1. stephaniearchibald

    vapor wave 1


    In today’s class, we created a vaporwave again and it was amazing but extremely frustrating that I keep forgetting the steps of how to do this stuff. Anyway here’s what you do, first,  we find an image that we want to incorporate into our vaporwave. Next, we open photoshop you …

  2. stephaniearchibald

    Favorite GIF musicians



    So for this assignment i had to create GIF out of a music video from artist that’s my favorite, and i choose Cardi B. Anyways, how you go about making this is quite easy, all you have do is go on YouTube and select your favorite artist and go …

  3. stephaniearchibald

    Celebrities Gone While GIF Edition


    The moment you realize that all the hatters are paying attention so you make the announcement count



    he finally gave me shout out, he love me, he love me…

    hey am over bad bunny am over here can you see me!!!

    hey am not done yet, so!! you …

  4. stephaniearchibald

    Gif Portrait Continued


    Last week class we left off on creating GIF Portraits, today we did the same, but with more sophistication and depth so to speak. What I love about the whole process is that it allows me to tap into my so call creativity, and push my limits. I find the …

  5. stephaniearchibald

    I’m sexy and you know it anime GIF


    Most people look at me and say am ugly, but I know better and they can’t deny it. Just look at me am glowing, my hair is on point, no teeth and i don’t care ooh ooh… hit me up on snap, the gram, twitter, youtube, am every where even …

  6. stephaniearchibald

    3d effects and memes


    3D effect letters memes are what makes your work stand out, but my man says to put some respect on his name talk about fierce!! these are just the reasons as to why i’m fascinated. Not to mention, memes are one of those things where one can just express just …

  7. stephaniearchibald

    My first impressions of GIF


    My initial thoughts of GIF’s were OMG! Like how on earth am I going to do this if I don’t get one on one attention, because how I learn is a step by step process and where is my little brother to say look dummy this is how it’s done, …

  8. stephaniearchibald

    What is making me happy


    Travel Exploration and Film in that tall order are what gets me going; as far back as i can remember these two, have always allowed me to feel at ease. Even as a child, I’ve always love to explore new places and watching my old man off to sail the …

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