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  1. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Rescripting The Last Man:


    Alternate Ending:

    The novel ends with Lionel swimming to shore and coming to the realization that he is the last man on earth. I kind of hated that, so I changed it. I mean it was a great book – but I like my apocalyptic fiction to be more inspiring …

  2. @hnystro2CPSC106

    11:11 And Other Lucky Things


    Week 11 Reflection:

    On luck:

    In 3rd grade, I wrote my first academic essay; it was a research paper on grizzly bears. In 4th grade, I wrote my second one on Harriet Tubman. From that point on, research papers were my thing, and still are. I still think bears are …

  3. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Daily Create Ideas

    What are current structures/concepts/rituals/themes/traditions/aspects/cultural qualities/etc. in modern society that we should fight to maintain in a post-apocalyptic world? Create a collage that illustrates facets of our society that we should work to keep and build upon despite the circumstances of our planet and species after The End. If everything on…
  4. ryanseslow

    Share your Website URL!


    Here we are 3 plus weeks into being the proud owners of a shiny new Website! We are customizing our pages, building menu navigation, tweaking colors and fonts, and blogging away into oblivion!

    Its time to share your website’s URL here! Simply leave a comment below with your website address …

  5. @laasarge

    Week 12: A MishMash of Media


    Did I survive? Did I make it? Just barely, I think. This week held a lot of challenges for me and it was difficult to get through but here I am, alive. I really feel like I went through The End.

    I accomplished three assignments this week related to Sea …

  6. @una__vita

    New Lights in the Sky


    My uncle sent me a picture of these lights shining for 7 hours over his home in Arizona. He said that a sharp buzzing sound was hear all around his town. He figured since I was in college I could explain what was going on, but all I could tell …

  7. @dannpannn

    What’s the Meme


    This meme is centered around the premise of the novel. the main plot.

    the government develops “Captain Trip”

    a super deadly population control intended virus

    they well, “trip” up

    they release the virus to the public and well kill everyone.

    why couldn’t they have designed a virus SLIGHTLY less violent …

  8. @una__vita

    Things Are Getting Strange..Week 12


    I started off this week with completing the 12 star assignments. I focused mainly on the audio assignments because they seemed easier to do at the time. I had some difficulty doing the second assignment “Drive By” because Logic wouldn’t stop shutting down and I had know idea …

  9. @dannpannn

    Week 12


    When i learned in week 11 that daily creates were only supposed to be 5-10min to complete my mind was blown. they usually take me like 20 lol


    not a problem in week 12 since we dont have any!

    This week for the assignments I chose:

    3 stars: Destination …

  10. @dannpannn

    Destination Postcard


    No place like Boulder, Colorado

    Stomping grounds of the .6% of the population that arent dead!

    This assignment was inspired by the land that Mother Abigail directs the band of survivors to.


    Seriously Stephen King… why did they have to start by establishing democracy. Couldn’t you have come up …

  11. @dslupekds106

    Clock Strikes Twelve


    Weekly Agenda

    12 Assignment Stars Evidence QOTW


    The second week of video work was relatively unproductive to me as far as digital storytelling, I was not feeling too well and had to deal with some other coursework that caught up with me. However, Haley, Rachel and I were able …

  12. @laasarge

    A Story in Songs


    The second media assignment I did for my novel was the Poetry Playlist assignment for 3 stars. I’m a sucker for all assignments involving playlists because I love music and creating playlists that evoke certain feelings or have more meaning than just a list of songs. I also love poetry …

  13. @dslupekds106

    Apocalyptic Animated Book Cover


    For my final assignment this week I completed the Animated Book Cover assignment for The Stand by Stephen King, the background gif features a critical scene in the storyline, as seen in the movie.


  14. @esanbornumw

    Weekly Sha Bang #12


    Soooo this week was interesting!

    Cannot BELIEVE we are so close to THE END!

    Week 12 was a blast because there were such a variety to choose from, from reading my book! I loved Oryx and Crake. I’ll be honest I don’t read that much but when I do I …

  15. @Anne Armour

    Book of the Unnamed Midwife Playlist Poetry


    For my final assignment this week, I decided to do the Playlist Poetry assignment. I really like these assignments where we make playlists with messages in them! I think they’re really fun and they make you think creatively.

    I’ve never been that great at poetry, but I hope I get …

  16. @laasarge

    A Tangled Web


    For my first novel assignment, I did the Harness Relationships assignment for 5 stars. In this assignment, you are asked to use the website Kumu to create a web that connects settings, people and events from your chosen novel. The novel I did, Sea of Rust, has a motley crew …

  17. @Chris_tastrophe

    I Wool-dn’t Say This Week Was Bad


    I’m glad I got to appreciate my novel of choice, Wool, this week. My favorite creation this week was making a theme song for the book, which you can see below! Fan fiction is interesting – I didn’t choose any writing activities because I felt this is the stereotypical route …

  18. @Anne Armour

    What’s the Meme?


    For one of our 12 stars worth of assignments, I chose the What’s the Meme? assignment for the Book of the Unnamed Midwife.

    I thought this would be a fun and cute one to do, and I wasn’t disappointed! I really had to think about what I wanted my meme …

  19. @shayfinnz

    Week 12, Nearing the End


    As we get closer to the End, we get closer to the end of the year! Next week is my last week of undergrad and I don’t know where the time has gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I started school.

    This week was a lot of …

  20. @esanbornumw

    …..evidence? You tell me


    literally just clicked the down arrow to the elevator in the HCC and above where it tells you the floor it’s coming from….. this…. is what I saw.

    I thought I was only seeing things until I had time to whip out my phone and click a pic…. odd..

    for …

  21. @tostromcpsc106



    You guys I am feeling a bit under the weather the past 24 hours! My entire complexion has changed…I’m so much paler and have these huge bags under my eyes. I feel like my head is floating off my shoulders…WHAT IS GOING ON!? Will update you all more tomorrow…

  22. @Chris_tastrophe

    Evidence: Paranoia Virus?


    I’ve been thinking, with everybody who got sick earlier in the semester, and all this upheaval about the mysterious CDE agent, perhaps there isn’t a virus… at least not the one you’re thinking of. You don’t get any symptoms, save one: paranoia. All this evidence? It all points to those …

  23. @shayfinnz



    I have been reviewing the evidence and I am really interested in what is going on. I hang out at the writing center once or twice a week and so I try to look around as to what is going on up and around the DKC while I’m there. I …

  24. @esanbornumw

    Pop Quiz!???


    Get your thinking caps on! I am going to quiz you on Oryx and Crake!

    Who is Snowman before the end? Glenn Jimmy Oryx

    2. Where does Snowman sleep?

    A house A tent A tree

    3. Why are pigoons smart?

    Human like brains They are invisible They can read minds…

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