1. @kjax18271

    My Meals of the Day


    For my final video assignment, I decided to make a video of all my meals for the day. I recorded each video using Snapchat and then uploaded them to iMovie. I added background music and uploaded it to YouTube. It was actually pretty fun to make, and every time I …

  2. @kjax18271

    Inception Inspection


    For this assignment, I decided to do a voice-over analysis of a scene from one of my favorite movies, Inception. This scene is extremely unique in its ideas and composition. I thought it would be a perfect movie clip to analyze. I started out by finding the scene I wanted …

  3. @Egon2688

    Happy Accidents


    I had to do a lot of research and explore what worked best for me to complete this assignment. I read the tips repeatedly but I couldn’t download the scenes I needed through the site provided. I also looked through the assignment tutorials but only one seemed to work. I …

  4. @KendraB999

    Instant Replay


    For this assignment, I decided to take an old video of myself with a pumpkin I had carved. I was joking around with one of my friends and was going to act like I was going to turn around and bowl with the pumpkin. Though, the top of my pumpkin …

  5. @haylie5800

    Anddd…. Action!


    This week I chose to do choice 2 which means 10 stars worth of video assignments.

    Get Ready With Me was fun to create, but also a task I ad to think about. In the morning I just do my routine most of the time half awake so I had …

  6. @grace_long88

    Arrow Dancing


    Since everyone loved the video of Arrow last time I thought this was a perfect opportunity to bring him back. He is a crazy kid and loves to dance.

    I have millions of videos of Arrow so it was not hard to find the perfect one. I then used tiktok …

  7. @kjax18271

    Stop Motion


    For my second video assignment, I created a stop motion video. I had no idea how to make one, but I always thought they were really cool. I did a google search on how to do one. I decided that I would just try it out on iMovie, but first …

  8. @baseball_noochy

    Our Radio Lab. Vault 106

    The class of digital literacy at Kstate teamed up to create our very own podcast. I created an intro and told a spooky story following our theme of halloween with it rite around the corner at the time of us making this. There were five of us in total all…
  9. @MasonOberle

    James Corden


    Last Friday, I had a severely negative response to The Prom starring James Corden. This led my friends and I to start sharing our thoughts on Corden. When reviewing the assignment bank for this week, I found one where I could record others’ opinions and edit them into a video. …

  10. @kjax18271

    Best of Fall 2021 So Far


    Soooo this took a lot longer than expected. As I was looking through the video assignments from the assignment bank, this one caught my attention. I actually know the creator of this assignment. The assignment was to create a video of all your favorite moments in college. I chose to …

  11. @haylie5800

    Reading A Movie


    When I think about reading movies I think about reading the subtitles, but after reading the article and watching the videos I am thinking differently. The article How to Read a Movie pointed to the fact that you do not have to be an editor in order to visualize these …

  12. @KendraB999

    Play It Backward, Jack


    We all have seen videos played back in reverse, and it makes the original video rather weird. For this assignment, it requires you to do just that. I chose a video of myself at an arcade shooting basketball. Instead, of the video demonstrating me shooting the basketball in the hoop, …

  13. @KendraB999

    High School Memories

    My High School Memories

    For this video assignment, I was tasked to create a video with some of my high school memories. I decided to go way back in my camera roll and find old high school photos and videos. I tried to incorporate memories of events that occurred in …

  14. @Marie-Lynn

    My Project Idea


    I had a lot of fun looking over everyone’s ideas for the final project for this class. It really gives insight to how different everyone is, and the types of things they are interested in. I really liked the idea of each of us doing something different, that displays our …

  15. Downes



    October 26, 2021. What are these? We found these nuts in the forest where we walked Sunday, near Cornwall and the St. Lawrence River. We still don’t know what they are. Super-tired today. I did some work on the course, including an engaging noon-hour discussion (this course builds from basics…
  16. @grace_long88

    Golden Girls


    My roommate and I are currently watching Golden Girls together and when I was learning about video editing I thought this would be a great show to use for my video essay. Also Bob Ross was from Florida and Golden Girls is set in Florida so it connected to the …

  17. @grace_long88

    More Project Ideas


    Reading through everyone’s project ideas was very inspirational. Everyone had great ideas and I am excited to see how they turn out. The first idea that really stood out to me was Carrie’s. She talked about how overcoming obstacles and achievements can tell a great story. I think this …

  18. @KendraB999

    Project Idea Expansion


    I think to expand on Josephine’s Project Idea, along with showing how marginalized people have had their voices silenced, I would include some of the instances where people have not been heard. I would also highlight the marginalization that occurs nowadays, along with creators who passed away too young. …

  19. @ekardos106

    Project Expansions!


    I loved reading through everyone’s project ideas! Everyone is so creative and there are so many great ideas out there!

    I loved Kylie’s ‘Peculiar Vantage Points‘ idea. It is something I probably would have never thought of. Instead of showing just one day from that vantage point, maybe …

  20. @HumIsDum

    Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem – Journal #1


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    It was hard to choose a game from the list of options for our second gaming journal, but I ultimately ended up going with Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. I’ve known of this game for quite a while, and I’ve been meaning to play it at some point, …

  21. @haylie5800

    Project Expansion Ideas


    The Final Countdown: I really liked Grace’s ideas for her final project so I have a few ideas for her! With regards to the first idea- college advice I think you could totally run with it. You could list out advice and create a flyer or even a little booklet. …

  22. @kjax18271

    Here’s a Second Thought


    After looking through my classmates’ project ideas, one of them that stood out to me was Erica’s Way of Thinking. I love the idea of using music in a final project. I did not even think of that idea. She has a good baseline idea that she wants to …

  23. @Egon2688



    In my last week’s post for project ideas I wanted to share the story of peace and love through music. I think that music can connect us through emotions, experiences, and most importantly memories. I looked through my peers blogs and they all had great project ideas.

    The two who …

  24. @Marie-Lynn

    Lyrical Aventure


    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

    For my first assignment of the week, I wanted to create something that people love yet is very controversial on YouTube: a lyric video. This is the “Create A Lyric Video” assignment from the DS106 assignment bank. I decided to start off with …

  25. @MasonOberle

    DC done early


    Great news! I got my Daily Creates done early this week. I knew I would probably have a lot that I needed to complete this week, so I wanted to finish these up as soon as possible. Yesterday, I made an acrostic with my name and illustrated it in Procreate.…

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