1. @njchic16

    Week 15/ Final Project


    I am ending this semester after a lot of late nights and lots of work on this project as well as others. I am excited to be nearing the end, while I learned so much, I was not prepared for the work load that came with this class. I thought …

  2. @njchic16

    Final Part 1


    This final project I want to re-enact a movie scene or multiple scenes from the 80’s Movie Footloose from Willard’s point of view. I will use my family and friends to act out the different features as well as some of myself along with taking the videos and editing the …

  3. @njchic16

    Weekly Summary 12


    This week has been different than the rest. This week has been different because we have done mashup assignments and remixes of old assignments. I found the mash up assignments to be easy and allowed me to be super creative which I enjoyed and the remixes were fun because I …

  4. @njchic16

    4 Icons and a Movie tutorial


    I decided to make this into a tutorial for fellow ds106 classmates because I was unsure how to make up icons for any movies and thought it would be helpful to show students how to do that. I decided to use screencast and record my screen which seemed like the …

  5. @njchic16

    Week 11 Summary


    This week has been hard, I am not as into the deep editing of videos and the small details that editing videos has to have. I found this week different because it was more about the small video details versus last week where it felt more like whole picture editing. …

  6. @njchic16

    Sped UP


    This assignment was a lot of work. I didn’t know what I was doing and was playing around with Filmora 9 as well. This assignment was to sped up parts of the video as the transition into the next video for 3 assignments. I did start to enjoy the editing …

  7. @njchic16

    Final Project Ideas


    I am really liking the idea of rewriting the dialogue from an 80’s movie and make it accurate to 2019. This is kind of like when Footloose was remade from the 80’s to 2011 and things were more modern but kept the same story line.

    Brainstorm 2

    I also like …

  8. @njchic16

    My Weekend


    This video assignment has been different from the past. This was a video with no sound from it and music just as background noise and the video was built on index cards in the camera. It was supposed to make a story beginning middle and end with no words and …

  9. @njchic16

    Week 10 Summary


    This week has gone pretty good, just time consuming. I have done the 10 stars of video assignments in the hopes I don’t have to appear in front of the camera yet. I enjoyed getting to make these videos and playing around with the sounds and what we have learned …

  10. @njchic16

    Social Media Life


    This assignment was fun to make. I had to pull things from different social media platforms to create a movie narrative of my life for 4 stars. I enjoyed this project because while making movies from pictures and words is time consuming I get satisfaction out of it. I was …

  11. @njchic16

    Video Essay


    For this assignment I needed to analyze a video scene from a movie focusing on how the director made emotion and edited the video. We had to include both readings for this week and discuss it over the video.

    I first found the video clips on YouTube, downloaded them and …

  12. @njchic16

    Weekly Summary 9


    This week has calmed down since last week which is good. I had time to complete the assignments and put a lot of effort into them. I enjoyed getting to rework some assignments from previous weeks and then focusing on the final project ideas. I am just worried what that …

  13. @njchic16

    Final Ideas


    Ummm…. so the end of the semester is coming and that means we need final project ideas. I have a few thoughts about ideas we could do that would hopefully work.

    Here they are:

    TED talk an event from the 80’s first hand story different food products that came out…
  14. @njchic16

    Commercial Redo for the 80’s


    I took a commercial I created for the 80’s theme and redid it while adding some background music to keep the listeners attention. I don’t think I had the time in the audio week to put as much effort into the projects as I wanted or thought it needed. This …

  15. @njchic16

    Daily Create Story


    This assignment is about making a story with daily creates and connecting them together. This took a lot more thought than I originally anticipated. I still thought it was fun just really odd for a different thought process.

    I am combining some posts from last week along with the 3 …

  16. @njchic16

    Radio Shows


    This week we got to hear some radio shows that we created the last few weeks. I enjoyed listening to everyone’s but still don’t really like hearing my voice from a recording. I listened to one yesterday about 80’s fashion trends and they did a great job. I love how …

  17. @njchic16

    Disney Revisted


    I decided to redo my Disney mash up because I rushed the last one and edited the sound to much to where I could no longer tell what the song was supposed to be. I wanted to re-visit it and do better this time to where the words flow more …

  18. @njchic16

    Weekly Summary 8


    This week has been the easiest and hardest week so far. I have really enjoyed the flexibility and time no star assignments have allowed me to work on my radio show project. I have really enjoyed not stressing about this class this week. This has been a different week and …

  19. @njchic16

    Radio show week 2


    This radio show is becoming a problem. It was going smoothly until I offered to make all the clips fit together in Audacity. Audacity does not like mp4 files or whatever gets downloaded from Soundcloud. I have most of the audio now on my computer but I’m waiting for last …

  20. @njchic16

    Weekly Summary 7


    This week by far has been the most stressful. I got into a group for the radio show project, but ideas were not concrete until later in the week, so that gave me less time to work on my assignments but I was still able to do it before the …

  21. @njchic16

    Mash up Songs


    The final assignment for this week was the take two song and mash them up to create a remix. I picked 2 80’s songs for this and was able to mash them up and still have meaning and showing the importance of both songs for the children growing up. Love …

  22. @njchic16

    Radio Waves Logo


    This week after we made our groups and came up with a group name. I needed to make a logo for our group that was catching while allowing it to showcase our show and be specific. I decided with the logo below because in the show we are talking about …

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