1. @ken28410163

    Your Favorite Teams Mashup


    For my final 4 star mash up assignment I Combined the logos of two of my favorite sports teams. I chose my favorite NBA Basketball Team (LA Lakers) and my favorite Soccer Team over in Europe (Manchester City). Hope you Enjoy!…

  2. @ken28410163

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    For this 4-star mashup assignment, I was tasked with mashing up two different iconic movie scenes. I chose one of the scenes out of my favorite movie, Black Panther! and then I chose spiderman to be the “out of place” character. Hope you all enjoy it!…

  3. @RMdigitally

    Third Time’s a Charm?


    Hey guys! I’m back at it with some goofy design content. You may remember that I made a wedding invitation for the wedding between me and Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t seen that, you can look at my original post. I also used this design for …

  4. @MaddySlunt

    Week Twelve Summary


    Week Twelve and I am officially back on my school, work, and gym grind and it feels so good!

    The first assignment I created was the “Photo Mash” assignment. I used an actor generator website, so choosing the characters to mash was a very simple process. I used procreate to …

  5. @MaddySlunt

    Remix Assignment 2

    Personal Project

    Some of you may know Dr. Slunt, well that is my mother, and she asked me to design a sketch for UMW Honors Program masks. I did and she had them mass printed and gave them out to Honors students on campus and all of our family and …

  6. @RMdigitally

    Cotton Candy Skies


    For my first attempt at a remix this week, I wanted to use one of my visual assignments because editing photos is really fun for me. I chose to remix the photo I edited for the Colorize It assignment, which you guys can read about in my original BLUE Ridge

  7. @MaddySlunt

    Remix Assignment 1

    Vogue Challenge x The Opposer

    The original assignment challenged people to add the “Vogue” font to the top of an image to follow a trend that was popular on tiktok not too long ago. However, the remix told me to do the complete opposite, so I decided to edit an …

  8. @MaddySlunt

    Mashup Assignment 2

    I’m Ready For My Closeup

    When I read the description of this assignment, I knew without hesitation that this was the image that must be used. I loved the assignment image and how it had the background image of kittens, but I wanted to do something a little more realistic. …

  9. @MaddySlunt

    Mashup Assignment 1

    Photo Mash

    I used a random actor/actress generator and after a few rolls of me not knowing at least one of the actors, I landed on these two. Chris Evans and Tom Hardy. I knew I wanted to use their characters, which I think is also the point of the …

  10. Downes

    Downey Woodpecker


    April 11, 2021. We went for a walk today along the Mer Bleue Bog trail. It was a beautiful early spring day with a sky half-blue and half cloud. It would have been even better had I not reinjured my back while trying to tie my shoe (of all things!).…
  11. natalie

    12 best motivational quotes


    “If you are going through hell keep going.” ~ Winston Churchill

    “The best thing someone can do is to tell me I can’t do something.
    Thank you for the coal. I’ll light the fire.” ~ unknonwn

    “At the edge of madness, you have the best view.” ~ Natalie Hush

    “There …

  12. Downes

    Spring Pond


    April 10, 2021. This is a pond along the Township road just next to Warwick Forest. It’s a temporary pond; it’s very full now, but will be completely empty by summer. I viewed it while doing the 50 km loop to Avonmore on the road bike. It feels pretty early…
  13. Downes

    Chrysler Trail


    April 9, 2021. This is the new part of the Chrysler Trail – it’s still coarse gravel – along the Nation River. They’ve done a really nice job winding it up and down the little river valleys. Since it’s so new, it’s gravel bike only. I took off an hour…
  14. Downes

    The 909


    April 8, 2021. This is the 909 going by on the tracks near my house, with the new subdivision in the background. Today started out with back-to-back meetings, then I did some evaluation work, wrote a bit, and did some dev. It was generally productive. That said, even though it…
  15. @paceamorebella

    Comet the Corgi turns one!


    A year older, a year bolder!

    Happy Barkday Comet!

    Hi All! It has been a minute since I last posted. Work has been keeping me busy and I just haven’t found the motivation for extra screen time. Plus, I have been feeling lazy on my weekends off, as I’m sure …

  16. @OliviaM44107328

    A Week In My Life #11


    This week, I did another 10 stars of video assignment banks. I ended up doing 3 assignments. The first one I did was  Favorite Moments In College, which had a value of 2 stars. I put together some of my favorite moments and memories from being at UMW, which include …

  17. @OliviaM44107328

    Brainstorming Part 2


    So I still like the three brainstorming idea that I came up with which were:

    1. Create video tutorials on something; maybe DIY projects or hacks?

    2. Maybe a true crime story/podcast with sound effects?

    3. Stories that have happened in college/college athletics maybe with sound effects?

    Morgan thought my …

  18. @OliviaM44107328

    What I Eat in a Day ASMR


    The last video assignment I did was What I Eat In A Day and it has a value of 5 stars. I recorded everything I ate in a day and tried to make it ASMR. Overall, I thought it turned out very well and the sounds are very satisfying. I …

  19. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Weekly Summary 11


    I am finally out of isolation. I was moving out last night which is why I am doing my summary a day late.

    This week you really wanted us to focus on the storytelling aspect of our videos. I’m not gonna lie to you this was kinda tough for me. …

  20. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Final Project Idea


    For my final project, I wanna do something somewhat big. I would love to make a mini movie with a script and everything. This project is probably gonna be one of the hardest and longest projects I will every do, but I am actually excited about it. I still don’t …

  21. @effyuwawa

    Project Ideas2


    I looked through a few people’s project ideas. There are 2 that really stood out to me. I really like Hena’s ideas for a Q&A and create a video with a green screen. I think anyone could relate to Q&A questions and we could really get creative with a green …

  22. @designdynamics

    Onto The Next!


    (week 11)

    Yet another week is done and for this in particular I wanted to just make this post and the idea blog post jumbled into one. I still stand by my original post and want to accomplish all of that. Which I know isn’t ideal but this week has …

  23. @TurnerM000

    Weekly Summary 11


    This week was vert similar to last week. I enjoyed doing a second week of video assignments because I was able to revisit the ones I had trouble deciding between completing last week. I still had an opportunity to try them out this week and it was a lot of …

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