Unit 5: Telling Stories in Photos – ds106

Unit 5: Telling Stories in Photos

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” -Ansel Adams The photo, quote, and lead for this unit’s ds106 comes from a previous ds106 student’s perspective on photography. In doing ds106 Daily Creates you’ve already been using photography and drawing skills, plus you’ve had some practice doing visual stories from our Introduction to Storytelling. This unit we go a bit deeper and give you the opportunity to practice telling stories in visual form. We also hope to have us thinking more about story when we use our cameras. You may go from someone who takes a lot of snapshots or quick mobile photos to one who thinks more about composition, framing, and being more intentional with your photography. Even if you are an accomplished photographer, you can always get better by honing skills or trying new approaches. And we find that people doing this unit’s work come away noticing the world around them in new ways, in more detail. This uniy most of our work comes from the ds106 Assignment Bank – we strongly urge you to write up your assignments to meet the criteria of being a Blogging Champ— this means not only blogging the visual media you create, but writing about the idea/inspiration behind it and information on how you made it. Inspiration: How Photography Connects Us – David Griffin (National Geographic) The Story Behind a Photo Look closely of the most iconic photos, especially to usher an era of photojournalism, and consider what … Continue reading Unit 5: Telling Stories in Photos