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    For this Mashup Activity, I chose to do the sheet music assignment because I thought it was really cool! I chose this image from Dreamgirls because it is a scene from one of the most popular songs, “And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going”

    I took the dark blue …

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    DS106 Final


    Final summary:

    For my final project, I decided to write an original poem and add a visual component to it. The poem I wrote is about the lack of Black history taught in schools. The title is We Teach We which means that the Black history I learned was from …

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    Weekly Retrospection #13


    This week I worked on my final project. I am making a list of famous people we hear about or have learned about and comparing their success to those of marginalized people who did the same work and got 0 recognition or was erased by history. I have decided to …

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    Weekly Retrospection #11


    This week I made two more video assignments that were related to movies. You can see my changes to the movie Mean Girls and the trailer to a movie that will never happen over here and here.

    Here are my three TDCs

    Arnold would be a space shark finned chicken …

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    Mash Up Trailer


    I do not understand how people make videos for a living. Once I finished this assignment, I literally had to put my head down on my desk. There was so many parts to this, I swear this video was like 40 minutes long.

    So first, I needed an idea. I …

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    Alt Movie Ending


    This assignment called to reimagine a different ending to a movie and whenever I hear “alt ending” or something along those lines, my first thought is a character dying. (Sounds morbid, but think like video games with a “bad ending”!!) I didn’t want to make something super sad, so instead …

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    Gemini by Audre Lorde


    For my video assignment, I decided to try my hand at making my own. I thought about something that is generally not in video format like a poem and decided to make it into a video. I first found a poem I love which is Gemini by Audre Lorde and …

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    Project Ideas


    The story I would want to share with the world are the stories of people who were not able to tell their story. The actual mechanics of this are TBD, but I imagine making some sort of creative project that would show marginalized people have had their voices silenced. Maybe …

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    Radio Listen


    When I tuned into Tuesday night’s radio show broadcast, I already knew that hearing my voice or the background static would be weird. I think our radio show came out really interesting and personal and knowing the work that Pablo did to edit our parts together, it was really cool …

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    Weekly Retrospection #8


    This week my group and I completed our radio show, The Joy of Music. The video for that is down below. This was an interesting process. I used a lot of Audacity and convertors which was nice because it was the same audio work we have already been doing, so …

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    Radio Show Progress #2


    This week I met with Alex and Pablo to discuss the main content of our radio show before we recorded. I then recorded my part on my own. I used Audacity to record my voice and other sounds that I needed. I then sent the files to Pablo who is …

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    106 HORROR!


    When I think of horror, I think of the killer in the shower trope. My first thought was to have 106 written in bloody letters, but that seemed kind of basic. I found this picture online of a serial killer shower curtain that makes it look like someone is in …

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    Who Runs The World?


    Money. Money runs the world. BUT so girls, specifically women, specifically Beyonce.

    For this assignment, to mess around with money, I decided to replace the white man currently on the bill with someone more relevant, more prophetic…Beyoncé! I used Photoshop to remove the original face, but keep the same frame. …

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    Shouldn’t Be Shocking


    This assignment asked us to combine two images in order to create a shocking message. For me a shocking message is anything that causes controversy. My message is that breasts are not inherently sexual. I chose an image of a woman who is consensually showing her breasts and then found …

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    Radio Show Progress


    For my radio show group I decided to work with my younger sibling, Alex and one of his friends,Pablo. Alex and I had talked previously about being in the same class together and thought this would be an easy option because we have similar interests.

    We then reached out to …

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    DS106 Radio Mixtape


    For my 2nd audio assignment, I decided to make a mixtape, but for our radio show: The Joy of Music. I will go in depth about this playlist on our radio show. I picked the songs that bring me joy and always put me in a mood to dance no …

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    Radio Show Bumper


    For our second audio assignment, I made the intro bumper for our radio show. I used an 8 second snippet from one of my favorite songs, Get you by Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis. I converted the youtube video to an MP3 file and used Audacity to clip the song …

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    Radio Show Promo


    For my promo for our DS106 radio show, I wanted the design to align with my groupmates’ designs. I also went simple with the design and color scheme. I feel that the monochrome catches the eye without being too overwhelming and the image is super easy to recognize and a …

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    Design Blitz



    The symmetry of the spoons on this cereal, juxtapose the different grains that are being held very well. The spoons are all facing the same way and the distance apart, but they have things in their spoons that are falling out and that all look different. Yet, they are …

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    Pop Culture Venn Diagram


    There are so many cool design assignments and I couldn’t pick, so I did the random option and this assignment is what I landed on! The pop culture diagram calls for listing three traits and then putting a character who is all three in the middle and finding characters who …

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    Simple, but detailed logo


    When I saw this assignment, it reminded me of something I saw once. Someone I followed on Instagram from high school was asking if anyone could make a “snow sports inspired” logo for his podcast on winter sports. This was a few years ago and I could not find anything …

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