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  1. @DanielZeineddi3

    Creavid Sumstructive (weekly Summery for Video)


    Happy Sunday everyone and a Happy Fathers Day!

    This father’s day I spent it annoying my father by rewatching Classic Hollywood movies and telling him all about camera angles and the different directors filming styles.

    Obligatory Father’s Day Gif

    As interesting all that sounds, (And it was, to be quite …

  2. @johnsfrozendice

    Sunset blogevard


    Week 1.  Week 2.  Week 3.  Week 4.  Week 5.


    Four weeks down.  One to go.




    This week, we were tasked with completing twelve stars worth of assignments from the video assignment bank.  Three of these assignments had to relate to our previous weeks answer to …

  3. @ChristineMears_

    Summary for Week Four


    This week, we became familiar with video media. We learned about film making, and even got to make a few videos ourself. This week was the most enjoyable for me, as I got to put a lot of personal thought and detail into the videos.

    I focused on a four …

  4. @JordanC61692137

    End of Week 4


    This week was all about working with videos. The first assignment that I tackled this week was my College Snapshot. This assignment was an amazing way to see the recap of my year at Mary Washington. This video also gave me lots of ideas of how to use the …

  5. @YousephAsaad

    Shortest Video Ever…


    5 Second Film (4 Stars)

    Back when the 6-second video sharing app Vine was around, people would find interesting ways of shrinking content to fit into a very short video. My job for this assignment was to make a 5-second video that includes a gag, bit, or joke. I decided …

  6. @johnsfrozendice

    The trip home


    Hola.  For this 4 star video assignment, I was tasked with creating a video that corresponded to an audio story I had told earlier in the semester.  You can find the instructions for this assignment HERE.    My former soundcloud audio assignment will be linked below as well in case …

  7. @johnsfrozendice

    Land of the rising meow


    Hello all!  I found this 3 star assignment I decided to do this week that I believe is rather fun.  If you would like to try it yourself, the instructions can be found HERE.  The assignment entailed creating a video that included “butt” edits.  I was asked to replace …

  8. @ChristineMears_

    The Three Little Pigs.


    Earlier this week, I revised the nursery rhyme, The Three Little Pigs. I revised it so everyone has a happy ending, and that the story gives more of a hidden message to children. The pigs just assume that wolf is big and bad, and that he wants to eat them; …

  9. @ChristineMears_

    Let’s Go Eagles!


    One skill that I have learned and exceeded in since entering college is cheerleading. I joined the club sports team my freshman year, and learned how to main base fairly quick. Since then, I have been on the competitive team for three years, and have competed three times in a …

  10. @ChristineMears_

    Daisy, The Golden Retriever


    My dog, Daisy, is a four year old Golden Retriever. She is the sweetest, happiest, and most energetic pup I know. Although she is no longer a puppy, she will always be eight weeks old to me. She has many nicknames, from “pup”, to “buddy”, to “Daisy May”! She will …

  11. @YousephAsaad

    Low Points In Gaming


    Gaming Lowlights (3 Stars)

    We all have moments in games when nothing seems to be going right and we can’t seem to figure anything out. When I play video games, there are multiple instances when I just want to lose my mind. Instead of trying to forget about those moments …

  12. @johnsfrozendice

    The suns on the clock


    I found a 4 star assignment in the video assignment bank that I found pretty interesting this week.  You can find the directions to complete it HERE.  The instructions tasked me with creating a video containing my favorite video transition.  I have posted a link to a video below …

  13. @LeslieMiyazono

    Walking it Out



    This video is to fulfill video assignment #1537 entitled “Exercise and Socialize.” The requirement is to film a personal video of a stroll around the neighborhood.  It is worth two and a half stars.

    This video was created with with iMovie application on the Apple iPhone.  A video of …

  14. @JordanC61692137

    6 Second Art



    This video assignment relates back to the story of Humpty Dumty. The following video is six still photos of Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. This video was put together using the same app as the College Snapshot, which was SlideShow Video Maker. To create this setting I used …

  15. @johnsfrozendice

    The 1 second sunset


    I found a video assignment in the ds106 assignment bank worth 2.5 stars.  You can find a link to the assignment itself HERE.  The assignment asked me to create a 1 second video that told a story.  But as a twist, this week we were supposed to link all of …

  16. @JordanC61692137

    Instant Replay



    This video was created using the iMovie app. This video goes with the the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. During the filming of  this video there were several errors. This gave me the change to understand the editing process of videos. Additionally, I was able to added text to …

  17. @JordanC61692137

    College Snapshot


    This compilation is of some of experiences, trips, hobbies over the past year of school. During this year there were several life altering events that happened but this did not stop me from making the most of my year. Having the support from my friends, family, professors, and so many …

  18. @Pringleduckface

    Shower Power


    For this assignment I was supposed to film at least eight seconds of something I do everyday. I figured that most people who attempted this assignment would do things like brushing their teeth or hair. I decided to do something different. I put on a swimsuit, hopped in the shower, …

  19. @Kim

    Videos, Videos, and More Videos


    So this week has been rough….

    I started with a normal week, trying to get all the assignments done and going to work like normal. The first half of the week was relatively easy, the second half was not so much. I had trouble finding a good video making software …

  20. @LeslieMiyazono

    Lake Views


    This video is to fulfill video assignment #1654, entitled “Time Lapse.”  Multiple one to two second clips of the same location were captured, then combined in a single video clip to highlight the differences seen throughout the day.  This assignment is worth four stars.

    The location of this assignment is …

  21. @Kim

    Mickey’s Kingdom to Music


    My last visual assignment was the three and a half star “It’s Vacation Time” assignment, which was honestly my favorite. As much as I said I liked the dog assignment this one tops it.

    The montage in this video was supposed to be made up of pictures of my favorite …

  22. @Darth_Pipe

    Video Extravaganza!


    What a fun assignment week!

    We were tasked with reaching 12 stars worth of assignments. Mine are 4, 4 and 5 stars and I really enjoyed producing them.

    The first video I made from the Assignment Bank, Psycho Cheese, came about from a brainstorming session with my youngest daughter, …

  23. @LeslieMiyazono

    The Lenny Movie


    The video below is to fulfill video assignment #2234 entitled “Pupper Appreciation.”  It is worth 2 stars.  Since the blog is entitled “Adventures in the life of a dachshund,” this assignment is a personal favorite.  Basically, the directive is to create a short video montage of a favorite pup, and …

  24. @Darth_Pipe

    Best Dad Ever


    Since today is Father’s Day, it is only fitting that we present to you this old-timey educational video from the Assignment Bank (5 stars).

    This video was a lot of fun to make, and the whole family chipped in. After some brainstorming, I had the idea and wrote the script …

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