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  1. dogtrax

    Make A Stamp

    Today’s DS106 Daily Create by Sarah is to make a stamp for the Daily Create. I found an online tool to do that, and used an image of art supplies and the Daily Create lettering. The Make A Stamp activity reminded me of a song some of us collaborated on for the CLMOOC Postcard Project […]
  2. karenatsharon

    ETMOOC 10 Years Later: Ten wonderful things ETMOOC has done for me

     Hard to believe it has been 10 years since I first started ETMOOC.Why after all this time do I still engage with this community and with the people I met along the way? Because ETMOOC was the beginning of giving me a space to learn and grow,...
  3. karenatsharon

    Remote Elementary and Secondary Teaching

    It's been awhile so forgive me for the long post but I feel I have to write something in the age of Zoom and remote emergency teaching because I am hearing a lot of horror stories coming from parents about what has been sent home and how much screen ti...

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