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  1. @littlelamb0216

    Are You Drinking Enough Water?


    Everyone knows the importance of drinking water each day, but are you drinking enough? Chances are the answer to that is no. You can visit sites such as to see where you fall on the chart. I used to be terrible about drinking the recommended amount of water each …

  2. ty360

    CP3 to Houston


    Credit Image   The Houston Rockets have landed a huge acquisition. Sports Columnist Adrian Wojnarowski  has reported The Los Angeles Clippers have traded Point Guard Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets. In return, the Clippers acquire Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a first round pick next year …

  3. @jmleotta

    The canal of time

    The canal of time

    My first challenge for the Daily Create @ds106 #tdc1997

    The topic given? Bikes.

    Quite easy for someone living in The Netherlands!

  4. @essmanll

    Digital Storytelling 106


    The course ds 106 is, for lack of better terms, an adventure in creating. It was originally started as a class in digital storytelling that has evolved to include a learning community where people are invited to create their own individual projects.  It is a process driven class where you …

  5. @simplytelling

    whom ever smelt it – visual assignment –


    Ah, yes. The final post for today…what better way than to end it with a fart joke. The 24-year-old in me is displeased with this sense of humor, but the 12-year-old in me is giggling uncontrollably.

    So, for this visual assignment, we were to create a “spubble” with pictures of …

  6. @littlelamb0216

    One Closes, Another One Opens


    This assignment, Larger Than Life, was to find an everyday object and try to photograph it from a point of view that makes it look bigger than it actually is. We walk through many doors everyday, so why not choose that?

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