1. dmart67

    Remix #3 Reflection: Truthful Movie Posters


    For this remix project, I was inspired by both the Halloween season and the emergence of advertisements promoting the next, and thankfully last, installment of the Twilight films.  Being a huge fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, I have watched the evolution of his character and story through television, serialized …

  2. dmart67

    Remix #1 – Picturing Prufrock In a Fog


    Picturing Prufrock

    So many images, so little time!  Prufrock is a regular image-palooza, so deciding on one to depict was the tough part.  Once I locked on to the lines describing the yellow fog and the yellow smoke, I decided to blend these images with the person of Eliot himself, …

  3. dmart67

    Wiki and Me, Part 1


    After consulting the 1999 Encyclopedia Americana (book), www.Britannica.com, and Wikipedia.org for information on the elusive chokecherry, I have made many interesting discoveries.  For starters, the Encyclopedia Americana offered a roughly 150-word entry that describes in dry academic language the chokecherry.  It is accompanied by a small black and white …

  4. dmart67

    My Pixlr Photo


    For my pixlr-photo assignment, I worked from a photograph of my daughter sitting in a “dreamy” attitude in the lunchroom at Lassiter.  This photo struck me for a couple of reasons.  One, as a teacher with a daughter the same age as many of my students, I can not help …

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