How to Succeed as a ds106 Student in Another Class

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You don’t want to end up like this guy!

You might be a student in a class which is doing similar work that our UMW students do in ds106. Your instructor will provide the key information and expectations for the class; below you will find some information that should help you participate in the larger ds106 community– you should know that we have a mixture of people taking a course for credit as well as people who openly participate out of their own interest.

Setting Up a ds106 Blog

Your instructor will let you know where they expect you to create a web site to publish your ds106 work. Once you have it set up, you should register your new blog with us so we can subscribe to your site. This allows us to aggregate in one place everything people publish about ds106.

Once you set up a new blog, please first write a first welcome post. say hello to the world Once you are set up with a blog, register it on the ds106 web site and be sure to click the appropriate option to identify the class you are enrolled in.

Once this is done, your posts will begin to appear not only in the main flow of ds1o6 participants but also in a special page set up just for the students in your class (check the top menu or the right sidebar for a link to your class).

Accounts You Should Set Up

These are all services you will use to participate in ds106. If you already have accounts, just use them, and consider yourself at the head of the class.

  • Set up Gravatar. Pick a square photo or icon you prefer to use to represent yourself online and register it at with the email address you regularly use for online activity. This service is used in many places, including the ds106 web site, to associate the icon when you use that email address.
  • Get a twitter account (if you do not have one) Register at – this is the main channel we use for community in ds106, there are no discussion boards or web forums; if you want to “tweet” something to the broadest audience, include #ds106 in the message. Set up your twitter reading to monitor the #ds106 channel.
  • Get a flickr account (if you do not have one) Flickr is place we share photos for the Daily Create and photo/graphic assignments; an account is also needed to comment on other people’s photos. You will comment on other people photos, right? If your account is brand new, you should upload at least 5 photos, flickr seems to need this to believe you are a real person.
  • Get a Gmail Account (if you do not already have a gmail account) It’s not really for the Gmail, it is so you can upload videos to Youtube for Daily Creates, video assignments, and participate in Google Hangouts (out platform for live events). If you are one of the 4 people on the world without one, set up one now
  • Get a Soundcloud Account (if you do not have one) Soundcloud is a nifty service we use for sharing sounds for Daily Creates and audio assignments

Software You Will Need Use

You will be creating a lot of media for this class, in photo, graphic, audio, and video forms. We do not have specific software requirement; if you have software you should use what is one your computer; if not, we have an extensive list of free and web-based tools you can use to complete your work.

Key Links

What Else?

Just have fun creating. If you follow this cardinal rule, you won’y have to worry about looking like that guy at the top of this page.

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