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  1. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Week 9 Summary


    Greeting….fellow agents. I come early bearing gif….no not really, just another weekly summary post to my boss! Curses I am getting tired of making these…but alas! I must, so here goes. Keep in mind, each post goes into FAR more detail about the topic than this summary.

    Firstly, I hacked …

  2. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Connected


    Back in the 1900, laziness was not part of everyones day. You worked to provide for your family, kids were always outside to play since there wasn’t things like TV and games to do inside, and times were good since America was not becoming obese due to these activities.


  3. @Markham_McFly

    Digital tool tutorial: Canva


    Canva is bae. Canva is life.

    I use Canva for most assignments for this class. It is so easy and simple to use. I’ve even used it to make custom Snapchat filters for events and such.

    When you start, Canva gives you options of layouts to choose from, depending on …

  4. @Markham_McFly



    I’ve always wondered what people use to make emails that look like this, and now I’m glad I do! To stick with the spy theme, I made an email from the government, warning them that all cameras are watching them. I used the website mentioned in the assignment listing, Vertical …

  5. mikeneary

    Pedagogy of Hate


    Please see abstract below for a paper, Pedagogy of Hate, to be published in a forthcoming edition of Policy Futures in Education, and this link to a pre-print version of the paper.



    Based on an extended review of Peter McLaren’s ‘Pedagogy of Insurrection: from Resurrection to Revolution’ …

  6. vandaaGUNZ



    In class we had to create out own website. The first thing we had to do is come up with a domain name. Ryan always told us that our domain name should be something meaningful. So I came with the domain name of I always called myself Vandaa Gunz …

  7. fhaniff22

    My Bucket List


    I haven’t been getting around to uploading post as quickly as I thought I would so I’m a little behind with the work for this class. I am planning on getting caught up on everything though. Here’s one of my DS 106 assignments, my bucket list. My bucket list is …

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