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    80’s Commerical


    This next assignment was to create a 30-45 second 80’s product commercial. I decided to do one on the Etch A Sketch 2000 which was super popular among the kids and even teens of the 80’s. I used Audacity with my voice to create this commercial and edited my voice …

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    Sounds and Movie


    For this assignment I stretched the guidelines to work with my radio show project. Guidelines were to use 4 sounds to create a movie and I used Dirty Dancing as my movie of choice. I did use recordings of words to go along with my movie as well as music. …

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    Radio Show Progress


    This week by far has been the slowest for me. I have been busy and trying to coordinate with other people on our project is time consuming as well as frustrating at times. I was planning on starting my part of the project like Sunday or Monday, but it was …

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    Weekly Summary 6


    This week has been stressful with my other classes and trying to stay on top of things for this class as well. I am very much looking forward to fall break and getting some time away from school to try and get ahead/ catch up. This week I was focusing …

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    Cool Letters


    This assignment I decided to use my own name because I have seen it written so many ways and thought it could be a fun place to start for 3 stars. When I found this font I knew it was perfect for me. It reminds me so much of what …

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    4 Icons and a Movie


    This assignment was a lot of fun to try and come up with. The prompt was to pick a movie and come up with basic elements then reduce them down to 4 single icons to tell the movie so others can guess it for 3 stars. I decided to stray …

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    Princess Bride


    This assignment was fun to complete. I decided to take a movie from the 80’s and add a quote to it from the movie showing how space and design play a role where they eye looks initially. This assignment was to take a picture from the movie and add a …

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    I have always wanted a tattoo as long as I can remember, the older I get the more picky I become but the rose idea hasn’t changed for a while. The rose has some deep personal meaning to me and it is also a family name. For this assignment I …

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    Dirty Dancing


    To start this week off I decided to do a minimalist movie poster for the movie Dirty Dancing from the 80’s for 3.5 stars. I am really excited for this week because I do enjoy design and designing different things and being creative that way. I enjoyed this project and …

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    Intro to Design

    To start this week we had to read 2 different books/articles on design and what it is. The first was Wayback Machine.

    In this book he talks about the important aspects of design and what makes them stand out. He mentioned semantics first which is meaning of what we …

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    Weekly Summary 5


    The week has been the hardest yet for me. I had a learning curve to go over with editing the audio and mixing music up enough to sound different than the original. I did have fun once I started to edit and play around with the sound effects audacity had …

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    Radio Show?


    With the radio show coming up its time to come up with ideas for what I want to do for it using the 80’s theme. I am still not very sure where I want the show to go but I want to be able to have fun with it.I have …

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    Daily Creates


    This week we were told to blog our daily creates. While I am not to sure what that means I am going to embed them into this post. Each day I just used the first thing that came to mind for completing the daily creates. I was just trying to …

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    80’s Sounds


    This assignment was a lot of fun I had to pick my favorite sounds and mash them up together to see what they made. I decided to pull in the 80’s theme here with my sounds. I included some engines that were from the 80’s and thought about what cities …

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    DS 106 Radio


    It was a different experience listening to the live radio talk show basically. I am personally not a huge fan of talk radio but the stories were interesting and really cool with the different sounds that made me feel like I was there with the characters. The live tweeting was …

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    Disney… Why not?


    Who doesn’t love Disney to begin with? I grew up watching Disney and still love most of their movies. This assignment I created was Disney lyric mash up worth 4 stars. This was to take different Disney songs and sayings and mush them together to create something new. I really …

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    Radio Bumper


    Like many of my classmates before this assignment I was not sure what a radio bumper was. After doing some research I found out that they are things I have heard all my life and just never realized it. This assignment was to create my very own radio bumper for …

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    “What happens in a Small Town” ~BG


    This is a song that hits close to home for me being from a small town. I thought it would be fun to come up with different lyrics around the same kinda meaning about what a small town can be about. This is a song I have sung in my …

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    90 seconds max, How long?


    I made a sound clip that tells a story through noise and different sounds only. This assignment was to create a story in only 90 seconds that was interesting for 4 stars. I had to use at least 5 different sounds I found online, and mash them up to one …

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    “Moon Graffiti”


    This podcast is a first I have heard of this kind. I had to watch it a few times to pick up on the different sound effects and figure out that it was supposed to be there. The sounds are helping to create the picture and the heaving breathing, the …

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    Week 4 Summary


    I have been getting into the swing of things for this class I feel like by now. This was a pretty fun week and getting to play around with effects never hurts. I am still kind of in shock how time consuming these assignments are, while they are not hard …

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    Who’s there?


    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I found someone in my room when I came back from class. I walked in my door and there was this figure on the wall near my desk that just stood there. I had no idea what could have caused it so I quickly …

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    College Room Looks


    My room at college looks a lot more put together than my room at home does now. I don’t know if that is because I am never home long enough to put things in place or I am just not caring as much because most of my stuff is at …

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    80’s Pictures, Whats really in them?


    Photography has been around for hundreds of years and has improved over time and technology. There are some basic rules that can be followed to create a better picture. As stated in the blog below the pictures should include:

    become picky with taking photos contrast helps make the story personal…
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    I enjoy taking photos, whether or not they are worthy photos to take I enjoy the art of taking them. While I do not know a lot about how to take good photos, I am excited to explore that this week and use what I already know to make my …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    I have to say by now I am starting to get used to blogging and these assignments. While they are all very time consuming I am starting to enjoy them and getting to pick the ones I want to complete. This week has been better for me I was able …

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