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    Mi primer App Usando MIT APP Inventor

     Mi primer App Usando MIT APP Inventor  Diseño visual de la APP

    En este vídeo podemos observar cómo crear una pequeña app para presentar la ciudad santiago de Cali, el vídeo muestra algunas de las herramientas visuales y algunos comandos de bloques para realizar la pequeña y fácil programación. Lo …

  2. Downes



    September 17, 2022. Photo from my bike ride through Dunvegan on a beautiful; Saturday afternoon. I also made it through Maxville and Moose Creek, but didn’t quite make it home – I had to walk the last 3 km because of flat tires. Still, a nice 73 km ride. https://flic.kr/p/2nNn2fW
  3. Downes

    Sentier Iroquois


    September 11, 2022. The is the river along the Sentier Iroquois near Duhamel, Quebec. It’s an area of rugged beauty. Andrea and I went for what turned out to be a strenuous 8 km hike up to the falls and back on a sweltering late summer day. A lot of…
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    September 10, 2022. We were at a rare Saturday afternoon RedBlacks game (I would really prefer more afternoon games). Yes it was another loss, but we came within about 5 yards of winning this one. The losses have been (mostly) close all season, as though we’re just a grasp away…
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    5 Ways to Become a “Pro” with Professional Email


    Small business professionals and owners spend a lot of time on email. Each email is an important piece of communication and could contribute to your business in many ways, like building relationships, selling your products, giving a great customer experience, building your brand, growing revenue, and much more. 

    Speaking with …

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    SSH Now Available for Business and eCommerce Sites


    Are you a WordPress.com power user? For ultimate security, you can now enable SSH and access your Business or eCommerce-powered WordPress.com site from the command line. Use WP-CLI to install and activate a series of plugins, manage users, or handle search-and-replace functions across your site.

    Enable SSH on WordPress.com

    To …

  7. Downes

    St Lawrence River


    September 3, 2022. Cycled this beautiful Saturday 112 km to the St. Lawrence River and back (note my 2022-365 pictures are all out of order because of my 3-week gap while in Anticosti, but I’m still taking them and uploading them). https://flic.kr/p/2nJYwqu

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