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  1. Reverend

    A MBS Recommendation


    Last week I had the privilege of writing a recommendation for Michael Branson Smith to gain admission to the masters program in Interactive Data Visualization at the CUNY Graduate Center. And while I’m confident he will get into the program with or without my recommendation, I used the occasion to …

  2. Downes



    July 16, 2022. This is PorchFest in Vankleek Hill. Cycled 105 kilometers there and back today in 30 degree temperatures under a blazing sun and hot dry dusty wind. It was a good day overall, and it’s nice to have my first century of the year.
  3. Downes



    July 15, 2022. Charlemagne (orange) and Julia (not orange) sleeping / sitting together on a chair. Friday, the last of the corrections for my paper are done, two interviews complete, an article for OEB (which accepted my proposal) is done, feeling good.
  4. @eggstve

    ds106: Music video (4 stars)


    This assignment was partially inspired by a friend of mine who was showing me how to make a visualizer in a program called After effects. Since I had been having trouble with Adobe Animate on my other assignment, I took him up on his offer and thought it’d be fitting …

  5. @eggstve

    Week 4 dev log


    This week was by far the most stressful thanks to the assignments and regular life happenings. My time management was way off this week and I’m not satisfied with my creative works this week nearly as much as some of my previous works. I spent more time struggling to get …

  6. Downes

    Tall Milkweed


    January 12, 2022. We are becoming experts at growing milkweed. This plant is almost as tall as I am! That doesn’t mean we’re awash in butterflies, though. I think I saw one earlier this year, that’s it. It’s like they don’t exist any more. So terribly terribly disappointing.
  7. Downes

    Back Yard


    July 11, 2022. This is my back yard. We’ve had a lot of rain this year and where in previous years our back yard has looked like a desert, this year it looks like a jungle. Don’t know what the neighbours think, but honestly, manicured lawns are over-rated.
  8. @eggstve

    Comments week 4


    After browsing some blogs, I found some posts I found to be really well made and slapped some comments on them. First up was Anna’s blog Her daily creates are very engaging and fun to look through, I had a hard time picking out which week I wanted …

  9. @eggstve

    ds 106: 5 second film (5 stars)


    I’ll preface this assignment by saying that this week was insanely unorganized for me as I started working a second job as well as some family stuff going on, so I’m frustrated to say that this assignment didn’t go as I wanted. I hate to use excuses but my end …

  10. @eggstve

    Look, listen, analyze


    I picked out the Joker scene for this analysis, I remember seeing it a long time ago and thinking abut how I enjoyed it but couldn’t fully recall it. So what better way to rewatch it than to watch and learn from it!

    To start, I muted the clip and …

  11. @eggstve

    Reading a movie reflection


    A lot of the points made by Ebert give so much insight to the thought process behind design choices. The idea of reading a movie is very interesting and its popularity speaks for itself. It’s a great way to both interpret meaning from small moments and to learn about how …

  12. Downes

    Baie Noire


    July 10, 2022. We went for our hike around the Baie Noire segment of Parc national de Plaisance. Nice day, warm and clear, and we did 8 kilometers stopping frequently for photos. This will be my last hike with the old shoes; my feet have been sore and my toenails…
  13. Downes

    Dunning Road


    July 9, 2022. This is a nice house along Dunning Road near Navan. I went on a nice long ride today up to Pendleton, along the Prescott-Russell trail toward the city, and then back down Dunning through Limoges. Beautiful day for a ride.
  14. Downes



    July 8, 2022. Just a local cow sheltering under a tree. Still way behind uploading photos. Still completely focused on this article. Also, the charger for my best camera stopped working, so I’m relying on my Fujifilm X-T200 now.
  15. ceolgra



    By Jim Regan

    Several years ago, I began a journey to learn more about my Irish ancestors, and along the way I met three special women from Ballyhaught, Effin Parish, County Limerick. This meeting was not in person but rather through the warm letters and reflections of people who came …

  16. ceolgra

    Shanahan Family, Killeedy to Effin


    A brief history of our ancestors

    Our ancestors were exiled to the Sliabh Luachra area in the late 17th century after their farms were lost
    to the Adventurers Act and the Act for the Settlement of Ireland 1652. Earlier migrations of people to
    this region happened after the Desmond Rebellions …

  17. paul bond



    Back in the day, friend of ds106 John Johnston made some awesome supercuts using Videogrep:

    I always wanted to try it, but I could never get it to work. I have a hard time finding appropriate directions for doing any kind of command-line work. They all seem to assume that …

  18. paul bond

    [email protected]


    The oddest thing I found in a 7-11 store was a job. I worked the 11-7 shift in the summer when I was in college. What was odd, to me, was the way I got the job.

    A friend came back from a cigarette run and said the manager at …

  19. @eggstve

    Week 3 dev log


    The reflections were definitely the most brain power consuming for me. While they all had great information for audio design, it was hard to not repeat myself in some places. I think I could’ve spent some more time getting more words out and properly explaining myself rather than typing what …

  20. @eggstve

    Moon Graffiti reflection


    The low drone continuously playing in the background, the frantic beeping combined with the rushed conversation all build tension that is released in the sound of a crash. When the narrator begins to take over commentary, the drone and sound effects lower to give priority to said narrator. The silence …

  21. @eggstve

    Radio hour reflection


    The part that really stood out to me in regards to sound design from the Radio hour was the use of sound alongside the lack of sound. Background noise and music can heavily skew the mood of a story. It can provide a background, it can set tones, and depending …

  22. @eggstve



    I had my friend randomly pick out five numbers from one to eleven to pick out people’s blogs, and I gotta say my classmates have some great content put out! Gonna need to step up my game

    My first blog comment was on Tristan Barber’s blog, I really …

  23. @eggstve

    ds 106: Story time fun time (3.5 stars)


    There are a lot of options in regards to telling a story. I could talk about anything, tell any sort of tale for this. What really inspired me was the idea of continuing off of a gif assignment I had completed last week. The story revolves around a monstrous dog …

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