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  1. @maymaygodek

    Weekly Summary

    In this week of ds106, I have found it to be the most challenging so far. Like I thought sound engineering was hard enough but video editing?? Now that is a challenge in itself but it was nevertheless an enjoyable experience. There are not many classes where I walk away feeling like I truly learned …
  2. @maymaygodek

    Weekly Summary #6

    by This week was an interesting week in the world of ds106 as we looked into the world of Graphic Design. I did not really know anything about the world of Graphic Design at first, I mainly assumed it was more of a marketing thing to make money. However, when I read …
  3. @maymaygodek

    My TDC’s for the week.

    @ds106dc #tdc3535 #ds106 Please… — maymaygodek (@maymaygodek) September 16, 2021 Smoking does not, in fact, cause cancer! Here's the link as to why. #ds106 @ds106dc — maymaygodek (@maymaygodek) September 14, 2021 For today's TDC… #tdc3534 #ds106 @ds106 For international Dot day here is a classic game of dots — maymaygodek (@maymaygodek) …

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