Are You Teaching a ds106ish Class?

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Anyone is welcome and invited to use ds106 resources such as the ds106 Assignment Bank, ds106 Radio, The Daily Create, inSPIRE, or the Assignment Remix Machine (learn more about ds106). Just use them. No need to ask.

You can find/use/modify syllabi, projects, past activity from past ds106 courses taught at UMW in our history.

Nut maybe you have a media, internet, or other creative class where you want to have a similar distributed network architecture like ds106/ While ds106 is usually taught at the University of Mary Washington, classes elsewhere (ones that have different formats) become part of our ds106 community.

In such a class, students would be individually blogging, and we can add their blogs to the syndication bus of this site- not only will their content become part of the regular flow of the main site, we can generate a view and custom page that aggregates just the content from your students. These course pages provide a list of all blogs associated with your class, and a total number of posts aggregated.

Previous other classes that have become part of the network include:

If this is of interest to you, please complete out the information below and we will be in touch very shortly. Is your class ready to be #ds106 #4life? And you know what it costs? $0.00

Are You Teaching a Class Using ds106?

If you are teaching a class that parallels ds106 and want to have your classes activity integrated into the community, we need to collect some information so we can set up the site to accommodate you. Once we had your course to ds106, it will be an affiliation option that you and your students will see at -- we suggest that you as instructor create a blog early and sign up to make sure there is content for your class page.

  • (leave off the "@" ok?)
  • Tell us what college, university, school, your class is associated with.
  • Provide a short description we can use in the sidebar (e.g. see and also list any links, or special content we can put into the sidebar.
  • Suggest a short one words tag we can use to identify your class/students internally on the ds106 web site (this is not anything your students will need to know. This also becomes part of the ds106 URL for your class blogs, e.g. "yorkfa13" was used to identify blogs for York College CT101 (Fall 2013)