A History of ds106

This course community began at the University of Mary Washington in Spring of 2010 when Jim Groom re-imagined the way the Computer Science Course in Digital Storytelling, CPSC 106, might be taught.

Since Jim Groom blogged about ds106 as an open and online experiment on December 7, 2010, this site has aggregated and archived 92604 blog posts created by its participants.

Below is a semester by semester collection of highlights and information about the iterations of ds106 at UMW and elsewhere. See also:

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Mission 106

Fall 2016

Summer 2016

Spring 2016

Running at both UMW and as an Open Course

UMW Course ds106tal.es • Open Course 106tricks.net

Fall 2015


Spring 2015


Fall 2014


Summer 2014


Spring 2014


Fall 2013


Summer 2013


Spring 2013

Ds106 spring 2013.jpg

Fall 2012


Summer 2012: Camp Magic Macguffin


Also in summer of 2012, Jim Groom did a two week Breakfast Club Edition of ds106 for high school students.

Spring 2012



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