1. @Chris_tastrophe

    I Wool-dn’t Say This Week Was Bad


    I’m glad I got to appreciate my novel of choice, Wool, this week. My favorite creation this week was making a theme song for the book, which you can see below! Fan fiction is interesting – I didn’t choose any writing activities because I felt this is the stereotypical route …

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    Evidence: Paranoia Virus?


    I’ve been thinking, with everybody who got sick earlier in the semester, and all this upheaval about the mysterious CDE agent, perhaps there isn’t a virus… at least not the one you’re thinking of. You don’t get any symptoms, save one: paranoia. All this evidence? It all points to those …

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    The Butchering of “28 Days Later”


    A product of the Alt Ending video assignment:



    This post-apocalyptic film is fairly grotesque and captures the violence behind survival. Few people are your friends, and even friends kill each other when one is exposed to the virus and turning. The concept of family is one of the …

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    And We’re Rolling… Slowly. Painfully.


    Video is definitely the area where I have least experience. Even producing the video essay was somewhat of a cumbersome a process. Video means images and audio… there’s so much to keep track of! I feel like I can imagine great scenes, but pulling them off would require so many …

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    Behind the Scene… Just One


    Of all the different digital modes, I’m probably least familiar with video. I was glad to peek behind the scenes of some of the techniques used in film and other video production.


    Scene Analysis – 10 Cloverfield Lane

    I chose this movie because it was most recent on the …

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    Radio is Rad


    The process of creating this project was really fun! Ideas came easily with such a creative group to work with. That being said, it took much longer than I thought it would. Audio editing certainly takes a lot of time. I’m glad we decided to do the faux listener …

  7. @Chris_tastrophe

    Revise the DJ


    I decided to revise the song I posted originally in my Play the DJ assignment. I thought the middle part was a bit plain and the ending came too suddenly, so I changed it up. It’s fun to revisit an old project and rework it. You come in with fresh …

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    Sad to See Audio Go


    I loved working with audio this week – I picked up some skills with crossfading clips, looping, and adding reverb in audacity. I’ll never forget you radio-project-week, you will be missed:


    So, what happened?


    Daily Creates

    @ds106dc I’m afraid of becoming this really huge bald guy who steals …

  9. @Chris_tastrophe

    It’s a Wrap!


    Well it was certainly a journey – thank you to all of the great group members I worked with: Katie, Jenn, and Daniel.

    We spent the early week recording our audio, and the remainder of the time editing (which took a long time). Especially when we misplaced one of our …

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    My Lips Are Sealed

    First Check-In

    Well, our radio team met up and we decided on the name Alt-F4. It’s the shortcut key combo for ending a process – this is 1) an end, and 2) digitally related.

    The squad also brain stormed the general idea of the way our project will go. You …

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    Squidward, the True Design Guru


    Lets quickly address that, apparently, designer jeans don’t help you design. The name of designer jeans are misleading, just like the title of my post because I barely mention Squidward at all. Moving on:

    Week 6 is over, and it was all about design. Overall, a pretty cool week that …

  12. @Chris_tastrophe

    Wool: Sounds From the Silo

    Create a Place

    Listen to be transported into Hugh Howey’s world of Wool. These sounds emulate a multi-level society that survives underground in a giant vertical silo, all floors connected by one spiraling metal staircase.


    Behind the Scenes

    I knew the silo would be an interesting choice because …

  13. @Chris_tastrophe

    Fictional Nuclear Emergency Broadcast

    My Frequency 2156 Submission

    I decided to emulate a military emergency broadcast for our Frequency 2156 world’s radioactive state:


    Behind the Scenes

    I wrote up a script to read and recorded my audio using an external USB microphone into Audacity.

    From there, I modulated my voice to sound radio-like …

  14. @Chris_tastrophe

    Freq. 2165: Reading Loud and Clear

    Frequency 2165

    Frequency 2156 looks like a crowd-source audio project that tells the story of a future apocalypse scenario. The audio clips that are accessible on this site are supposed to be sent from the future back to us. This immediately creates an interesting story by tying the possible fate …

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