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  1. stephvelaz



    In my preteen/middle school years, I was very into classical music. Like any middle schooler, I was frequently confused of what was going on in my life. But, unlike most “normal” 13 year olds, I can honestly say that I was plagued with anxiety. From what exactly, I can’t ever……

  2. lifeasjani

    Black Beauty Brands: The Shea Moisture Hoopla


    Yesterday, April 24th 2017, SheaMoisture realized a brand new ad for their ” Break The Walls” campaign. But they left the one demographic/group that is responsible for making their coins: black women with kinky hair. 4a/4ab/4c. Y’all once SJW Twitter or black women saw this commercial. The feedback on that commercial:  Mind-blowing! …

  3. JFAseem1027

    I really dont have that much free time


    One day one of my home boys came over my new place and saw all the games I have and ask, “Where do you have the time to play all of these”. The answer isn’t that simple but it really is. When I was working like 30+ hours at work …

  4. JFAseem1027

    FightingGames Vs FPSGames


    I play a lot of games. From Witcher, Mass Effect, Dishonored, Darksiders, Pokemon, to even Sonic the Hedgehog games. The main games I love to play are FPS and Fighting games though. Not for the competitively aspect but just for the enjoyment of it honestly. Its just fun and the …

  5. Junior

    EYE See You


    One day while I was scrolling through Instagram I found this image below. I liked it so much so that I decided to save it, in hope to recreate something similar one day. Being that I am not an artist who draws, I was hoping that it was something I could …

  6. sadat.rahman

    NFL DRAFT 2017


    Every year, I always enjoy watching the drafts for NFL, MLB, and NBA, to be honest, I really dont know like half of the players being drafted, I just watch it so my team, NYG can get good players every year. I feel what the NYG’s are doing are a …

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