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  1. Stephen Downes

    Lansdowne Park

    July 19, 2024. Looking at the back of the stands at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. We were there for the RedBlacks game (which we won!). I worked from home today, and after work set up the bicycle for my trip starting tomorrow. Here's the set-up video and ...
  2. Stephen Downes

    Office Farming

    July 17, 2024. This is the latest photo of my self-starting potato in my office. I've given it some dirt and lots of water. I'll be away for a couple of weeks so who knows whether it will make it. But I'm giving it the best chance.
  3. Stephen Downes

    St. Lawrence

    July 13, 2024. This is the St. Lawrence River near the Long Sault parkway. It was a bright brilliant and very hot day today, and because people were driving so badly I decided to stick to off-road bicycle trails, so I went from the Lost Villages memor...
  4. Stephen Downes


    July 12, 2024. We drove home from Tremblant today, sadly. But we were back early enough that I could get out for a short ride. This is a fenceline I see every time I do the St. Albert loop.
  5. Stephen Downes

    A Little Patch of Paradise

    July 9, 2024. A small pond reflects this dense forest along the P'tit Train du Nord trail near Mont Blanc. Woke up not feeling well, so I stayed in for a bit while Andrea started up the mountain. Felt well enough to do 40 km down the trail and back ea...
  6. Stephen Downes


    July 8, 2024. A butterfy in the grass, maybe a cabbage white. Today was spent getting ready and then travelling to Mont Tremblant. This photo was taken as we waited for the ferry at the Ottawa River.
  7. Stephen Downes

    Pine Grove South

    July 7, 2024. Pine Grove Forest south, in Ottawa's greenbelt (trail 45). Lots of bugs. Medium dense forest, in lush green with blue sky showing through the leaves. A large tree trunk to the left, and white and orange flowers in the foreground. Forest ...
  8. Stephen Downes


    July 6, 2024. Over the last few weeks I've been making curries. I'll make a few day's worth and then have it with salmon. Today we got scallions in the Odd Bunch veggie shipment, so I added those on top. Pictured here is a cauliflower and eggplant cur...
  9. Stephen Downes

    Paper Lantern

    July 5, 2024. This is a paper lantern ina tree along the fenceline at the Starbucks on Ogilvie Road near where I worked. I stopped there for coffee after lunch. Worked in the city all day - more progress on CList (and learning a lot about Javascript) ...
  10. Stephen Downes


    July 4, 2024. This is a robin on the gazebo in the back yard, in low light in the evening. I working in the city today, mostly on CList, but I also had to go downtown for dental imaging. While there I popped into the camera store and bought a 2x exten...
  11. Stephen Downes

    Bird Antics

    June 30, 2024. Some birds frolicking in a tree not far from the walkway in Warwick Forest. We went for a nice walk, my heel hurt again, but we still went to the football game in the evening.
  12. Stephen Downes

    Ottawa River

    June 26, 2024. The Ottawa River east of the airport. Another day in the office working on CList, and I took a quick lunch hour ride along the river. There was a whole set of aircraft flying over, from WWII vintage to modern fighters, so it was hard to...
  13. Stephen Downes


    June 25, 2024. This is some artwork on display here in Casselman. There's a whole slew of these painted mannequins as part of a community art project (you're supposed to vote for your favourite but I think picking a winner cheapens it). https://flic.k...
  14. Stephen Downes


    June 21, 2024. Another day working in the office, working on a project called 'CList'. Over lunch I cycled downtown to get some Hungarian paprika paste. This is from the little forested area just alongside the NRC campus; I notice that there's a bit o...
  15. Stephen Downes


    June 15, 2024. I took a couple days to recover after my trip (by working in the office) and then we went out for a Saturday walk in Mer Bleue forest (I fdorgot the battery for my camera so this is just a phone pic).
  16. Stephen Downes

    Shrimp Laksa

    June 12, 2024. Flew back from Ireland today, landing in Toronto, where I had this shrimp laksa at the airport hotel. It was absolutely delicious. It was so much nicer to just hit the hotel on landing than to make my way from Toronto home. https://flic...
  17. Stephen Downes


    June 11, 2024. This is the Scottish Provident Building and front of Belfast City Hall, viewed not long after I got off the train. I picked up a hop-on hop-off here to view some of the more far flung areas and I also walked a good 6 or 7 kilometers (on...
  18. Stephen Downes

    New Suit Jacket

    June 8, 2024. Here I am taking a selfie in my new suit jacket. One of the objectives of the trip was just this, because I can't get the right fit in North America (all my suit jackets have been of European origin (Nottingham, Glasgow...) but I keep lo...

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