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  1. @ds106_mckayla

    The 80s famous Bill.

    This assignment asked for me to create a fiction story. I am choosing to create a story that evolves within the 80s time. During the 80s, there was all types of music being created and published. There was a man named Bill Lyons who was becoming a famous singer for rock music. He was 30 years old, had a steady job, and always wanted to become a famous singer. Well one day he decided that he should focus on becoming the famous singer he had always wanted to be and left his job. He started out playing on the streets,
  2. @hnystro2CPSC106

    New York City: June 18, 2058

    Week 3: Tell it/Tweet it Crystalline frost crawled across the landscape like an animated summoning from some Ancient Ice Demon, engulfing trees, creeping up buildings, glossing over puddles and fountains, and turning them solid. I watched from my perch on the ninth floor of my apartment building the ice sheet engulf the wishing fountain down …

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  3. @GMorris1988

    Tell It / Tweet It – The Disease is here to stay (Revised)

    For this week, I  decided to tweak this assignment from Week 3. I believe that I could have used better language to and more description to add content to the story I was telling. Here is my new submission.   The financial crisis is the least of our worries at this point. The stock market … Continue reading Tell It / Tweet It – The Disease is here to stay (Revised)
  4. @dannpannn

    PERU and CHILE 2k17

    WritingAssignments, WritingAssignments2160This past summer, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime. My name is Dan and I consider myself pretty well traveled. I have visited numerous countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. With that being said, I had never been to a place quite like Chile before. Most people associate Chile with the Read more about PERU and CHILE 2k17[…]

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