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  1. @jasmxlon

    Legends of Tomorrow; Question of the Week

    Featured Image To go back in time and change an event, or prevent something from happening in its entirety would be an amazing opportunity. I discussed this with some of my friends who are History majors and figured out something that would be interesting to see in a parallel universe. What if Pearl Harbor never …

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  2. @jasmxlon

    What Lucy Saw; Question of the Week

    Featured Image: What is your favorite type of story? Why? My favorite type of story contains fantasy. When I am reading a story, it transports me to wherever the plot is. The best type of location to be transported to contains magic, fairies, and mythological creatures. Fantasy worlds do not compare to other worlds, because …

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  3. @eafinto

    A Recap of Week 9 of The End

    It has been a great week! Week 9 began with with my group’s radio show, Girls’ Guide to/for/through the Apocalypse. It aired on DS106 Radio on Tuesday night. It was so much fun getting to hear our show on the air. We all worked so hard on it, and it was so exciting to know that anyone could […]

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