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  1. @eafinto

    It’s Been a Minute, Fellow Survivors

    Hello! I had a wonderful spring break and I wish I could have about two more weeks of it. Unfortunately, I had to come back to the real world. I went down to Kiawah Island in South Carolina to visit family. Kiawah is a very special place for my family and me. We have celebrated […]
  2. @eafinto

    Week 5: We Did It Guys

    Once again, we have reached the end of another week surviving The End. This week, the focus was on learning all about audio! I’ll say this. I’ve become much more comfortable with using different audio platforms such as SoundCloud and Audacity. I used to hate recording my voice and then having to listen to my […]
  3. @eafinto

    Once Upon An… Apocalypse?

    As another audio assignment from the assignment bank, I completed one that incorporates Disney and the apocalypse! I was immediately drawn to this assignment due to the fact that it had to do with Disney. Who isn’t excited by that? So what did I have to do? Well, I needed to compile a recording that includes different Disney lyrics […]
  4. @eafinto

    Hello?… Anyone There?

    This week, I got to experiment with a bunch of sounds and audio! I just finished up posting an audio clip of me to Frequency 2156. If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s a website which is almost its own radio show. When you first go to the page, you immediately see a map […]
  5. @eafinto

    “These Are A Few of My Favorite”… Sounds!

    For this assignment from the assignment bank, I was to create an audio recording of four or five of my favorite sounds. This really got me thinking because I’ve never really thought about what sounds I actually like. I know what sounds I don’t like because every time I hear them I want to either pull my […]
  6. @eafinto

    Introducing… Dr. Annalise Huddleston

    Annalise Huddleston was born on June 11th, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. She grew up with two older brothers and one younger sister. Her mom and dad always had their hands full, that’s for sure. She loved dolls and all the toys you would think all little girls love. She had plenty of toys, but she […]
  7. @eafinto

    Update! Update! Read All About It!

    Hi friends! Here we are at the end of Week 4 of the apocalypse! How’s everyone doing? Good? Good. What a week it has been! This week, we covered the photography unit of digital storytelling. It was a lot of fun! Who doesn’t want to take pictures for an assignment? First off, at the beginning […]
  8. @eafinto

    Reflecting Upon Movies Portraying the End of the World

    The first film I watched this week was a short film, La Jetée, in which a man is taken through a journey of his memories from the past and present, and is then taken to the future all while being a part of something that seems to be some type of psychological test. The main character […]
  9. @eafinto

    Secret Messages in the Apocalypse

    In the apocalypse, we have to communicate in code. It’s too dangerous to say everything we need to over the phone or text or anything like that because the government can see it and it will not end well by any means. That’s why I want to share two messages I have created in order […]
  10. @eafinto

    Before and After the Apocalypse

    So… I made it! I’m so glad to be alive. I can’t unsee the things I’ve seen. I’ll never forget the people I’ve met. It’s not over yet, though! I haven’t run out of supplies yet, so here’s hoping I make it all the way through. Wherever and whenever the end really is! BEHIND THE […]
  11. @eafinto

    Living Life Through A Lens

    Pictures. We take them almost everyday. This week I was tasked on completing and reading some research and information related to photography, and how to get that “picture” perfect photo. I personally have the shakiest hands ever, and when I try to take a picture I have to use both hands because if I don’t, I […]
  12. @eafinto

    The Apocalypse as Told by the Alphabet

    I couldn’t seem to write a comprehendible story while only using each letter of the alphabet to begin each word. This is what I did instead! Apocalyptic creatures such as aliens and zombies have taken over. By the end of the night, there will be nowhere safe to hide. Causes of the apocalypse range from […]
  13. @eafinto

    Goodbye to the World She Knew

    Millie had to say goodbye to her world as she knew it when this picture was taken. News reports had warned everyone of an event that was very apocalyptic-seeming. The last thing that Millie’s parents wanted was to put their and their daughter’s lives in danger. Around 7:00 this morning, Millie and her parents packed […]
  14. @eafinto

    What Really Happened to Susan in “Tupac Shakur and the End of the World”

    To check out the original story, you can find it here! However, if you want to know what really happened to Susan, continue reading below. As Jack gets out of the car to yell out for help, Susan begins to feel her entire body slowly start to become paralyzed even more. She is unable to call out […]

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