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    Weekly Summary 9/13


    This was a busy week for me! I completed a total of five writing assignments with a total of thirteen stars all located under this my blog’s Writing Assignments tag. As a creative writing major, I enjoyed this week’s work. I tended to lean towards more shorter assignments than less …

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    Story Analysis: The Handmaid’s Tale


    Although The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel originally published and set during the 80s, the T.V. Hulu show is set during modern times. Despite this, as Professor Bond pointed out on my Youtube Introduction, the overarching themes in The Handmaid’s Tale are overall the same.

    The Handmaid’s Tale is an …

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    My Very Own Face


    For this challenge, I had to stare at my face in mirror for one minute and describe it as detailed and as honestly as I could!

    Freckles, freckles, and freckles are scattered around everywhere on her heart-shaped face. The tip of her nose, the bottom of her lips, and all …

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    Heathers Haiku


    Here is a quick thematic one star assignment. Another one of my favorite 80s movies is Heathers, starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The movie has since been turned into a musical! A quick synopsis before the haiku…

    The dark comedy centers around Veronica, a popular girl in high school …

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    Mother Knows Best


    This writing assignment calls for writing a scene from a movie from a different perspective. What is more fun than writing as the villain? The scene I’m interpreting is from the movie Tangled featuring Rapunzel and Mother Gothel. This scene takes place when Mother Gothel confronts Rapunzel alone in the …

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    Back to the Future I guess


    This writing assignment requires me to take the synopsis of a T.V. show, movie or book and rewrite the plot in a way where the plot is still factually the same, but feels very different. Here is my take:

    A young man named Marty gets into a pretty cool looking …

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    Dear Meg’s Future Husband


    Dear Meg’s Future Husband,

    First of all, I love you. Second of all, do the dishes please I hate it so much and I probably left some dirty ones in the sink just for you. Don’t worry though because I washed all of your underwear. Equivalent exchange is important a …

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    Weekly Summary 9/6


    This week was finally getting into all the real stuff. With all of the accounts set up and ready to go, I was ready to check out that Assignment Bank. I was so pleasantly surprised when I started digging through the prompts in there. All of them are creative and …

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    Musicians Get Animated


    Good evening! This animated gif challenged me to make my favorite musician’s video into a little gif. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. I’ve loved her since I was eight years old and I even saw her in concert when she had only one album out and she performed as …

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    Google, You’re Too Smart!


    Good morning everyone! To anyone who might not know, Google is celebrating it’s 21st birthday this month on the 27th. I’m also turning 21 this month but Google is much smarter than I am.

    This week, I challenged Google to a good ‘ole fashioned game of Pictionary nicknamed “Google Quick, …

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    80s Battle Angels?


    Good evening everyone! Get ready for a weird visual assignment I completed today.

    My task was to edit some weird eyes on people akin to anime characters or Alita: Battle Angel…Although I got a little crazy with the photo editor. Assignment link located HERE

    I’m not very experienced with photo …

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    Weekly Summary 8/30


    This week was enlightening to me in respect to how simple setting everything up actually is! I’m very nervous about having a YouTube and a SoundCloud because I’ve never broadcast myself in that way, but if it’s for storytelling, it might turn out to be fun. I’m already comfortable with …

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    On The 80s


    Like most eras, the 80s are painted to be a blast. Fun fashion, rockin’ music, brand new amazing movies, and care-free teens. We romanticize the 80s and compress it into a modern aesthetic. I mean, look at all of the things from the 80s that are coming back! There are …

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    Example Post


    A post is where you could make a portfolio item. Make sure to use a Featured Image so that way it looks nice on your site!…

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