1. @esanbornumw

    Cool Letters ???


    Using coolletters.net was fun to browse and rewrite words in unique and pretty fonts. I chose to write my characters name because I love saying it out loud and how it is beautifully written (haha lol)

    This unique way to write Bobbi Jane represents her well, hard-core and bright. Doesn’t …

  2. @esanbornumw

    Alternate Book Cover


    Since Oryx & Crake is based around one of the main characters Jimmy aka Snowman, I chose to make the new book cover of a real life Snowman. Because that’s all I can think about while I read this book (lol)

    I used Canva for this, too!…

  3. @Anne Armour

    Perkatory Café Logo


    For the last extra Design Assignment I chose for this week was the “Create a Logo That is Simple But Detailed” assignment. There is actually a bit of a long story behind this logo, but I also thought it was fitting with the apocalyptic theme of this class (I also …

  4. @esanbornumw

    LOST HAT? ? ?


    Have you seen this hat? This hat is very important and must be found, if not…. we die……




    I used Canva to create this poster. I thought the bright colors and contrast would bring attention …

  5. @Anne Armour

    The Name of Evelyn Sparrow


    For one of my extra Design Assignments, I decided to do the Generate Cool Letters assignment for my character. This was a fun assignment since I was able to play around with a lot of different fonts on the website provided. It actually took me awhile to figure out which …

  6. @cypherpunk106

    Be My Valentine?


    Hello everyone! My last assignment for this week was to create my own Valentine’s Day card. I was tasked with making an image and modifying it with a cool effect. I was especially supposed to be *funny* and *witty*. This assignment really jumped out to me because Valentine’s Day just …

  7. @cypherpunk106

    cypherpunk106 Moves In


    Hello everybody! One of my assignments this week was to use Hero Machine to design and create a representation of cypherpunk106. After creating cypherpunk106, I was to place them into a setting that makes sense. Once again, there was an extra optional challenge to make this assignment a gif. Being …

  8. @cypherpunk106

    Trapped in a Jacket


    Hello everybody! One of my assignments today was to create an alternative book cover for “Oryx and Crake”, the novel I am reading this semester. I was tasked to use design concepts I have learned this week in this assignment. An extra challenge, that I of course could not turn …

  9. @Mburke4UMW

    Video Personalities ?! Let me know!!


    I do think that the videos slightly do contradict each other because the first video explains that “desire and focus” is the best tactic to complete creative advertising and design whereas in the second video we are told that being simple and not educated might be the best approach. I …

  10. @cypherpunk106

    Battle to Design


    Hello everybody and welcome to my first assignment post of the week! This first assignment was to take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate five of the eight concepts listed below:

    Alignment Hierarchy Contrast Repetition Proximity Balance Color Space

    Below are the photos I took.

    Alignment: arrangement in

  11. @KatieHartraft

    World War Z – New 2018 Cover!


    I have created my own cover for the book World War Z by Max Brooks! Below is the original cover:


    And here is my cover:

    I tried making my version less gritty (except for the Earth) and more modern, since much of the book looks retrospectively at the past …

  12. @KatieHartraft

    Charlee Seen at Her Job!


    Charlee is seen here at the art and hobby store at which she works. She doesn’t necessarily love working there, but she likes her coworkers and gets a lot of hours so she sticks with it.


    The store here is one that I have back home, called Paper Source. …

  13. @Anne Armour

    Evelyn Sparrow is Here!


    My design for my character, Evelyn Sparrow, came from the fact that she is a college student at the moment. She dresses to fit in, but she also adds a bit of her own flare. She likes the plain and simple look of a t-shirt and jeans, but she’s also …

  14. @schooltaylorr

    Greetings From…


    Here is my destination postcard! I chose New York City because it’s my favorite place ever and I miss it so much. I chose to keep the design simple and try to use what I learned about bold and skinny fonts, as well as using colors that coordinate well with …

  15. @schooltaylorr

    Calligraphy Fun


    I had never thought about it, but my character, Felicity, would TOTALLY be good at calligraphy. I chose to do the assignment, Generate Cool Letters, and chose something I thought represented her well that she would actually draw her name as. This is what I came out with:

    I like …

  16. Hastride

    Should memes be considered an Art Form?


    Memes plague the internet. Memes are used everywhere and by everyone. So yes, I believed that memes are an art form. Memes, just like a normal photography without a “watermark” or text, convey a thousand words. Memes are created to evoke a reaction out of the viewer, whether it be …

  17. @schooltaylorr

    Book Cover Remix


    I chose to read the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells for this class, and so I made it’s alternative cover. This was a little difficult because I don’t have the knowledge or resources to make it perfect, I just have to work with what is available to me …

  18. @Anne Armour

    Reading and Resource Reflection


    I really enjoyed Jad Abumrad’s videos on audio storytelling. Like he said, I didn’t like audio storytelling at first. He explained that it lacked, but it was what it lacked in that made it so great. While it’s not like a movie where you can watch what is happening, audio …

  19. @esanbornumw

    Frequency 2156


    Browsing the Frequency2156 was very interesting. It was fun clicking on random radio stations people added. I really like the way it connects us even from people in different states and countries that our dealing with The End too. I liked when people added sound effects to allow the audience …

  20. @eafinto

    Week 5: We Did It Guys


    Once again, we have reached the end of another week surviving The End.

    This week, the focus was on learning all about audio! I’ll say this. I’ve become much more comfortable with using different audio platforms such as SoundCloud and Audacity. I used to hate recording my voice and then …

  21. @Chris_tastrophe

    Wool: Sounds From the Silo

    Create a Place

    Listen to be transported into Hugh Howey’s world of Wool. These sounds emulate a multi-level society that survives underground in a giant vertical silo, all floors connected by one spiraling metal staircase.


    Behind the Scenes

    I knew the silo would be an interesting choice because …

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