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  1. Stephen Downes

    Pine Grove South

    July 7, 2024. Pine Grove Forest south, in Ottawa's greenbelt (trail 45). Lots of bugs. Medium dense forest, in lush green with blue sky showing through the leaves. A large tree trunk to the left, and white and orange flowers in the foreground. Forest ...
  2. Stephen Downes


    June 21, 2024. Another day working in the office, working on a project called 'CList'. Over lunch I cycled downtown to get some Hungarian paprika paste. This is from the little forested area just alongside the NRC campus; I notice that there's a bit o...
  3. Downes

    Mer Bleue in the Rain

    April 3, 2024. Squirrel at Mer Bleue forest. Worked from the office today, got 8 years of tax returns off the table, and stopped by at the forest in the wind and the cold cold rain to take a few photos.
  4. Downes


    March 3, 2024. Our walk today took us to Pine Grove forest. It's still showing the effects of the derecho a couple years ago, and it looks like they removed a lot of the downed trees over the winter. We listened to the Blue Jays lose another spring tr...
  5. Downes


    April 23, 2023. Evn if they're not quite blooming yet, it's nice to see trilliums all through the forest floor. We went for an 8.7 km walk along the Mer Bleue trail. It was supposed to rain all day, but it didn't, though trail was pretty muddy in plac...

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