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  1. stephaniearchibald

    vapor wave 1

    In today’s class, we created a vaporwave again and it was amazing but extremely frustrating that I keep forgetting the steps of how to do this stuff. Anyway here’s what you do, first,  we find an image that we want to incorporate into our vaporwave. Next, we open photoshop you hit the select all, followed by … Continue reading "vapor wave 1"
  2. stephaniearchibald

    Strike a Pose: R. (2018). Comedy by director Clueless.

      Lights, camera,  action, go the camera man replied, wait cut… he screamed angrily as he’s having a hard with his new camera equipment and the stunt doubles are nowhere to be found, let’s not even talk about the actors who are forgetting their scripts. Aah he sighs frustrated at what’s going on around him … Continue reading "Strike a Pose: R. (2018). Comedy by director Clueless."

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