

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    Fictional Nuclear Emergency Broadcast

    My Frequency 2156 Submission

    I decided to emulate a military emergency broadcast for our Frequency 2156 world’s radioactive state:


    Behind the Scenes

    I wrote up a script to read and recorded my audio using an external USB microphone into Audacity.

    From there, I modulated my voice to sound radio-like …

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    Freq. 2165: Reading Loud and Clear

    Frequency 2165

    Frequency 2156 looks like a crowd-source audio project that tells the story of a future apocalypse scenario. The audio clips that are accessible on this site are supposed to be sent from the future back to us. This immediately creates an interesting story by tying the possible fate …

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    Oh, Audio? I May Have Dabbled…

    Radiolab and Such

    Jad highlighted what makes audio stories special: their lack of images. In place of these images, we have imagery that the listeners paint inside their own head. At this point, Jad says this is where the story becomes co-authored between the speaker and the listener to create …

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    Introducing James Icarus


    The ideal workspace of James Icarus.


    The Observer

    Ever since James was young, he was obsessed with spy movies. Acting like the Bond version of himself, he would spend his days running around defeating imaginary bad-guys and investigating their hideouts throughout the suburbs of the Eastern United States. Reading …

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    *Image*ination Week


    This week was the beginning of our visual unit – good news for you, there’s not a lot of reading ahead.


    So, what went down?


    My Daily Creates

    To start, my roommate made heart-eyes at me this week:

    I’m grateful for my roommate, @zimmermvn, because he …

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    I Laughed, I Cried…


    Well, it’s week 3 – more like weak 3, am I right?

    Yeeeah, I got in some of my assignments late, but at least I got all of them in. Some are pretty sexy despite my energy levels…

    So, what did I slave over until 3am Tuesday morn?


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    Robert Frost Will Turn In His Grave


    The Aural Mode Not Taken by Christopher Ringham

    Two earbuds converged and they were tangled good,

    And sorry I could not unravel both

    and be one unraveler, long I stood

    And yanked one as much as I could

    Shouting curses and oaths;


    Then took the other, as just as …

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    Bringing On the Tears

    So, what did my blood, my sweat, and the tears of others accomplish this week?

    Well, week two of ds106 is coming to a close, and it’s been an emotional week – not for me, but for those who read my content. First, I did a flash fiction post and …

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    Much to Digest

    End Day

    Throughout the five apocalypse scenarios (tsunami, asteroid, eruption, virus, and “strangelet”) I noticed how the main character got closer to his goal each time the day reset. Also, the strangelet cascade was the only apocalypse explicitly produced by man – every other apocalypse was natural. Perhaps the episode …

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    Solitary Eden


    Every clang on the vault door wracked her conscience. She leaned against the door observing the pale walls of the vault, recalling the last four days of pleading to the wardens through tears and snot and spit, “Open the door you damn cowards, he’s going to die!”

    But it was …

  12. @Chris_tastrophe

    First Week Over… And The World Didn’t End?


    Well, I wouldn’t call the first week of ds106 a cataclysm, but I still consider myself a survivor…


    So, what did I survive?

    The first order of business was dusting the cobwebs off of my Twitter account, and setting up several other platforms, including Instagram, Slack, and this very …

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