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    After the Ball: A Short Film


    This interview was conducted on the BCD Show.

    George James (Host): It is my pleasure to introduce you to Henry Armand and Katrina Williams, the producers and writers of After the Ball. (applause)

    GJ: Henry, Katrina, your short film just came out about a week ago now. What was your …

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    Laying The Framework


    What you have been waiting for is finally here! Final projects, Baby! Well… sort of. This week is all about prepping for the final project. Planning out the piece and starting work. Let me walk you through my idea.


    For my project, I chose to take one of my …

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    Welcome To The Show, To The Historemix


    Mashups and Remixes (Do you know the difference? Neither do I). This week was a lot of fun. I think I spent most of my time on audio and video work (rather than earlier exercises to rework) because I had worked on that the most recently. Thrown in a couple …

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    Spanish Music, English Video Remix


    This music video was one of my favorites to create. The powerful song paired with the two videos I chose almost made me cry every time I watched it during production. This work is based on a remix of the “Audio and Music Video Mashup” using the remix card “In …

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    Hmm, I think I’ve Heard That Before, Disney


    Have you ever noticed that Disney seems to have at least one striving-for/dreaming-of/wishing-for something song in every musical movie or TV show? I was recently listening through a bunch of this kind of song and realized how many there were. To illustrate this, I created a mashup of some of …

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    Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


    Well, we’ve reached the end of video week part 2, and what a week it has been. From Daily Creates to Random Word Stories, this week has been exciting. The video editing projects weren’t all Disney this time, but I still loved working on them. Let me break it down …

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    The Ultimate Project


    Well, we have gotten this far through the year. Time to start thinking about final projects. Okay, ideas… ideas… please tell me we have ideas… Well, time to hit the drawing board again. What kind of project would I want to do for a final project? Here are a couple …

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    A Match Made in Mashup Heaven


    Have you ever found a song that just makes you think of a particular character? For me, it was the song “Truth Be Told” by Matthew West and Evan Hansen from Dear Evan Hansen. There was something about the message from the song that seemed to fit with the character. …

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    “I’ve Been Dreaming Of A True Love’s Kiss”


    Okay, please tell me you’ve been there too. You are watching a movie (action, romance, comedy) and there are two characters that you can’t help shipping together. Only… things don’t end up quite as well as you had hoped. For me, the pair was Ben and Rey from the new …

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    We Have A New Favorite


    I feel like I say this every week, but this week was one of my favorites. With a focus on video editing, as well as a chance to return to the assignment bank, this week was filled with activities and creativity. Let me break it down for you.

    Directors and

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    Radio Commercial Turned TV


    A couple of weeks ago, I created a commercial for my radio show. I specifically wanted it to be funny (more than I wanted it to be a ‘buy me now’ commercial). This week, one of the assignment bank options that I picked was “Create A Commercial.” I …

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    Live Shows and Remixes


    I’m honestly not sure where to start with discussing this week. From listening to my show air on DS106 Radio to remixing a couple of my past assignment bank work, this week has been a blast. Let me break it down for you:

    Live Show

    On Monday night, I got …

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    Who Killed Waldo?


    I’ll warn you now, this assignment is a weird one. It started as a remix assignment. I browsed through my past work and decided to re-do the Catchphrase Assignment. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to change it so I hit the Remix button a couple of times until I …

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    Revisiting My Disney Childhood


    If you are like me (and indeed, most of the United States) you probably grew up watching Disney. Movies, TV shows, books, music, my childhood would look very different without them. A couple of weeks ago, I created a mashup of some Disney songs into a strange, crazy collection. Yet, …

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    Twitter Tales


    You’ve all probably heard of Snapchat stories (or even YouTube stories). Let me introduce you to a new one: Twitter Tales (using Daily Creates). The idea is to integrate the Daily Creates into the story so that they become part of the story. Here’s an example:

    Today has been rough. …

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    How Do Our Stories Affect Others?


    A central portion of my work on this blog has been loosely connected to the theme “What’s (Y)our story?” But, how does my story affect others? What makes it meaningful to you as my audience? And how do I tell it in a way that it will affect others?

    I …

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    Un-University, You Rock!


    Just when I thought my radio show was amazing, the creators of Un-University proved me wrong. Let me start at the beginning:

    On Monday, my show “Remember When” aired on DS106 Radio. It was the first show of the evening. Honestly, it was kind of exhilarating and terrifying at the …

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    And We’re Live in Three, Two, One…


    OUR RADIO SHOW IS LIVE, BABY! Wow, what a week it has been. As of this time last week, I was unsure how editing was going to go and if everything would fit into one show. I figured out the former and was right about the latter. Let me just …

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    Pre-Show Rituals


    Every good show begins with a lot of prep. This week was primarily focused on prepping for our radio show next week. Daily Creates, audio and design work, group discussions, this week had a little bit of everything. Let me break it down for you.

    Daily Creates

    This week, I …

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    DS106 Radio Presents: Remember When…


    Event posters, remember when those were a thing? I remember sitting every week waiting for my music lesson staring at the bulletin board and all the event posters. It only seems right that I create one for our upcoming radio show.

    When I was first creating this poster, I decided …

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    Midshow Interviews


    Have you ever listened to a radio interview? The host usually asks the guests a couple of questions about what they like and their project/whatever they are on the show for (i.e. a new book, a movie, a song, etc.) However, how often do you hear the hosts being interviewed? …

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    Design Recap


    With a focus on design, this week surprised me. Who knew how much work was put into a simple book cover or a movie title scene. I also got the chance to experiment with some common design examples, such as book covers and t-shirts. But let’s not spoil it all …

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    Have You Seen Me?


    Have you ever seen a missing person’s poster? I remember sitting in Walmart as a kid, looking up at all the missing kid posters and wondering what had happened to them. During this week of design, a different thought has come to mind. What if I created a similar poster …

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