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  1. @una__vita

    7 Daily Creates

    #tdc2298 Use a GIF describing your experience within DS 106. @ds106dc — Eric Shaw II (@una__vita) April 26, 2018 #tdc2296 Draw the most important person in your lifeThis is me and my little sister Brooklynn by love, not by blood😘 — Eric Shaw II (@una__vita) April 26, 2018   #tdc2295 Let’s give @NetKidHorse …

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  2. @una__vita

    Things Are Getting Strange..Week 12

    I started off this week with completing the 12 star assignments. I focused mainly on the audio assignments because they seemed easier to do at the time. I had some difficulty doing the second assignment “Drive By” because Logic wouldn’t stop shutting down and I had know idea what the problem was. I eventually found …

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  3. @una__vita

    How to Read a Movie

    “How to Read a Movie” by Roger Ebert had some vital points regarding videography. He mentioned pausing the film and thinking about what you see when you do. He also spoke about how visual compositions have “intrinsic weighting”, where certain areas of the available visual space have tendencies to stir emotional or aesthetic reactions. Filmmakers …

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  4. @una__vita

    Thinking Like a Designerā€¦

    Design Reflection: I enjoyed Paula’s presentation on the differences between being solemn and serious regarding one’s approach to design. Because I am an artist, and do some graphic design myself, I feel like I can relate directly to what she is talking about. Sometimes I find myself being stuck between being solemn and serious when …

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  5. @una__vita

    I Canā€™t Feel My Legsā€¦

    I think that the creators chose audio as the medium because it gives the audience a greater sense of context to what is going on in the message. The way someone projects their voice through the audio messages tells you whats going on. The crowd-sourced audio does a great job telling the post-apocalyptic story because …

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  6. @una__vita

    Considering Audioā€¦

    The concept behind co-imagining is amazing to me. Forming that intimate connection with someone that you’re not in physical contact with by using the human voice shows a unique relationship dynamic between people. He compared this relationship to him painting a picture but the audience is holding the paint brush. This was the statement that …

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  7. @una__vita

    Story Behind Marcus Hodgesā€¦

    My character’s name is Marcus Hodges, and has a history for not following directions and creating his own rules at almost any cost. He was always the smartest one in every school he attended, so he became bored with the standard way things took place. He had a knack for creating drama in some way, …

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  8. @una__vita

    Week 3! Canā€™t We All Just Get Along?!

    I began this week by deciding which novel I was going to read for this semester. I ended up choosing one of the first few that I looked up, “The Man Who Ended the World” by Jason Gurley. I thought that the summary seemed like something that I would be interested in watching on television. …

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