1. @Marie-Lynn

    My Final Project So Far


    For my final project I’m planning to create a glitch art portfolio. When I was in high school I took a photography class and one of the assignments we completed as to take a large number of photos of similar items. For mine I brought in thirty CDs from my …

  2. @Marie-Lynn

    Remixes and Mashups


    This week was a week of remixes and mashups! Please consider taking a look at the assignments I did this week by clicking any of the links below! We were supposed to complete eight stars worth of assignments, which I did with two three star assignments and a two star …

  3. @Marie-Lynn

    The Joy of Painting: Where’s Waldo? Edition


    For my second remix assignment this week, I decided to take a look back on an old assignment I did at the beginning of the semester. I originally completed the “Populate the Landscape” visual assignment, where I took a Bob Ross painting and put He-Man into it. I thought it …

  4. @Marie-Lynn



    Rating: 3 out of 5.

    For my first assignment this week, I decided to complete the “Buffalax!” assignment in the DS106 Assignment Bank. This assignments calls you you to take a video in a language other than English and give it English captions. I knew from the start I wanted …

  5. @Marie-Lynn

    A Supernatural Supercut


    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    For my final assignment of the week (which also happens to be one of two five-star assignments I did this week) I decided to create a supercut video. I’ve seen many supercuts, because they seem to be a popular thing on YouTube. I was curious …

  6. @Marie-Lynn

    A Beginner’s Attempt at Videomaking


    This week we started our unit of videos and video editing. As a person who has hardly no experience with video editing, I decided to start early so it wouldn’t be a struggle by the end of the week. We had two required assignments which had us expand on project …

  7. @Marie-Lynn

    Reading the Scene


    This week we were required to create a short video essay that analyzes a scene from a movie, using the themes we learned from this week’s videos and readings. I go in-depth on this in my video, but I’m going to use my blog post here to explain how I …

  8. @Marie-Lynn

    My Project Idea


    I had a lot of fun looking over everyone’s ideas for the final project for this class. It really gives insight to how different everyone is, and the types of things they are interested in. I really liked the idea of each of us doing something different, that displays our …

  9. @Marie-Lynn

    Lyrical Aventure


    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

    For my first assignment of the week, I wanted to create something that people love yet is very controversial on YouTube: a lyric video. This is the “Create A Lyric Video” assignment from the DS106 assignment bank. I decided to start off with …

  10. @Marie-Lynn

    Projects & Remixes


    This week was a fairly light week, which I appreciated after working on the radio projects. I honestly needed a short break after that project and all the other assignments I have been working on this week for other classes. However, I still appreciated the assignments we were required to …

  11. @Marie-Lynn

    Project Ideas


    For our final project, I’ve thought about many different things so I’m just going to make a list and go through them all.

    Create a short video documentary. I’m actually already doing this for another class. In History of US Mental Health we were given options on a digitally enhanced…
  12. @Marie-Lynn

    Listening to Our Radio Shows


    After two weeks of working on our radio projects, it’s time to give them a listen as they premier live on DS106 Radio! On Monday I listened to “How To Survive: Advice From The Five” & “The Tea on Social Media Radio Show,” both of which were created by our …

  13. @Marie-Lynn

    My First Song: Revisited


    For my second rework assignment in DS106, I wanted to revisit the song I made for the “Play DJ & Make A Song” assignment. I stated in the original that I created this song using GarageBand after it came pre-installed on my new iPad. Since then I have bought a …

  14. @Marie-Lynn

    National Day On Writing: A Daily Create Story


    This week we did something a little different with Daily Creates than normal. Usually we just complete a set number, but this time we had to use them to tell a story. It was suggested that we do three of them and then tie them together to create a story. …

  15. @Marie-Lynn

    Postcard: Revisited


    I originally completed the “Postcards From Magical Places” assignment back in Week 6, where I made a postcard for the 4077 MASH unit from the television show M*A*S*H. However, anyone who may had read that post might remember that I mentioned I originally did not want to generate a postcard …

  16. @Marie-Lynn

    Our Very Own Radio Show!


    This week comes to an end with a bang, as everyone shares their radio show projects with the world! My group (We called ourselves The Fab Five!) consists of myself, Sarah Leonard, Erica Gonzalez, Mike Messina, and Skylar Joseph. We are proud to be sharing our recreation of the Roy …

  17. @Marie-Lynn

    Radio Show Progress Report #2


    As the week comes to a close, I felt is appropriate to summarize the progress of our radio show before we post the final project. Last week we made plans to meet on Zoom to record everything, since many of us were not in the Fredericksburg area during Fall Break. …

  18. @Marie-Lynn

    Radio Show in Progress


    As Week 7 comes to a close, I am both thrilled and scared of what is to come. This is the first ever major audio project I’ve worked on (with a group of people, no less!) so I’ve a right to be a little frightened! However, this doesn’t stop me …

  19. @Marie-Lynn

    What Is Our Radio Show?


    For our radio show project for DS106, our group decided to take a creative approach and recreate an episode of a radio drama from the 1950s. I was actually the one to come up with this idea a few weeks ago when we were brainstorming ideas for this project, and …

  20. @Marie-Lynn

    Radio Show Progress Report


    At the time of me writing this post, my group is well underway in creating our radio show project! Since I knew this project was coming up, I made sure to check out my email and Discord to see what the instructions were going to be. I was rather happy …

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