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  1. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Emerging Evidence

    Emerging Evidence: Today I found the following flyer stapled to every tree/pole in my neighborhood. It was also trending on social media and on every office building I drove past. It’s everywhere – it seems like it’s from some kind of intel seeking/leaking organization… I don’t know what to think, but I’m nervous. Are they …

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  2. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Daily Create Ideas

    What are current structures/concepts/rituals/themes/traditions/aspects/cultural qualities/etc. in modern society that we should fight to maintain in a post-apocalyptic world? Create a collage that illustrates facets of our society that we should work to keep and build upon despite the circumstances of our planet and species after The End. If everything on earth was destroyed beyond repair …

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  3. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Editing schmediting – putting the (s)in in cinematography

    Last semester I took an “Intro to Cinema” class where I learned stuff I thought I would never, ever, under any circumstances associated with my normal life at any point in time need to use. However, the Week 10 video assignments from have proved me wrong. After watching four of the provided clips (“Top 20 …

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  4. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Project: Fini (w/ the little french accent thingy on top because that’s how famous, pretentious directors speak)

    Okie dokie – here is the finished video! Closing comments: On Lorraine Baxter I would like to believe that this project – even in sticking to the main concept we devised as a group – ties into my character’s interests and post-apocalyptic skillset as a reporter/communications savant and documentary journalist. As a shepherd, a project …

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  5. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Week 9…Cloud 9… Tomayto ToMAHto

    This week, as we wrapped up the radio show projects and took the time to tune into each other’s broadcasts, deliberately seek out other students’ work to submit personal commentary to, and revisiting old assignments, I found that this week served as a temporary break between the more demanding and experimental content production strategies that …

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  6. @hnystro2CPSC106

    The Eagle Report: The Final Broadcast

    At the conclusion of our project, we were able to accomplish all of the goals we had set and our final project honored our initial vision. Though much of the process happened in spite of challenging communications strategies, collaboration over digital media rather than in-person meetings, and lengthy discussions over the details, overall message/concept, and …

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  7. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Audio: aw, you doeeee

    Yes. That was the best title I could think of for this week’s reflection post (7 and 8). The real apocalypse starts with us returning to creating emoji sentiments out of existing punctuation indicators and speaking like height-of-his-career-collaborates-with-Justin-Bieber-phase Sean Kingston. Soon, we’ll be wearing gaucho pants… or long, poorly-color-coordinated plaid Bermuda shorts and Hollister graphic …

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  8. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Making Progress – On Group Projects Initiated By Online Interactions

    So our group project progressed the way Ansel Elgort’s character in The Fault in Our Stars fell in love – slow at first, and then all at once. Our group was comprised of individuals who struggled to secure groups using the social media techniques that were available, and had to be connected through the intervention …

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  9. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Lorraine Baxter’s Apocalypse Threads

      Since Lorraine specializes in photography, documentary, and journalism and her role as a Shepherd will prompt her to use digital media and reporting techniques to highlight, document, and preserve as much of our world and of the apocalypse as she can, I wanted to put her in an outfit that speaks to her personality …

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  10. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Why Week 5 Crashed My Computer Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Times

    SO this week I learned that it is illegal to download audio from YouTube… And that any “helpful” programs that are meant to execute such downloads for you are pretty much always scams that introduce all kinds of malware and viruses to your laptop. Even if the guy at the Apple store assured you that …

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  11. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Burlesque Soundtrack Reordered

    For this assignment, I decided to reorder five songs from the Burlesque soundtrack to reflect one woman’s journey towards embracing her womanhood – including an internal battle over appreciating and expressing her sexuality, finding a sense of empowerment in her femininity, further exploring her own personal style and manner of expressing herself, and finding a …

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  12. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Lorraine Baxter Resume: The Shepherd

    Below is the resume of my character, Lorraine Baxter. She is the “shepherd,” so she is keen on getting to know people personally, connecting, and considering the health and safety of others during times of tribulation. She has a background in photography, cinematography, communications, and rhetoric. She has worked at a variety of places since …

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