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  1. @emilymayashman

    Common Everyday Cafetiere


    A cafetiere is an everyday object, right?

    This assignment asks you to take a photograph of an everyday object and change or manipulate the colours. So I chose my flatmate’s and I’s prize possession a rose gold cafetiere.

    So this was the original photo that I took.

    Then I uploaded …

  2. @kateybug17

    Hello world! First Flickr


    Me and my sister in Disney World. I’ve been to Disney at least 10 times in my life and I will be going again during Spring Break. To me, it really is the happiest place on Earth.…

  3. @UMWdan



    Hey ds106, I’m Daniel and I’m a computer science major. Check out a short introduction of me and my dogs on soundcloud here.

    I also have an exclusive interview with my dog Fina which is only available here.

    For constant updates, follow me on twitter as I take on the …

  4. Downes

    Out of the Fog


    January 17, 2017. Another great view from the kitchen window. A couple meetings today, and I’m a bit distracted by a side project (details later if I finish it). Things are beginning t o get busy again and I’m liking it. …

  5. @slotaheather

    Mission 106


    I think that the Secret Agent theme is a good theme. I think that it allows us to have even more fun than we are going to have.  I have a few favorite fictional secret agents such as : Nancy Drew, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Jason Bourne, and Severus Snape. …

  6. @slotaheather



    Everything posted below was my way of saying hello! You can see my one dog Max, see my first tweet in years, hear a song literally saying “Hey” and lastly, a video I made last year that was used to expose the use of the hashtag and the power it …

  7. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Weekly Summary


    The first week of ds106 was not too bad, as far as content goes. Thankfully, I spent a good 10+ hours last semester bringing my domain up to speed for a job fair since I had not really used it since cpsc220. Due to this, it saved me a lot …

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