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    This is the End – My Week in Review


    Hello, everyone! Well, we’re finally here: we’ve finally reached the end of our DS106 class. I’ve really enjoyed this one–this course has opened my eyes to all the different ways of telling a story, as well as shown me how I can improve, creatively. Down below is a broad summary …

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    The Book of Prim


    The Book of Prim

    Goblins like shiny objects; this is pretty old news to most people. So it’s no wonder that a goblin, who had somehow managed to sneak its way inside the grand gray house from the impending rain, thirsted for the bright blue gemstone jutting out from the …

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    Final Countdown – part 3


    Hello, everyone! Continuing on with my final assignment, I would like to share what I’ve taken for the photography portion of my trans-media narrative:

    The photography portion of the narrative serves to provide establishing shots for the story-proper, to help set the stage for where the story will take place. …

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    Final Countdown – part 2


    Hello, everyone!  I am continuing to work on my final project, and now I would like to share with you the frames for the video portion of my narrative:

    Because I don’t have the time or skill-set to do a fully animated sequence, this portion will feature just these frames …

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    Final Countdown – part 1


    Hello, everyone!

    I’ve begun working on my DS 106 final project. So far, I’ve completed a rough outline of what I want to do with my story, and how I want to tell it, and I’ve completed the cover design of the story.

    I drew the cover and colored it …

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    Entering the Home-Stretch


    Hello, everyone! Believe it or not, we’re nearly there–we’re almost in our final week of the semester! I hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves as much as I have.

    I completed the daily creates for both Saturday and Sunday:

    @ds106dc #tdc2385 My addition to the digital world (the deer, the bunny, …

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    Everything You Know is a Lie!


    Hello, everyone! For my next video assignment, I made a psa about the “true” origin of the nursery rhyme “Ring Around the Rosie:”

    This video is based on the question of the week I answered in my midweek post on Wednesday, wherein I reimagined the fairly grim “Ring Around the …

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    A New Angle


    Hello, everyone! As we’re focusing on films and film making, this week, it’s worth starting with an article written by the late Roger Ebert, How to Read a Movie.

    Mr. Ebert starts his article by describing one of the methods of teaching film analysis back when he taught film …

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    Sound Off – part 3


    Hello, everyone! I made a recording of myself performing a tongue twister as fast as I could, and set it to some music:

    The tongue twister in question goes, “Send toast to ten tense, stout saints’ ten tall tents.” The background music is a track I found on the Free

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    Sound Off – part 2


    Hello, everyone! I am a woman of simple tastes: there are certain specific sounds that warm me up inside, more than most other sounds, and I have made a compilation of sorts of those exact sounds:

    The sounds, in order, are a kitten meowing, a train whistle going off, a …

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    Sound Off – part 1


    Hello, everyone! I would like to share with you all my sound effects story, about a person who stops an alien invasion and saves the world from certain destruction:

    The narrative opens with someone walking down a busy street, on their way to work, when a flying saucer arrives and …

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    Bedtime Stories


    Hello, everyone! Yesterday, I listened to the episode by The Truth podcast titled “Moon Graffiti.” The episode detailed an imaginary scenario revolving around a real letter meant to be read by then-president Richard Nixon, in the event that astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong failed to make it back from …

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    By the Book


    Hello, everyone! Last week, I mentioned that one of my favorite book series is the Theatre Illuminata trilogy; while all three of those brooks are pretty flawed, in hindsight, they will always have a special place in my heart. So, for the alternate book cover assignment, I chose to create …

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    The Weekly Half-Way Point


    Hello, everyone! At the start of this week, I watched the two Ted Talk videos by designers Paula Scher and David Carson, and then I completed a series of tutorials on the Canva website, which I discussed in more detail in this post here. I found all three resources …

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    Designed by Design


    Hello, everyone! This week, we’re focusing on design and all the different ways to go about it. So far, I’ve looked at three different resources, all of which discuss design and the act of designing in different ways; two were Ted Talk videos by Paula Scher and David Carson, …

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    And it Turned into a Photoblitz


    Hello, everyone! Yesterday, I went and completed my photoblitz. I went around my house and in my backyard taking pictures following the prompts, managing to complete 12 out of all 15.

    The one prompt I had the most trouble with was the one where my camera had to be moving, …

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