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  1. @josephineds106

    Alt Movie Ending

    This assignment called to reimagine a different ending to a movie and whenever I hear “alt ending” or something along those lines, my first thought is a character dying. (Sounds morbid, but think like video games with a “bad ending”!!) I didn’t want to make something super sad, so instead I tried to go for… Continue reading Alt Movie Ending
  2. @josephineds106


    For the first project I revisited the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing assignment I decided to make another logo and I picked the Dell logo. I used photoshop to remove the word “DELL” from the circle and used the Futura ExtraBold font to write MAC and rotate the A similar to how the E is rotated… Continue reading Remix
  3. @josephineds106

    Who Runs The World?

    Money. Money runs the world. BUT so girls, specifically women, specifically Beyonce. For this assignment, to mess around with money, I decided to replace the white man currently on the bill with someone more relevant, more prophetic…Beyoncé! I used Photoshop to remove the original face, but keep the same frame. I also downloaded a money… Continue reading Who Runs The World?

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