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  1. Stephen Downes

    Ottawa River

    June 26, 2024. The Ottawa River east of the airport. Another day in the office working on CList, and I took a quick lunch hour ride along the river. There was a whole set of aircraft flying over, from WWII vintage to modern fighters, so it was hard to...
  2. Downes


    March 3, 2024. Our walk today took us to Pine Grove forest. It's still showing the effects of the derecho a couple years ago, and it looks like they removed a lot of the downed trees over the winter. We listened to the Blue Jays lose another spring tr...
  3. Downes

    The Market

    July 18, 2023. If you go up to the second floor of the By-Ward market in Ottawa (but who does, really?) you'll see these cloud figures in the attic. I was downtown while working from the office to pick up more Hungarian spicy paprika paste, which I pu...
  4. Downes


    April 23, 2023. Evn if they're not quite blooming yet, it's nice to see trilliums all through the forest floor. We went for an 8.7 km walk along the Mer Bleue trail. It was supposed to rain all day, but it didn't, though trail was pretty muddy in plac...
  5. Downes

    Joey Vinegar

    April 16, 2023. This is Joey Vinegar and guests performing at the Ottawa Farmers market. We drove into the city to check out the Tamal fesitval (and eat some delicious tamales from various countries) and on the way checked the market; both events were...
  6. Downes


    March 9, 2023. This is the Nordstrom at Rideau Centre in Ottawa. I had never been to a Nordstrom, and with news that the chain is now closing in Canada, I thought I'd peer in before they disappear. So today I had a doctor's appointment in the morning (...
  7. Downes


    September 10, 2022. We were at a rare Saturday afternoon RedBlacks game (I would really prefer more afternoon games). Yes it was another loss, but we came within about 5 yards of winning this one. The losses have been (mostly) close all season, as thou...
  8. Downes

    Waiting for Spring

    March 20, 2022. Things aren't growing yet but the snow is melting and the forest breathlessly waits for sprint. We only walked about 4.5 km today; it was difficult to walk even on packed snow. But still, there was more colour and more atmosphere on the...
  9. Downes

    The Blade

    September 3, 2021. This is on display at the RedBlacks game and inscribed on it are all the season ticket holder names (I looked and ours were there). The game itself was one-sided the wrong way, but we saw enough flashes to give us hope. I also had a ...
  10. Downes

    Dewberry Trail

    June 11, 2019. I went for a ride on Dewberry Trail in Mer Bleu after work today - I left a bit early because I'm also presenting online tonight at 10 (still in the future as I type this). The morning I spent studying Git some more (it's a brilliant pie...
  11. Downes

    Roof Work

    January 28, 2019. I was pretty sympathetic with the people working on the roof on this freezing cold day. As it turns out, the noise of the work right above my office caused me to leave early so I didn't have drilling sounds in the background for my on...
  12. Downes


    Janyary 7, 2019. This is what happened to my pepper plants after two weeks in the office. Pepper plants really need their water. It's also a pretty good metaphor for the day, which was a complete waste of time as my desktop computer decided to crash ev...
  13. Downes

    Grocery Day

    January 2, 2019. Like everyone else, it seems, we chose today to go into Costco and stock up on groceries. Today was otherwise a rest day - I didn't even do any work on Electron (I'm waiting for Udemy to fix a corrupted download file).
  14. Downes

    Bike Rack

    November 26, 2018. Heading home after another quiet day in the office (though there was one meeting in the middle, an uneventful meeting, but meetings still unsettle me even so). This is the bike rack, right beside the electric car parking spot (which ...
  15. Downes


    November 23, 2018. This fabrication plant (at least, that's what I assume it is) was making a loud screeching noise as I left a little early today, so I snapped a 'before' picture. Turns out, there was no need to worry. Tough day today with a less-than...
  16. Downes

    Cat Tail

    October 26, 2018. This is the back window of a car parked in our office parking lot today, and it made me start the day with a smile. Good day to just attend to errands related to the course; it's really beginning to take shape and I'll be able to get ...
  17. Downes

    SI Olympics

    September 20, 2018. This was a nice event at the office - the awards ceremony in the morning, food trucks at noon and a bunch of games based on the SI system of measurement that raised money for the United Way and gave us a chance to play. https://flic...
  18. Downes

    Double Decker

    May 22, 2018. Ordinary day in the office, no meetings, just some proposal reviewing and paper revisioning. I took the car to the dealership for servicing after work, and took this photo of St. Laurant Bvld. The flag is the Franco-Ontario flag. The bus ...
  19. Downes


    April 8, 2018. We drove into the Costco, where I saw these flowers, then back, after which I settled in to bed to listen to the ball game and try to recover a bit. I was doing better that the previous few days but lacking sleep.
  20. Downes


    March 29, 2018. This is a section of road just past the Alexandra Bridge seen as I drove home from Gatineau. I spent the morning preparing for a workshop and the afternoon doing the workshop, and the evening watching the Blue Jays season opener (about ...

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