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  1. @dandennis_media

    TDC 2107 “Extreme Minimalism”


    TDC 2107 “Extreme Minimalism”

    Today’s Daily Create was Extreme Minimalism. I personal feel that this photo taken by myself is very minimalist as the focus area is very small. About 20% of the entire photo is in focus leaving much of the flower out of the shot. Like most minimalist …

  2. @mayrapelayo6

    What am I reading?


    Today we went to the library; oh so many books to choose from. I decided to let my son choose three books and read them to me. My niece, sister in law, and I were his audience. Since most of the time I find myself reading the books in my …

  3. @vazquez1_angel

    Understanding Digital Citizenship


    PHOTO CC – By: Nadar

    Digital Citizenship is something that has been engraved into our brains since as long as I can remember. We are constantly reminded that we must be good digital citizens and if we can’t, we have no business being online. We are constantly reminded of our …

  4. @k8lynclements

    Week 8 Daily Creatings


    We only had to do 2 Daily Creates this week! This are the 2 that I did:

    The first one was about unlucky uncliché. Is Friday the 13th really unlucky? I would have to say no! I used to think so until I met my boyfriend and then I realized …

  5. jwls

    Here’s my last blog post


    Hi CT-101, Last week we all got our website domains. Here’s mine.  Right now it’s just a blog for this class. I’m still thinking of a purpose for the site aside from that though. Lately, I’ve been browsing the different themes & plug-ins the internet has to offer. May make …

  6. krajan

    Finally a own Blog is up!


    Finally I have my own blog post which is at  Would like for everyone to check out my website every week because I will be posting 1 or 2 things about something that interest me.  I’m so excited about my own website because it’s mine first my having a …

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