1. youblueit

    I GOT THIS: Cyber Security and The Modern Woman


    This is the story of a recent college graduate who had a most unfortunate experience when she tried to take cyber security in her own hands, causing her to nearly miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

    Lizzie is a 22-year-old female who recently graduated from Hamburger University (HU), …

  2. number1fio

    The Weakest Week


    I named this the weakest week because I didn’t finish one of my assignments and rushed a little towards the end.

    I really enjoyed the video editing lesson. I think my version of the Untamable Tamer turned out ok however I would have liked to add music to it too. …

  3. number1fio

    The Untamable Tamer


    I was inspired to create the Untamable Tamer  because it looked like Charlie was trying to pick up a lady while he was locked in a cage. Who else would do that! I figured if I made it look like we wanted to be there and was using the lion …

  4. number1fio



    I completed the assignment why so serious because it sounded really fun. I used a song about montages from Team America World Police and added it to the famous montage scene in Rocky. It’s spot on and really funny. The song is only 80 second long and the video clip …

  5. bcodelson

    Spoon Fed


    Wow.  What a ride the past 8 weeks have been.  And all that hard work has culminated here, in the DS 106 Final Project.  It took me a long time to decide on my project idea.  It’s funny – each idea I had I tried to frame it in …

  6. chronicwndrlst

    Final Project Summary


    For the past seven weeks, I’ve struggled with a topic to storify for my final project. My ideas have ranged from randomly simple (Gorillapod) to bewildering (DMV) to complex (Medicaid). Still, when I’ve tried to flush each of these out, nothing was sticking. During weeks …

  7. chronicwndrlst

    From Soil to Sand: A Sangria Recipe Story


    This is the journey of Strauss Behre, from soil to sand:

    Strauss Behre

    Strauss Behre grew up on a farm, surrounded by other berries just like him. In their early years,  after the flower stage, they were all green , but as they matured, they turned red. Strauss enjoyed being …

  8. ctwilker

    Parting is such sweet sorrow.


    Your final blog post for this class should include a link to your project and a discussion of at least 5 paragraphs that include the background information for your idea, a reflection on how your project fits the story spine, and media references, and details of how you produced it.…

  9. number1fio

    I See if From a Different Angle


    I’m going to have a hard time disproving Ebert here so I won’t even try.  I think the notion of that moving right is forward and favorable and left is in the past and less so is true in almost everything we do. A clock rotates to the right and …

  10. number1fio

    And that’s a wrap – the final project summary


    I’m generally a fairly creative person but I was having trouble coming up with my big idea all semester. What can I say, I work well under pressure. I will milling through ideas and started thinking of things that would really draw people in, what we can all related to, …

  11. youblueit

    Are you my new computer?


    This assignment was to create a kids computer book from a well known kids book. I chose Are you my mother? by Dr Seuss.

    A new children’s book.

    was by far the best assignment because I enjoy reading children books and want to know all about computers.

  12. youblueit

    Week – 4 Design of a sign


    In the Washington DC metropolitan area there are several forms of public transportation including bus, rail, metro (train) and even a bike share program Each of the surrounding communities have their own form of transportation as well. Northern Virginia has a system called VRE (Virginia Railway express). While of …

  13. youblueit

    Get real! Pepsi


    Wow, just think about it. Do you think that parents could really be blown away by the taste of a drink and forget about what their child may have done. As a parent. I don’t think so. This commercial for a new type of Pepsi called Pepsi Next was very …

  14. LRo

    What does the font say?


    What is a story? How do you tell it in a logical, compelling way? What are the different components of it? How can audio and video add (or subtract from it)? These were all questions that I started to ponder when I joined DS106. I felt like I had …

  15. youblueit



    My moto machine

    Light can impact a picture. The angel of the light can cause shadows which can result in distortion of the object.

    Can you guess the what object makes this shadow?
    Click here for the answer Surprisingly up until the start of this class I was able to …

  16. youblueit

    Photo blitz around the house


    No one ever took pictures of me as a baby. Growing up, as the fifth of the six children in my family, I was the only one who did not have a baby picture. In fact the first picture of me was when I was 3 years old. Everyone else …