1. dori0813

    12/21: Final Project Reflection


    Storytelling to me means , the ability of having a different way of expressing their way of narrating a story. I found this class very interesting because we werent told what to do, and had to become responsible for our own assignments , its very cool because it was kind …

  2. dori0813

    My Final Project


    I decided to combine both videos together and finally finished it , i hope you guys enjoy . I really tried my best.


  3. dori0813

    Plan of my final project


    For my final project i would like to focus on combining two of my favorite movies into a short 3 minute video, my plan is to super cut it and try to combine both a make a story from clips of both movies.…

  4. Dametra Lester

    Remix 4: Show Me Therefore Teach Me


    For the Remix 4 assignment I decided to choose the How To Tutorial. I have never made a tutorial or  a video and broadcasting it to the world. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore. At least  I know the process of how to record, edit,…
  5. dori0813

    12/3 Week Fourteen: Archiving and Final Projects


    After watching the post by Jim Groom again i understand more that people are losing the essence of the use of tools for the internet because it seems to plain and its best if a story or situation is best described with narration, it makes me want to become more …

  6. tabitha.roper

    Remix #4: Video – The Power of 1


    For the 4th and final Remix Project, I chose the option of the Movies by Numbers. I was torn between doing Number 1 and going with an individual/alone/single mixed with a winners/best/first theme, or doing Number 13 and going with unlucky/creepy. I chose Number 1 because I am very competitive …

  7. Ashley McFarlan

    Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life


    For my fourth and final Remix project I decided to select the assignment Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life. We were to select 3-5 Movie scenes that had a significant impact on your life. I decided to select a scene from Antwone Fisher, a scene from Love and Basketball

  8. Heather Barton

    Remix #4 – Video



    As a teacher, I realize the value of a well-crafted video.  Taking the written word and making the themes, images, and ideas explode in a cacophony of color for the learner.  What many of those learners do not realize is the sheer amount of time it takes to make …

  9. bstandingteach

    Remix Project #4 – Video – Tying a Tie


    DS106, Tying a Tie 101 – Remix Project

    The Process:

    For some reason, this project gave me the most difficulty!  Like…for real…very frustrating!  I started it last weekend with a couple of ideas, but nothing that I really liked.  By Sunday, still nothing.  On Monday night I had a perfect …

  10. Wendy Walker

    Opening Credits Redux


    For this last Remix, I chose to rework the opening credits from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The project took some time, but was fun to complete. I used Movie Maker for this remix. Here are the steps that I took:

    1. Went to google images and saved all the images …

  11. tabitha.roper

    Final Design


    When I read over the description for “If Movie Posters Told the Truth,” I knew I wanted to do a scary movie because they are all so predictable. One of my favorite suspenseful movies is Final Destination 2. This may be due to the fact that a friend of mine …

  12. Ashley McFarlan

    My Big Break


    My Big Break: Otis Remix CD Cover


    I put a great amount of work into our last Remix assignment in the audio category. I created an “educational rap,” for students to one of my favorite songs “Otis,” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Although I must say that I do …

  13. Heather Barton

    Remix Project #3 – Design


    I love to work with design.  From the corporate world to the classroom, I have been known to play for hours with the elements of an artifact.  I have created brochures, business cards, invoices, multimedia PowerPoint, and graphic organizers to name just a few.  While this may make me look …

  14. dmart67

    Remix #3 Reflection: Truthful Movie Posters


    For this remix project, I was inspired by both the Halloween season and the emergence of advertisements promoting the next, and thankfully last, installment of the Twilight films.  Being a huge fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, I have watched the evolution of his character and story through television, serialized …

  15. bstandingteach

    Remix #3 – Thinking Fast and Slow – Learning by Design

    1st Drawing 2nd Drawing Pencil Sketching of Final Final Product Remix #3

    After looking through different options for Remix #3, I came across the “Learning by Design” assignment.  I have seen similar flowcharts on the Internet, sometimes the sketching is done in real-time with a voice-over narrating the concept while …

  16. Wendy Walker

    Remix #3 Postcards From Magical Places


    For this remix I decided to make a postcard. I was really hoping to go all out with this one and use the more advanced version of Pixlr. My original thought was to use the existing picture of Ireland (a shot that I took myself when I visited in 1999) …

  17. Dametra Lester

    Remix 3


    Nothin’ Under the Sun

    In  ENGL 7741 I am on my third remix. For those new to the blog, remixes are visual, audio, multimodal texts created by an individual with their  own twist.  DS 106 creates or host the Remix projects . So enough of the boring and technical mumbo …

  18. dori0813

    10/22 Week Eight: Radio Shows


    After recording for the radio show i did along with a partner i found very cool converting my voice into a deep voice so that the recording could sound more appealing ,i felt really nervous when recording i probably had to re-do it about 3 times before i could get …

  19. dori0813

    10/15 Week Seven: Advanced Audio (Radio Show)


    Creating the bumper to the radio show was very fun because i got to actually participate in cutting out parts that didn’t belong in the bumper. Our groups topic is about internet privacy and piracy and how websites are going into your personal information, including a halloween theme.

  20. tabitha.roper

    My Romantic Ringtone:)


    For this assignment, I was inspired by a romantic proposal video that my husband and I found in a moving box that had yet to be unpacked. I’ve been in reminiscent, little-girl-crush mode all week. I decided I wanted to remix a ringtone to assign to Nathan when he calls …

  21. bstandingteach

    The US Postal Service Remix Audio


    Rationale: I imagined a new reality TV show that captured mail “people” doing their daily work.  My job was to make the mundane sound really exciting.  Don’t know if I succeeded…I think most people hate the sound of their own voice! I certainly do.  Oh, and I messed up a …

  22. Heather Barton

    Remix #2 (Audio): Jingle Jangle Tutorial


    Step 1:  Write the Script

    All projects start with a good script.  This script, while not my best, was fun to write from the perspective of a dog.  I was inspired, of course, by the cutest puppy in the world!

    Step 2: Pick the Background Music

    I believe that this …

  23. Dametra Lester

    Death of AutoTune


    The assignment I chose was AutoTune Something. The directions were to take something that is not usually autotuned. So I decided to autotune this southern voice of mines. I had a lot of fun with this assignment although my clip is twenty-two seconds long, hahaha. Back to business I created …

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