1. dori0813

    My Final Project

    I decided to combine both videos together and finally finished it , i hope you guys enjoy . I really tried my best.  
  2. Dametra Lester

    Remix 4: Show Me Therefore Teach Me

    For the Remix 4 assignment I decided to choose the How To Tutorial. I have never made a tutorial or  a video and broadcasting it to the world. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore. At least  I know the process of how to record, edit, and upload. My remix 4 ...
  3. Ashley McFarlan

    Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life

    For my fourth and final Remix project I decided to select the assignment Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life. We were to select 3-5 Movie scenes that had a significant impact on your life. I decided to select a scene from Antwone Fisher, a scene from Love and Basketball and finally a scene from the […]
  4. tabitha.roper

    Final Design

    When I read over the description for “If Movie Posters Told the Truth,” I knew I wanted to do a scary movie because they are all so predictable. One of my favorite suspenseful movies is Final Destination 2. This may be due to the fact that a friend of mine took me to see this … Continue reading
  5. Ashley McFarlan

    My Big Break

    My Big Break: Otis Remix CD Cover   I put a great amount of work into our last Remix assignment in the audio category. I created an “educational rap,” for students to one of my favorite songs “Otis,” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Although I must say that I do not listen to rap music […]
  6. Dametra Lester

    Remix 3

    In  ENGL 7741 I am on my third remix. For those new to the blog, remixes are visual, audio, multimodal texts created by an individual with their  own twist.  DS 106 creates or host the Remix projects . So enough of the boring and technical mumbo jumbo. For my remix I chose to do Learning By Design. ...
  7. tabitha.roper

    My Romantic Ringtone:)

    For this assignment, I was inspired by a romantic proposal video that my husband and I found in a moving box that had yet to be unpacked. I’ve been in reminiscent, little-girl-crush mode all week. I decided I wanted to remix a ringtone to assign to Nathan when he calls me. Music has always been … Continue reading
  8. bstandingteach

    The US Postal Service Remix Audio

    Rationale: I imagined a new reality TV show that captured mail "people" doing their daily work.  My job was to make the mundane sound really exciting.  Don't know if I succeeded...I think most people hate the sound of their own voice! I certainly do.  Oh, and I messed up a little in the beginning, but it's still a decent recording.  

    The US Postal Service<------------Click the Link for Audio

    In a world where the flow of
    information is inevitable as it is infinite,
    we cautiously tip-toe into the lives of the United States
    Postal Service men and women, individuals who
    risk their lives providing our crucial information:
    bills, jury duty, taxes, and unexpected fees that
    you already paid.

    Starting this Halloween, dive into a world of mass chaos, the shuffling of countless trivial
    pieces of ads, furniture sales, coupons, and pre-approved credit card applications;
    because it is our postal service men and women that are on
    the frontlines of our American landscapes, linking our dull lives to
    those special moments of wonder and anticipation.

    So join us...now.... follow them... in their short shorts,
    safari hats, and perfectly pressed blue collared shirts, to
    the majestic suburbs, teeming with wide-eyed neighbors who march on towards their edict-riddled white envelopes, “OPEN IMMEDIATELY”

    You won’t want to miss this season, starting on Halloween and ending with
    the season finale on Christmas day.

    Enter a world unforgettable, the people indelible.
    The U.S. Postal Service: keeping your life in kilter with each afternoon delivery.

  9. Dametra Lester

    Death of AutoTune

    The assignment I chose was AutoTune Something. The directions were to take something that is not usually autotuned. So I decided to autotune this southern voice of mines. I had a lot of fun with this assignment although my clip is twenty-two seconds long, hahaha. Back to business I created this recording using the Garage ...

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